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  • July 20, 2018, 03:03:17 AM
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 on: February 04, 2018, 11:20:19 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
this is about it for now.  i am sure other things will pop in my mind over the next week or so.  if so, i will add any random insane thoughts that pop into my head.  lol

i am hard of hearing so i often miss the chicas names if there is other noise going on around.  an accent makes hearing even more difficult.  add to that, i dont much care what their name is  unless i want to bang them again.  lmao

i also dont take pics.  i always have a camera packed but havent gotten it out in years.  i dont like taking pics back home, not even of the grandkids.   it gets worse in the DR, i just dont get the camera out, ergo , no pics.  husker and jimjames take enough pics for all of us, just check out their reports.

 on: February 04, 2018, 11:05:04 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
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Nice report Ralphie! You added a lot of details I did not think of.
things might have gotten a bit out of order or i may have repeated myself a few times but what i do is send myself an email every day or two when in theater so i have notes to work off of.   

otherwise i can write about two posts and am done if i have to remember things to write. 

when i have a successful trip and truly get relaxed, everything kind of runs together and the mind is mush.

as always husker, it was good hanging with you and i look ahead  for the next trip we do together

 on: February 04, 2018, 11:02:26 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
this past trip with huskerstud, comus, jimjames and myself,   joined by kozak a day later was  a success and a good time despite all the rain we got.

we ran into oldnewbie who overlapped i think, 4 days  while we were at blackbeards and hung with youwho, who was onsite when we showed up.  there was also howard, who has been at blackbeards previous trips when we were there as well.  this time, had the chance of talking to him sober. lol   howard made his way to the su as well.

for those of you that dont know youwho, he has been around a while, he is from "joisey"  and has a friend, who has a friend, who knows a guy...  lol     youwho was a lot of fun to hang with and could take a good ribbing as well as hand it out as well.   

youwho hung with us and then traveled to sosua with us as well

the sosua chicks seem to have seen the movie pretty woman as they reach for the stars when negotiating.  they start at $150 U.S. and will settle for 2000 pesos and less.  the sad part, they are always trying to pull a stunt.  bj extra, whine and carry on about this or that and they make you be a person i dont want to be.   one chica, i just told her "no leche, no pay"  when she whined about me being too big (yea, right  ??? :tongue:) amongst other things.   when i would tell her that maybe it would be best if she just left, she would get back on point trying to convince me otherwise.  who am i to argue with a chick when she has my dick in her mouth?  lol  not a wise thing to do anyways, she has teeth. lol

sadly, she took  a bit of a beating as i was about there 3 times and each time she starts in on her bs and i lost it.  took a lot to finally get over the top and dump a load.   

to top that time off, she had the nerve to ask for a tip.  i gave her a look and pushed her out the door.

that crap gets old.  i dont like being stern like that, dont like being stunted either, by a chica or a cab driver.

i really enjoy sosua, i like going there  a lot.  just a lot to do and all within walking distance. beaches, good food, lots of different ethnic foods  and lots of good scenery.  it is just the chicas bs hustle that gets old.   my wing had a similar thing happen to him and he eventually just tossed her.  only difference, he didnt get his nut and gave her some pesos to leave.

my wingmans chica started with the upcharge for the blowjob (that being his fave thing) and their time together deteriorated quickly.  he had to give her some pesos to get her towards the door which he pushed her out of, then she had the nerve to ask for a propina. lol  my wingman asked her if he was going to get a propina to walk her down and get her cedula back (terre linde requires you to release the girl so as to not get ripped off, which is a good thing)  comus said the look on her face when he asked for a propina was priceless. lol

it is just that bs that makes the night scene suck some there

 on: February 04, 2018, 10:48:41 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by huskerdude
Nice report Ralphie! You added a lot of details I did not think of.

 on: February 04, 2018, 10:33:28 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
one thing i thought i would toss out there to think about.

when i checked in at terre linde, when i  opened my safe, it reeked of pot.  big time.  i left it open for an hour to air out as i didnt want my valuables smelling like pot. i also had a couple boxes of mamba i didnt want all stunk up

anyways, when we are at the airport, all checked in and having lunch waiting to board to head back to mia.  i hear my name called to check in at the counter.  i go there and the guy tells me that they want to check my bag and i have to be there.   great! smh

we go downstairs to a room, myself and 3 others.  they take every thing out of my bag looking  inside my shave kit, everything.  even go as far as unzip the lining in my suitcase and snoop thru all the innards.

the only thing i can think of is a dog sniffed my suitcase and was able to catch that scent.  i have never ran in to that before.

the things that i thought might set off a scanner to wonder, a couple boxes of mamba, a couple of baggies of antibiotics.  those are things that would show a weird picture, didnt seem to phase them.   the mamba, he opens the boxes, looks in and then smiles at me.  never bothered the plastic bags with antibiotics.  i had several books, he flipped thru the pages, i assume, looking for a hollow spot

they apologized, wished me a safe trip and left by suitcase in a jumbled mess. 

the only thing i could figure was the scent from my safe.  the things i thought maybe could be a problem was the meds and dick meds as somebody said you could take home 50 of each.  well, i was kind of over that number on amoxycillun and mamba.   that was no problem though.

 on: February 04, 2018, 10:24:09 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
when we went down to sosua beach on saturday, the waters were still rough and like the day before you could see the murky brown color of the waves as it was digging sand off the bottom and bringing it to the beach.  the area to the west where the day before was rock with moss on now had a covering of sand on it making it look like the beach you always knew, albeit, 4-5 foot lower than past years. 

it looks like time will build the beach back up. one can only hope for that as the vendors are that end were hurting pretty bad. no reason to go down there.  no beach, no place to sit by the water, not much reason to go down and spend money. 

something funny that happened on friday morning.  we were sitting on the veranda having our breakfast at terre linde eating breakfast and we heard this terrible noise. sounded like 25-30 garbage cans being drug across the cobble stone.  i was trying t to figure out what kind of construction noise it was.  jim james asked if it was a pile driver ut it was beating to quickly.  it sounded like it was coming out of the courtyard of the hotel orchidee next door.

then, looking down called derosen toward PC we see a parade complete with flags , bands and a huge drum section

it was funny and sad at the same time.  the band marched like a herd of cats walking through a room of rocking chairs.  the boys were banging on those drums as hard as they could.  no rhythm, no steady beat,  nothing but a terrible noise,  lol 

turns out,  some kind of holiday friday, something to do with the guy that drove the haitians out when they invaded.

all i can say, fire the guy in charge of the drum corps.  heck, that noise alone would be enough to drive the haitians out. lol

 on: February 04, 2018, 10:12:09 AM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
after spending 5 nights at blackbeards, we moved on to sosua for 3 nights.

we stayed at terre linde hotel which was ok, but overall i just didnt care for it.

the pros, it was close to the action.  you could be up on PC in less than a minute, down to playa alicia in several minutes and playa sosua in less than 5 minutes.

rooms were ok, but when you got right down to it, they seemed almost identical to what we had in the past at hotel sosua sunrise, at 20 bucks and dinner in the evening , more.  same dumb little problems, doors that dont close proper, poor lighting, right down to the design on the entry from the back side.  i felt the accomadations were ok, just overpriced.

the cons, steps, steps, steps, everywhere.   you walked down steps to get into the lobby, then down a few more steps to the pool area.  down steps to get under the second fllor stairway before going up a few more steps to get to your room.   the restaurant, up a flight of stairs to get in from the back side, down a flight of stairs to the street. 

if you had any kind of handicap, it would be impossible to stay there.  of course, that can be said about many places in the DR.

there really wasnt any common area to gather other than around the pool, which was not possible since it rained alot.  there was the bar down at the pool with maybe 10 stools or so.  there was just no good central loafing spot to go waiting on others to get up or get around.

the restaurant there served good food but they were real proud of it and charged big time as well. service ran from great to typical dominican wait on you when they get to you , ten forget about you.

 youwho had breakfast one morning,french toast, coffee, juice, water, 14 bucks.  my chicas breakfast one morning consisting of juice, scrambled eggs and some potatoes (no toast ) was $13 U.S.  way too much for what was on that plate.  worst part of it, the chica did not eat it all.  smh  now youwho, no worries there, he didnt get that boyish figure of his leaving food on his plate. lol

positive note about the restaurant you could sit out on the veranda overlooking he street and watch the chicas walk up and down the street.  for those that did not care to walk the gauntlet, you could fish from the veranda.  my wingman pulled a chick sitting at his table, she came to him. lol  all it took was two looks, one to let her know you saw her, than another and she was on him like flies on a dog turd. lol  lazy mans mongering. lmao

the pool water was grungy.  first day there, you could not see the bottom proper.  their was a blue blob on the floor of the pool, could not tell what it was, just a blue blob.

after watching them put 4 huge scoops of powdered chlorine in the water (could smell it from where we sat) they then proceeded to trying to shock the water by putting 12 gallons of several different liquids in the water.   by mid day the next day you could make out the blue blob on the bottom being a dolphin painted on the bottom of the pool. the water was in that bad of shape.

 glad it wasnt super hot out.  fist off , i would have been inclined to go swimming, secondly, chemicals dissipate and react slower when it is really hot.

terre linde puts themselves out there as a resort of sorts, and have a spa with a masseuee on staff  (she looked like she could have been massage lady,  maria of fod 's daughter.   15 years younger and 40 pounds lighter.  kind of hot, actually.

massage at terre linde was 1395 pesos as compared to the kika massage (total legit) at 700 pesos for the hour.  i couldnt see paying double at terre linde and kika was about a minute walk from the hotel (in the alley, up the steps behind the old new york shark bar.)

the second night the power went out.  took quite a while to come back on.  prob out 45 minutes.  the backup genie did not kick in.

in talking with jimjames who stayed there during the second hurricane, he said there is only one person on staff that knows how to turn the genie on if it does not start automatically.   

during the hurricane, after being out of power for four hours,  jimjames said they sent a car to pick up the maintenance man who was there for two minutes to manually start the gen set before leaving.  i am not sure they ever got the genie running. i think the public power eventually just came back on

later on, the power went out again a couple times for ten , fifteen minutes at a time.  it was that way saturday night thru sunday when we left prox 2pm.  power was in and out the whole time. 

i got my trusty flashlight out that i have packed from way back in the days when 24 hour power was almost non existent, even at blackbeards.  it came in handy as it was pitch black in the room and not much better outside around the pool. with all the steps it would have been downright dangerous, even sober, to try and get around.

the power outages was kind of a blast from the past, when it was not uncommon to not have electric and everybody broke out the flashlights and candles.   it was a pain though.  was in the midst of doing a chica when the power went out.  kind of freaked her out.  i had to get my flashlight and put it on the bed so there was a bit of light in the room.

just like at blackbeards, the chicas in sosua were sporting the braless look which i will say was enjoyed by all.

on our trips down to the beaches.

playa alicia, the pictures i had gotten showing half of the beach gone from the hurricane were not doctored.  not a lot of beach there anymore, but still a nice quiet beach.

when husker and i were there, we watched an angry ocean break some pretty big waves in on the beach and the rock outcropping  to the east by the all inclusive. 

the waves would break on the rock outcropping with a huge ka-thud and the wave would bust up and over and get the people sitting out there eating on top of the rock wet with a mist when a big one hit.

we could also see the same happening down to the rock wall to the west at the end of sosua beach.

there were a few waves that rolled in that actually were quite impressive. one, probably had a face in excess of 15' and one of the locals was surfing inside the pipe for a short. that was kind of cool.  the thing is, it looked kind of dangerous, and that was evidenced by a red flag being posted.    also, you could see a bit of evidence of a rip tide

later that evening i went down before dusk to find the policia there in full force arguing with the surfers.  those that would not shut up and just got out of the water got hauled away.  it was getting dominican ugly, and i was waiting for a few to get  a beating as the policia were there in force, probably 8 of them to drag a half dozen out of the water.

when i went down to the beach that evening, you could see the waves were coming in differently than that afternoon when husker and i were there.  they seemed to come with a greater frequency but did not have the rogue waves that busted in on occasion that we witnessed in the afternoon.

one wave busted in and rolled clear up to the trees. it sent husker and i hustling to not get our shoes wet. lol.  there were some in chairs that all they could do was grab their towels and phones and hold them in the air while the water subsided. lol

sosua beach, it showed signs of hurricane damage as well.    there were a lot of   trees down and gone, which actually makes it nicer, brighter, more airy.   sea wall gone in one area on the east end.  they  sand bagged  it back, so they could continue to have their tables for the restaurant on the topside.   the rock stairways down to the beach stopped and there were sandbags to get down to the beach on the west end.  the hurricane washed out 4-5' of sand and the beach at that end was down to the rock with some crap moss over it.

center section is nice still, west endhas shortened up considerable

hotel alicia, making all kinds of noise about total remodel. they painted and changing coutner tops in the bathrooms.  pretty much the same, over priced.  we stopped and looked at the first floor rooms we always stayed in.  not much change, well other than the price going up 30 bucks and no free dinner .  they are also still in the remodel process, lot of work going on upstairs yet.  dont expect it to e the peaceful place you always knew.  also, didnt seem to be anybody staying there. in the three days walking by, one car is all you ever saw parked there, often times, no cars.  i only ever observed one person inside the restaurant at any time when walking by

new garden, a big turd bowl.  always loud, a lot of people milling around, and word on the street was that things were not being maintained and falling apart.  that was the observation i had 5 years ago when we stopped staying there.  when the new wing started to show a lot of wear and they fixed nothing

new garden in louder now than ever though, as they purchased two hotels across the street and everybody goes to NG for the bar, restaurant and sosua rats that hang at the pool and front gate.  always some kind of party going on there, alll hours of the night.

massage at the kika 700 pesos.  massage at terre linde twice that/  massage girl at terre linde looks like fod maria massage girl, 40 pounds and 15 years ago

fod, same ole turd bowl. only diff, anita in the front office, time in back holed up in the dungeon where anita is trying to whip him into submission.   pedro head dog,  kids still there, tim and anita there.  now called the oasis.   put fod in and oasis comes up.  place looks like the same ole same ole, just white instead of pics of titties.  they are real proud of the hot tub area that is not hot.  who cares.  save the paint.   didnt spend any money, just rolled in and then back out.  tim tried to be friendly.   doesnt know how

 on: February 03, 2018, 04:17:52 PM 
Started by BigJohn - Last post by ralphie1
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I am not perfect  can some one move  my post
not to worry

 on: February 03, 2018, 04:02:42 PM 
Started by BigJohn - Last post by youwho125
I am not perfect  can some one move  my post

 on: February 03, 2018, 02:36:09 PM 
Started by ralphie1 - Last post by ralphie1
something of note, when checking in to your hotel, most will quote you in dollars.  always ask what it is in pesos and what exchange  rate they are using.

at blackbeards, they use a rate .2 over the change rate making it best to use dollars to check in.  HOWEVER, on checkout, when paying your room tab, they drop 2 points off that exchange rate and it is cheaper by 4% to pay in pesos.

when we checked in to terre linde, everything was in dollars.  we asked the exchange to pesos, was cheaper to pay in pesos.

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