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The Juan Ventura apartments in Cartagena

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Most mongers in Cartagena will tell you that you should stay in Boca Grande if you're mongering there, as the neighbourhood is nice and for proximity to La Dolce Vida, and it's hard to argue the point. Many guys will also agree that renting private apartments is the way to go in Cartagena as well. There are numbers od people that rent them, and they are as cheap or cheaper than hotels, and nicer. One of the most reputable guys in the field is Juan Ventura. He rents several places, is great service wise and is a real good guy, known and recommended by many.

I have rented from him several times, and he has been great every time. His apartments are ocean front n a couple of building and can be had for $70/night. The one I typically rent (just because I like it) is a pirate themed apartment on the 12th floor with 2 bedrooms, a balcony, living room and kitchen.  The apartment buildings have security downstairs and liquor and convenience stores close by, with a grocery store 5 mins by cab away, also several restaurants. Right on the beach, 5 minute walk from LDV and a 10 minute cab ride (cheap) to the historical centre, it's hard to beat.

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Here's a few pics I will add in. Since I wasn't thinking of the site at the time I didn't take pics of the living room or kitchen, but you can see the views, the balcony, the beach and the bedroom. I liked the fact that my bedroom had a black light feature in it which was cool for sex.  Note the balcony ledge and the precipitous plunge down to the beach. I screwed that girl right where she's lying on the ledge and told her for the love of God don't roll over or we're both going to die. literlly. good times.


Dude i would love to hear your report on this because i am thinking on going one day soon and not to fucking mention that girl is off the fucking chain!!!!!

Thanks for that awesome post. Do you have a phone contact for Juan? I'm going to Cartagena June 19, and I don't have a place yet. Thanks, Randy

the email address is in the OP, but his cell number is (at least the last one I have)   310 3637974


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