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Title: Mona Lisa Hotel
Post by: shadowman on May 10, 2014, 01:43:06 PM
This what used to be known as the Clarion or the Amon Plaza before that. It's located in barrio Amon about a 10  minute walk from the Del Rey and right around the corner from Scores, Zona 2 and New Fantasy MPs. The hotel is over a casino and also has a restaurant on premises, and you can get food at the bar. The casino is a good size, clean and airy, and you will see small groups of working girls around. No enough to get excited about, but there's usually somebody. Food is so-so and the prices are hotel-average. Drink prices are in line with everybody else. The rooms are plain but comfortable and the prices can run about 50-60 per night. Pretty good deal overall. The hotel is chca friendly and there are always taxis right in front as well, which is helpful, but be aware that there is a mix of honest cabbies and some of the flat rate pirates that overcharge you. As always, as if they use the meter or if not get a quote up front. If it's too high (and it almost certainly will be) flag down a passing cab instead.

If you call and ask for Guy then you should be able to negotiate a discount rate. I have his email somewhere, which I'll try to locate and add here. Good value place, whose only downside is that yu're 10 minutes from either Sportsmens or the Del Rey by foot, 2 minutes by cab. This is somewhat negated by proximity to the massage parlours and in any case is still close to everything.   
Title: Re: Mona Lisa Hotel
Post by: shadowman on May 10, 2014, 04:28:00 PM
here's the link for the Mona Lisa:  www.monalisacr.com (http://www.monalisacr.com)

In order to get a better price or maybe even a better room location, or as a general fixer, contact the hotel and get Guy Grand's email, then email him with your wants and request for a discount. He handles all the guest relation stuff there and is already tied into the local mongers and so can be a great help