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  • May 23, 2018, 02:56:44 PM
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Author Topic: Some basic spanish for the Gringos  (Read 15181 times)


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Some basic spanish for the Gringos
« on: January 01, 2012, 10:13:49 PM »
Happily stolen from another site....

I compiled a list of Spanish phrases, relevant to the hobby.

First, let me say that I always use the informal (tu) form, instead of the formal (Usted), when talking with chicas. I only use Usted when talking to their mothers. :lol:

Hola – Hi

Como estás? – How are you?

Me llamo Mike – My name is Mike (literal translation: I call myself Mike)

Como te llamas? – What is your name? (What do you call yourself?)

De donde eres? – Where are you from?

Te gustaría una bebida? – Would you like a drink? (una bebida or un trago, same thing)
Quieres una bebida? – Do you want a drink?

Me gustaría una cerveza – I would like a beer.

Donde está el baño? – Where is the bathroom?

Eres muy linda – You are very cute

Eres bonita – You are beautiful

Tienes ojos lindos – You have nice eyes

Quieres venir a mi cuarto? – Do you want to come to my room?

Chupas sin condón? – Do you suck without a condom (BBBJ)?

Besas? – Do you kiss?

Puedo culearte en el culo? – Can I Phuck you in the ass? :shock:

Puedo regarme en tu boca? – Can I C*m in your mouth (CIM)?

Dolares – Dollars

Cuánto por una hora? – How mucho for one hour?

Cuánto por dos horas? – How much for two hours?

Cuánto por toda la noche? – How much for the whole night (TLN)?

Nunca pago cien por una hora – I never pay $100 for 1 hour

Qué hora tienes que irte en la mañana? – What time do you have to leave in the morning?

Cuánto tiempo estarás conmigo? – How long will you be with me?

Vamos! – Let’s go

Tienes una amiga linda para un trio? – Do you have a cute friend for a threesome?

Cuánto para las dos? – How much for both?

Mamarás a tu amiga? – Will you lick your friend?

Besarás a tu amiga? – Will you kiss your friend?

Quieres ir conmígo en un viaje a la playa? – Do you want to go with me on a trip to the beach?

Other words:

Pene – penis
Picha – C*ck
Huevos – balls (eggs)
Leche – C*m/semen (milk)
Pechos – breasts
Tetas – tits
Panocha – pu*sy
Culo – ass

Uno – 1
Dos – 2
Tres – 3
Cuatro – 4
Cinco – 5
Seis – 6
Siete – 7
Ocho – 8
Nueve – 9
Diez – 10
Veinte – 20
Treinta – 30
Cuarenta – 40
Cincuenta – 50
Sesenta – 60
Setenta – 70
Ochenta – 80
Noventa – 90
Cien – 100
Ciento veinte – 120
Ciento cincuenta – 150
Dos cientos – 200
Quinientos – 500
Mil – 1000

Days of the week:
Lunes – Monday
Martes – Tuesday
Miércoles – Wednesday
Jueves – Thursday
Viernes – Friday
Sábado – Saturday
Domingo – Sunday

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