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 on: May 04, 2018, 07:40:53 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by ralphie1
as the saying goes, every women in the DR has her price.  it is probably the same here in the states, that price is just way way way higher. lol

dominicans are not hung up on the casual sex thing like here in the states.  for many, it is and end that justifies their means. 

i would guess you were getting the signals right, sr.   now to act on them next time around.

also, mamba, (cialis) is available for 45 or 50 pesos at la serrina (ever how you spell it)

 on: May 04, 2018, 05:39:33 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by ralphie1
fwiw, i typically avoid known lesbian due to the fact that most hate guys. i cannot see giving them my money for something they obviously will not enjoy.  thats just me, i dont want it that bad to put up with that kind of tude

 on: May 02, 2018, 03:07:45 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by huskerdude
Love your selection of chicas srblack! anais is great as is Mariposa & Flor.  flor has fantastic tits.  what one of my buddies did was ask Leticia to bring her lesbian GF to BB & he said it was one of the best session ever with them going at it first then having him join in later. LOL

 on: May 02, 2018, 03:53:02 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
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Great report so far. You have already hit 2 of my favs at BB, Valeria and China.  Hope you got a massage from China, a lot better than Maddie.
no husker. despite everyones advice i did not ask china for a massage. she kinda made me want to jump her real quick like. she's so FIRM! all over and inside as well. i'll ask next time.

 on: May 02, 2018, 03:48:22 AM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
Day 3. hangin out
So i made a run to jenny's with a couple of guys call em merry and pippin. merry is on his second trip and having a blast pippin comes 5 times a year, and grumbles about everything still a lot of fun tho. anywho we runs up to jenny's grab some stuff and i finally buy my vitamin v at tropico pharmacy. 700 pesos for 8 (generic) not bad at all.the uber-cute curlyhaired pharmacy girl leans over and almost puts her face on the glass. i think she was putting out "the offer". might ask next year as i have learned something about costambar.later. bust back to the hotel for an 11am with anais. Run upstairs wash and wait. she comes early which was mildly annoying but i'm not one to complain. after her washup she joins me in the bed for a nice, slow, loving bbj.  she then straddles me and ride forward and backward cowgirl. she's not pounding down but neither is she slacking by any means. as i'm staring into her pretty little black turd cutter, i think about asking for anal, and almost nut. wanting to slow things down i tell her "mas chupa" she does her thing again nice deep and slow and of course i give her the old cim. she keeps going for a bit her toes even curl up at the end. very nice. i think she might be the new angela. she even looks a bit like her. would recomend anais will repeat tdl. next year.
Off to lunch with the fellas, who were kind enough to wait for me to finish my business. we go down to the beach and hit skippers oasis...i think. wasnt hungry but had a nice cheap cuba libre. we chose this out of the reataurants on the little strip because of the cute waitress. we were joined by our third amigo lets call him samwise, who manages to pull the waitress, despite not speaking spanish (he used his phone) he set up a date. and there's some sub-standard(we'll cal them 3s and 4s) chicas on the beach hanging out with older european types. one of whom is giving me a dead stare everytime. i'm self conscious as the guys keep mentioning people can tell we're from bbs. and i realize she's a semi pro, hell the waitress too. might have to pick up that pharmacy chick or that cute massage girl at lucy's next year. anyone know how to id these untapped or under-tapped chicas let me know. there apparently crawling over costambar.
Meanwhile back at bbs, i take a couple of chicas to the jacuzzi. a new spinner named mariposa who i immediately fall in love with and yvette a chica who worked in bbs four years ago and has returned after a hiatus. we get in and they both crawl all over me. working my junk. but mariposa is the only one who's into it so i make an appointment with her for wednesday morn. cute but standoffish, kind of a bitch. shes ruining the mood so i sit on the edge of the jacuzzi and have her blow me. and despite her bitch face yvette can suck the hell out of a dick. rapid, deep and with rotation but no cim so meh. the stuck up bitch before me has learned a lot in four years, except how to smile. i make sure not to nut and give the girls the standard jacuzzi rate.
leticia 6pm.
leticia is a tiny little thing she arrives and after the the baths we get down to it. she gives ok bbj,and even a few besos on my chest . knowing she's gay i ask for daty and she obliges me, we 69 but she's not into it so we go to the sex which is again ok. she rides me but avoids making eye contact, so i start to pound her a bit she makes cute sounds no complaints, but refuses cim. so i bust one on her face.i give leticia a b-. if you like shy lesbians go for it. would not repeat.
 i head downstairs out of boredom. i eat dinner with some of the guys including smeagol a veteran trans-continental monger who is utterly unimpressed by the bb's girls. he showing us pics of thai hotties which was nice but we're being watched by a squad of girls. guys been at bbs for 2 days and not a single session. so i pick out a cute one with a body similar to the thai chicks he's repeatedly showing, and nothing. i leave and am accosted by flor who is wondering why this year no cita. so i make cita, flor is a well built busty broad but i don't remember ever having her despite her claims that we hooked up last year. i sit with her and some other chicas, and end up going to the jacuzzi with claudia another sweet spinner. i get claudia in there and she gives me an amazing underwater lapdance, followed by some amazing deeeeep bbj. i make cita with claudia too.

 on: May 01, 2018, 10:40:54 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by huskerdude
Great report so far. You have already hit 2 of my favs at BB, Valeria and China.  Hope you got a massage from China, a lot better than Maddie.

 on: May 01, 2018, 04:22:05 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
Day two! finally!
day two was pretty awesome. I made lasting monger friends and will definitely take the trip with these guys next year. the previous day i had met a venezuelan woman named susanah, and made an appointment. she's a thick girl with some pretty big fake knockers. good face and cute braces. She shows up a little late as she was doing schoolwork downstairs whatever. she gets in washes up and proceeds to give me....covered bj. as that is a source of unending erection killing sadness for me, i proceed to place her upon mt. shaft and have her ride me.after a while she gets tired and asks for thinking "oh no she's gonna starfish" but i was pleasantly surprised to find she LIKES getting absolutely railed from behind. she's givving it to me as hard as i am to her but after a while i ask for cim which she refuses so i pull out and tity bang those fake tatas until unloading on her face. she did not appear to enjoy the surprise facial but did not protest. overall susana was good, not great. also her boob job was not great.
Hot tub!
 between appointments i tried the hot tub for the first time. what useful tool. sample bj omg. went with yokaira and julia with her big ass. mmm. also got a maede massage for the first time. half hour of pleasure and pain. very relaxing. worth the 500 pesos.
Session 2: 6pm china
Next we have china. she came so highly recommended by you guys that i felt obligated to give her a try. i would have on day one, if not for the fact that china was being worked like a dog all day. seriosly nobody was interested in anybody except china that day. they all just waited their turn. I'm smart methinks. i made an appointment for 6 when she would begin her shift. methinks me right. China is a four foot 8 stallion of a fuckdoll. she came in, relaxed me with besos all over and then rode me hard from multiple angles and pulsated her inside muscles. her whole body is solid and im enjoying it immensely. she refused cim but that didn't matter as i was ripping off a massive nut inside her within 13 minutes. her fake boobs are also much nicer than susana. i would recommend. and i WILL repeat.

 on: May 01, 2018, 03:54:03 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by srblack
So back to life, back to...reality. I predictably became sick on my trip which has delayed my trip report. sorry. here are yahaira and valeria's respective asses. most of the girls refused to take pics in their undies, even without the face. le sigh. c'est la vie. thanks to Ralphie and Jethro for explaining the lack of access. it makes sense and i don't know why i didn't figure that out anyway.

 on: April 24, 2018, 03:35:23 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by ralphie1
thanks for the report, srblack.   a person can never get enough intel on the gals. 

years back, i used to fly into santiago when pop was prohibitively expensive.  since then, pop has come down some in price and sti has gotten a bit more expensive.

when flying into sti, i always had a wingman to split cab fare with but even at that, a variety of things negated that savings.  mostly time.

every cabbie will only put the amount of gas in his car he needs for his shift, so when he gets a fare that far (to bb's) you have to stop for gas.   then you have a myriad of things that can happen on the mountain.  (it sounds like you took the old way, not the 4 lane)  also, every driver said he knew where bb's was, but most , mostly didnt.  their driving around looking and asking was a pain.

it seemed to take forever , hours, to get from sti to bb's.  by the time we got there it was always dark , time for a shower, time for dinner and it was tired out.   it kind of ruined the first day

now, flying into pop, we make bb's during the bikini contest, in the daylight, and that is even stopping and shopping at la serrena , getting pesos, dick meds, etc...

i suppose i could net $100 bucks u.s.  flying into sti.  it just isnt worth it when you figure i  get a partial days vacation by flying  into pop as i am not worn out, get there before dark and can relax some and enjoy.  on the return trip, flying out of pop  i can get up late, hit a chick if i want, do a late check out and get to the pop airport with plenty of time to spare

no more sti for me.  i will pay the price

 on: April 24, 2018, 03:11:51 PM 
Started by srblack - Last post by ralphie1
access to all dominican ip addys was blocked pretty much at the inception of the board.

the reasoning behind this was that there were captainsaveaho's on other boards that would see a guy post a picture of their gal or maybe make a report and would then show her the picture.  sometimes this happened before the monger even got out of the DR.

sooooo,  to protect the membership here and give them the freedom to post pictures and make honest reports all dominican ip addys were blocked.  it is serving its intended purpose.  have never heard a report of the type that proliferated on the other message boards.

that all said,  when i am in the DR, i simply write my reports into an email i send myself.  i save them up and write my report from the notes i took.

the proxy servers , while they will work, are so slow in the DR with the lousy internet access they have there that i no longer bother, but do it when i get back

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