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Title: help hotel in Columbia
Post by: perry on June 30, 2015, 05:36:54 PM
Guys i need to know the friendly hotels in cartagena Columbia.
Greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: help hotel in Columbia
Post by: shadowman on June 30, 2015, 06:27:29 PM
I usually recommend that people stay in apartments rather than hotels in Cartagena. Cartagena is very touristy and most hotels are not chica friendly (per reports, I always stay in private apartments there). Apartments are cheaper and usually nicer for the price. I would recommend staying in the Bocagrande area, which is just a 5 minute cab ride out of the historical center, and which is a very easy stroll to La Dolce Vida, which will be a mainstay if you're mongering there. I go through Juan Ventura, who has several apartments to rent, speaks English, and is a stand up guy. You can check out the pics of the place I stayed in my thread under the Colombia hotels section. I unfortunately didn't take pics of the other apartments, but the site pics should help.

Juan Ventura apartments:  http://www.venpro.net/fotosapartamentos/index.htm (http://www.venpro.net/fotosapartamentos/index.htm)

Now, there are a number of others, but they are unverified by me and I make no recommendations on them, one way or the other:

http://www.penthouse.co/penttour/ (http://www.penthouse.co/penttour/)

http://www.colombiarental.com/contact.php (http://www.colombiarental.com/contact.php)

http://www.cartagenafirstamericanrealty.com/en/ (http://www.cartagenafirstamericanrealty.com/en/)     (look in the rental section. These guys are good in MEdellin but I don't know about Cartagena)

https://www.flipkey.com/cartagena-condo-rentals/p219484/ (https://www.flipkey.com/cartagena-condo-rentals/p219484/)

Martin <martin@martinpublishing.com>; US Phone #: 305 407 9218    has a place right across from LDV.

Hopefully that helps get you started. If you decide you really want a hotel instead then you'll have to dig around, but make sure it's chica friendly.
Title: Re: help hotel in Columbia
Post by: M845dy on July 01, 2015, 05:26:38 AM
Hotel Pueblito Playa is girl friendly but is a little run down, but useable. Playa Club hotel is girl friendly too. I would rate both at maybe 2.5 stars.