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Title: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 12:36:16 AM
Day 1:
My flight was ridiculously empty, it was great. one drawback of having less people on the plane was i arrived at the airport before my pickup and was semi duped into taking another cab. aditionally i arrived at bbs before my room was ready and was surrounded by chicas with nothing to do but wait. diosa a newbie kept me company until we went upstairs. diosa has a nice ass and some interesting features. she can deepthroat too and deftly worked my already heavy cock into a tizzy, balls deep with nearly every stroke. she rode me reverse cowgirl for awhile before i pulled out for the agreed upon cim. she merely watched me pop a massive huskerload all over myself. i was...saddened thinking this an inauspicious start to my trip. gave her a 100 peso propina for her trouble.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 12:47:20 AM
Day1; part 2
being disappointed i went downstairs and invited veronica to the jacuzzi. she's fine as all hell and i thought she was stuck up at first but she might just be shy.veronica does well at bbs she even owns a car. we talked and she showed me her oral skills before i took her to my room. she gave me an ok massage and sucked me off. she can deepthroat very well and before long i gave her a slurp-prizingly large load in the boca. after some confusion, she did as i asked and drained me fully.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 01:01:43 AM
Night 1:
met a group of chill guys who invited me to sit down for dinner as we waited for the wet tshirt contest to begin. the girls favored cielo but were overruled by the guys. we all picked ronielis aka ronnie as she was super freaky. sat with china and ivet. i took ivet upstairs and made an appointment with china for the next morning. ivet agreed to finally let me cim. she was a real sweetheart too. giving me besos all over before rocking my world with that tongue twisting bbj. i railed her doggy for a while before feeding her my load.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 01:11:09 AM
Day 2:i'm repeating myself.
woke up for breakfast and nearly forgot i had that appointment with china. ran upstairs to get ready. within 15 mins i heard the knock on the door. china comes in and i finally get that massage. it was very relaxing, and as good as advertised. but it was only 10 minutes before my raging dong had me kickstanding to one side and it was back to business. she sucked me off before i bent her over and smashed from behind. i laid back and we did cowgirl and reverse before she sucked the life out of me. great as usual.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 01:43:31 AM
Night 2: no more citas
So day 1 i didn't think i would nut with veronica so before she proved me wrong i made an appointment with her for the following night. seeing the amount of new talent as well as some of the girls i've never had before i cancelled this appt. i then ended up taking eva upstairs forgetting why i cancelled in the first place. eva is always fun, we play around for a bit before she climbs all over me besos all around. i bounce her tight pussy on my cock a bit before taking her doggy eventually laying back and letting her suck me off to completion. the load was so massive she ran to the bathroom to spit it out. her face was priceless.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 02:05:32 AM
Day 3:
after breakfast i finally decide to give ana a try. ive always thought she was the hottest girl there but she always seemed to have a bit of an attitude. i just got the feeling we wouldn't hit it off. she agrees to let me cim and we go upstairs. good head ensues. she pulls up the mirror in my room and straddles me reverse cowgirl. she performs some impressive cock twerking moves and i eventually take her doggy. shes giving me some convincing "aye papi" action and i flip her over for missionary. i lay back ready to bust and tell her very explicitly what i want which is what we agreed to. she pretends to let me cim rubbing it on her cheek. i tell her "you want propina put it in your mouth" she sucks it once barely putting the tip in. sigh....no use crying over spilled leche. i forgot to take a pic of her but heres one from the newsletter for anybody who doesnt know who she is,.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 02:27:48 AM
Me and a few of the guys head to the supermarket in town. dont remember the name but its on the malecon. pick up some water and get into a beeping match over a parking space. after this i head to the farmacia in costambar only to remember its closed between 1 and 3. walking back (me and another gent told the guy with the car to leave us so we could walk.) covered in sweat i go upstairs and shower before we head to carey bar. never been there before, but delvin? sets us up with some shots only to realize he has no mamajuana! he makes a call and a runner from yennys comes down with some jack as well. walking around costambar everything is "for sale." including carey bar. the owner insures us that he's not selling the place but a look at his depleted stock makes me think those empty seats on my plane (and every flight coming out of the states) are taking a toll despite the fact that bbs is doing well....back to fucking!
It's still early so i decide to take another newbie to the jacuzzi. her name is britney she is very pretty but maybe stuck up. good head but would not let me take a pic of her face. that ass tho. shes the blonde
night 2:i noticed a very shy newbie named divina the day before and was told shes a freak and a half. i took her to the jacuzzi for one of my....interviews and after verifying her skills take her upstairs. divina is 10 days on the job and 18 years old. she is also a nasty lil freak. she sucks me off like my dick is candy and gets a bit rough with me. she grabs my hand a brings it to her breast squeazing it tightly. divina is a spinner and i take her cowgirl,doggy ,reverse cowgirl, before i pull out and she unloads my leche and doesnt stop until i say so. great fuck.
after buying divina a well earned drink me and  a few of the guys head to sle mio, another first for me. we take veronica and her thick friend mia with us. its one of the pirates bday and mia bought him a cake since he wifed her up for his trip. the food took forever but was pretty damn good.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 02:51:40 AM
Day 4:lets go nuts
i get up early and see a lot of the same faces ive been seeing all week.i decide to give elizabeth a try. im not sure but judging by her face i could swear she's related to hilda. shes got skills too. great  deep head. very athletic riding me cowgirl, i  blast her doggy for a good clip before  having her suck my balls while i whip up a fat load which she expertly extracts from me. she is very smooth and sweet looking but her pussy isnt too tight. will probably repeat. you cant tell by the pics but looking close up i could swear she's related to hilda.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: Jett on September 11, 2019, 03:00:24 AM
Elizabeth seems like my type; short and stacked. Good find. I'll be sure to look her up next month.

Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 03:22:57 AM
the day was uneventful going into the evening. it is worth noting that at this point i am being pursued by several chicas. first is cathy, who i have shot down in no uncertain terms for the entirety of my trip, even going so far as to tell her we should just be friends. Eva who is hanging with cathy and getting quickly drunk. when the sun goes down however i forget about bagging new chicas and am more or less cornered by endi and valeria who both tried to get me into sessions all week . valeria runs her fingers down my cock and me she and endi head upstairs. endi straddles my face while valeria does her thing. bbj before slamming that magnificent tookus on my junk. i take endi doggy more, bbj before they jerk me off . making out on the tip of my meat as i blast them both with leche.
this doesnt tire me out but makes me hyper. i buy them both drinks and head up to the crows nest for miss universe with cathy and eva. good show chanel carmen and francia did some impressive moves ronielis as well but carmen won by popping her ass like a super ho. eva is repeatedly telling me we should go to my room and i have to shut her down. i sneak away and tell ronielis to meet me upstairs. my hyperness is gone however but ronielis give me a good bbj til cim. we talk for a while and she strokes my back she's a sweetheart. back downstairs eva is hanging out with some all night party types who have engaged 6 or 7 girls for tln. eva is not one of these. i almost take her upstairs but....meh im tapped. she gives me her whatsapp. she sadly leaves trying not to look pissed at me.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: srblack on September 11, 2019, 04:00:34 AM
last day:
my buds are leaving today, have to hit them up for next time. i ask for a ride to the pharmacy on their way out only to realize they are closed on sunday. the atm at yennys is also out of cash. i take a sweaty walk back to bbs for my appointment with flor. shes one of my go to gals and we have a good time too. i love playing with those tits as she rides me cowgirl. we switch to reverse and i really start bouncing her, which i realize is uncomfortable for her tig ol biddies so i have her do an improvised half doggy half cowgirl before switching to full doggy. i blow a fat load in her mouth and head back downstairs. i'm not exactly strapped for cash but on bit of a budget now. i take two girls sara and jeidy to the jacuzzi. jeidy is a cute spinner with braces and sara is a lobster tail ass freak. i make ana bring us drinks and sample the girls...talents. jeidy either cant or wont put more than the tip in her mouth so i leave her be. sara sucks the hell out of my dick. we have some fun. i make them each cum playing with the jets which was cool. then i send jeidy packing and take sara upstairs. she gives a decent massage and sucks me off happy ending style, im too tired to fuck but i finish in her mouth and she may have accidently swallowed. she doesnt complain or anything. but shes a cool new chick.
night falls and i check out the new chicks. britney is there but she looks unenthusiastic. she lives in santo domingo and i doubt she will work at bbs long.i see eva, buy her a drink. her mouth smiles but her eyes look sad. the ivet walks in sporting a freaking short haircut. i'm saddened by this but oh well she sucks dick like nobodies bidness so i take her upstairs. same deal as before, besos, bbj, cowgirl doggy cim. seriously perfect. good gfe this time too.

some final notes: saw mariposa coming off of a tln looking tired af but she lost the baby weight. idk if she is in the regular rotation anymore but she can still come around. Fresita no longer works at bbs, i heard that prior to the price hike there may have been a walk off or strike of some kind, idk how true it is or if she is banned but i am sad. didnt see estrella, she was supposedly coming in on my last day but no sign of her. didnt ask but i follow her on ig and saw she graduated beauty school or something. nico spoke to me about the sale of blackbeards and explained that it makes a million dollars us a year easily.
probably my best trip yet.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: youwho125 on September 11, 2019, 08:31:33 AM
Thank you for the great report
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: Mongoslade on September 11, 2019, 11:06:26 AM
Thanks for a nice report
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: ralphie1 on September 11, 2019, 04:35:04 PM
i read a report like this and it makes me want to just go pack a bag and head on down.  dang!    good report sr, i appreciate your taking the time to report on all the chicas you hit.  that is how others rolling to the DR can make wise choices and spend the funds wisely and maximize their trip
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: DrinksOnMe on September 11, 2019, 06:23:27 PM
Excellent Report!! Thanks.
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: huskerdude on September 11, 2019, 09:57:40 PM
Fantastic report! Thanks!  :fuckbanana: :fuckbanana:
Title: Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
Post by: Jethro Gibbs on September 12, 2019, 10:27:21 PM
Awesome, simply awesome!