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  • October 18, 2018, 04:47:53 PM
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 on: April 20, 2018, 01:13:37 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by Jethro Gibbs
Nice!  Glad you were able to get past your minor setback!

 on: April 20, 2018, 01:01:49 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
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Great report. I think Kaira may have left, I haven't seen her in any of the newsletters recently. She was one of my favorites, I always went back for seconds. Elizabeth has left and yes, she is a starfish. She gave me BBBJ, but she was uninterested. She is a superb dancer though so you can get a private dance with her in the room.
Kaira is still around from what i've read on the site. guys seem to keep in contact with her. p.s. i also go for seconds with kaira, this year i was wondering if she does anal ;D

 on: April 20, 2018, 09:20:48 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by comrade
Great report. I think Kaira may have left, I haven't seen her in any of the newsletters recently. She was one of my favorites, I always went back for seconds. Elizabeth has left and yes, she is a starfish. She gave me BBBJ, but she was uninterested. She is a superb dancer though so you can get a private dance with her in the room.

 on: April 20, 2018, 02:45:10 AM 
Started by C.E.O. - Last post by srblack
can i please have a 1 month fastpass?

 on: April 20, 2018, 02:40:37 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
Day 4 my last night
still feeling sick so i decided to go for a swim. the girls roll in while i'm about to get breakfast. amber walks by and grazes my cock with her hand but i'm not into her. i buy her a beer so she will leave me alone while i'm eating. I honestly cant remember anything about the chica i took upstairs except it wasn't amber lol. however as the nightshift roll in i see angela who i promptly instruct to go to my room for leche en boca. she shows up with ruby back from retirement or marriage. i had both before but really i just wanted a phenomenal bj from angela. they offer me happy hour and i accept. they promptly go to town on me, ruby is even keeping up with angela. going as deep as she can. i like ruby she's...ok. she's pretty but not so very skilled at fucking. angela is...well, a nasty freak. she didn't do her usual thing but i think she was making ruby earn her money. cim like a mortar shot. angela pulls me out and offers some exploding leche to ruby who sort of...kinda takes a little bit. angela seeing ruby isn't going for it promptly resumes her bj and takes the rest of the shot. pretty good session overall and a nice cap to my trip. my first happy hour.
I didn't bother making an appointment for early next morning. i had to fly and for some reason chose to try the santiago airport. big mistake. before we get to that, i was out of cash and needed to head to jenny's. on my way there a police suv rolled up and two drunk ass cops shook me down for a couple of usd. they didn't so much ask for money as imply that one of them just had a baby and what did i think of that. who cares, i gave them my last 2 bucks and laughed as i withdrew the cash to settle my room bill/ cab ride. the trip to santiago was bad. the whole ride up through the mountains we were stuck behind a convoy of cornmeal trucks. we were running waaay late but i recieved a text on my phone informing me my flight was delayed, so it worked out ok. i chose santiago because the flight was cheaper. the cab ride is more expensive but it evens out. i did not account for that second ride. we live we learn. going back this sunday apr 22 2018 for trip number 6.

 on: April 20, 2018, 01:51:37 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
Day three...
I get up early and go to jenny's get some water and stop by the desk for some vitamin v. After dropping off my supplies. i get lunch at the beach but before i even get there i start to feel sick. not a stomachache (not the food) but lightheaded and tired with a beast of a headache. this seems to happen to me when i travel. don't know why. after lunch i walk past a bevy of chicas. one of whom is the girl pictured. i make an appointment with her for the end of the day-shift and head up to my room to sleep. i'm awoken after sunset by the aforementioned chica. she introduces me to shory(who might be miguelina from fod, i wouldn't know) who she says is new. they want to do a threeway but i'm not up for it. i dont know this girls name but she did a pretty good job twerking on my sorry dong. nice soft ass i dont remember if she did cim as i was somewhat delirious. but i took the pic, headed downstairs for a to-go plate of tostones and went right back upstairs to bed.

 on: April 20, 2018, 01:35:46 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
Day2 cont'd
I'm kinda depressed at this point as my last 2 sessions were absolute crap. i head down to the bar for lunch beer and get a seat on the pool side. there are almost no fellas in eveidence and i'm surrounded by chicas lookin to make money. I'm thinking i need to change strategies. one by one they walk up for intro's and i politely nod my head and go along with it. i usually like flirting and joking with the chicas but i'm having none of that today. they are all newish pretty young chicks like whats her name from earlier (who is sitting off to the side being hot but useless). then endy (andy?) comes over and makes my day. i've been with endy on almost every trip, she's good at gfe cim and all around fucktastic-ness. so after buying ambar (amber?) breakfast so she would leave us alone i talk up endy and she politely waits while i finish my beer she does all the things i mentioned earlier, plus daty and spends a luxurious time cleaning me up, which was like a post coital massage as we had made a mess. (she almost choked from either volume or velocity or both) she actually apologizes for not keeping it in her mouth. (I lose concentration i'm sorry papi) what a gal.  :sperm:

 on: April 20, 2018, 01:20:43 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
I don't remember this chicks name and i don't want to. UGH! starfish...yeah i guess you could call her that. I saw her in the newsletter and thought "oooohhh fancy" like elizabeth she did not want to be there. she gives bbj for about 15 seconds and then reaches for a condom on the nightstand. i'm thinking she either doesn't want to do bbj or maybe she's ready to grind. it turns out to be the latter. she rides reverse cowgirl for a minute then switches to doggy, she did this...not me. i Pound her for like another 2 minutes of doggy and she seems to get tired of this and FUCKING lays down on her back. U a starfish. i'm about fed up with her so i rub one out and cim without asking. kinda dickish but she wanted it to be over and so did i...didn't bother taking a pic.

 on: April 20, 2018, 12:59:42 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
day1 (cont'd)
And then there was this starfish princess... elizabeth... i had my eye on her from the previous trip as well she won the bikini contest but i got pulled by a less attractive chica offering cim. Elizabeth...does not do cim. i learned that too late. she also didn't do bbj. she gave me a sub-standard reverse cowgirl (my back hurts) followed by a sub-standard hj.(papi u no leche?)
such a shame. she super hot and like kaira had put on a few pounds since last year so i was super excited at first but....sigh

 on: April 20, 2018, 12:48:54 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
I joined this site last year and promptly forgot to post my trip report for 2017. about to do another trip so i thought I'd give you guys some fun stories. Day 1: I run into Kaira as soon as I arrive, had a good time with here in 2016 and had my eye out for her this time around. The picture is horrible i know, she put on a few pounds but i prefer her plump and bouncy anyway. it was early afternoon so i stupidly figured the light coming through the drapes would be enough light. tried to doctor it. anyway, back to Kaira, a decent session. I made a mistake by jumping on Kaira without paying attention. I saw her as i was carrying my bags up to my room, she was walking to the changing room by the pool. i told her to meet me in in b2 in 45 minutes. I didn't notice that she was ALREADY on her way up to some other dudes room. besides getting sloppy seconds, kaira seemed less energetic, obviously from the session she JUST finished. Good bbj and cim though so i cant really complain. would definitely recommend just make sure you get her when shes fresh.

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