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Author Topic: trip report jan 20-28, 2018  (Read 2492 times)

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trip report jan 20-28, 2018
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:56:48 PM »
ralphie, comus, huskerstud, jimjames, kozak meeting up with youwho and oldnewbie

things all started on saturday the 20th, when comus and i flew into mia from dtw.  we got on the ground their and waited on husker to come in from dallas and jimjames to come in from chicago

we had some lunch and then boarded for pop

we got into pop without any incident and were slightly surprised that the same 5 note band we had seen for the past 8-10 years had been replaced with a 2 man band.  still the same corny lousy music. lol 

both flights were uneventful except for the pilot greasing an absolute perfect landing in miami.  i dont think i ever had such a smooth landing ever, anywhere.  not to be outdone, the pilot landing in pop did the opposite of greasing a landing. lol  he just smacked her down, bounced, smacked it down again for a rather rough landing

i complimented the pilot in miami, he told me he just got lucky and laughed.  told him i thought it was a bit more than luck.  i wanted to say something to the pilot in pop , but i could not think of a nice thing to say. lol    i bet the people on the next flight had their soda shook up good. lol

miguel picked us up and took us to la serena  for pesos (48.3) water and meds.  from there we went to blackbeards. 

we got to blackbeards and the bikini contest was still going on.  we had to wait as nikko was emcee'ing the contest and he was the only one there.

what seemed like forever , we finally got checked in.  went and unpacked, took a shower and got into shorts and then downstairs for something to eat and drink.

blackbeards. as always, pretty much the same, except for a lot of new chicks .

i was in d-2 and had hot water the entire time.  i didn have to turn the water on for 2-3 minutes before the hot came out and even then never had to mix any cold with it.  i ran on the hot valve only the entire time.  sadly, pressure is still an issue and while i did get enough water to take a decent shower i was standing 4'' off of the drain. the only thing bad i can say about the shower is that it had one of those handheld shower heads and no matter how hard you try, you can never get the water to spray exactly where you want to.

one time while i had the shower on warming up, i was shaving.  i turned on the hot water to rinse out my blade and it brought the shower almost to nothing.  crazy part about that, the amount of water that came out of the sink faucet was about the size of a 10 gauge wire.  not sure where all the water in the shower went.  i guess it broke a siphon of some sort.  i just dont know.

the evening was a typical bb saturday and i was supposed to have a facebook gal stop out  at bb's with her friend that my wingman was doing.  the other gal showed for my wingman but mine didnt.  i was told i was supposed to contact her, but, was unable as i got the double whammy put on me. i could not get on the internet at bb's to contact her and the orange phone system was down, not working.
 that didnt matter,  i just grabbed a chick, got rid of the nuisance nut and hit the sack.  it was a short night flying out as early as what we did and i turned in early, before things even got going in the crows nest.

sunday we got up and did our usual bs breakfast, moving a couple tables together and shooting the breeze over breakfast and coffee's as everybody came down.   that is when we ran into youwho , who was already there a day or so ahead of us.  we really enjoyed youwho's company and "east coast charm"  lol and hung with him the rest of the week.

we went down looking for the new catamaran knowing paul was no longer at the pos place on the beach.  he was no longer up the hill from the beach but had moved out front of the gates of costambar.    monday, husker and i walked out of costambar and found pauls new place.  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :o :o :o  somebody else eat there first. llol

i like paul a lot, love his food, and always enjoyed patronizing his place and tipping his girls well.  you could always tell they were very very happy after we left.

pauls new place is south of the front gate on the east side.  there is a little market on the corner and pauls shack is just south of that.  believe me, calling his place a shack is being nice.  his old blue catamaran was a much nicer place.    in a hard rain, i am not sure how dry you would stay in pauls shack.  also, there is only room for 5 people or so to be seated in his shack.

add to that, the dogs running through, the chickens running through, and roosting above, i just thought it best to not eat there.  also, i dont think they had water  and if they had a bano, it was probably just  a tree out back.  i just dont think they could keep things clean enough in that shack to feed us yankees and not get sick.  that saddened me, as i always liked paul, and his food.  i also know paul could use any business he could get.  nobody there when we visited with him.

his old catamarn restaurant is ran by a couple haitian ladies.  they did not speak much english, hardly any, and we just kind of got a bad vibe for eating there and just got drinks and moved down the beach when done to eat lunch.

got back to blackbeards in time for the football game.  the gals there were very respectful of those of us watching the game.  somebody trained them well. lol

watched the first game, grabbed a chica, came back down during the second game and grabbed some dinner, hung for a while and turned in kind of early, before the second game was over. 

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