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  • May 20, 2019, 05:02:52 PM
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Author Topic: john finch  (Read 1402 times)

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john finch
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:09:41 PM »
sometime back when the captian (john) mentioned in the newsletter that he realized he had not been getting feedback via his email addy in the newsletter, i once again reached out to him.

in the past, when he first posted his email i contacted him and received a response.  after that, any attempt at contact was just crickets.

anyways, i sent him and email and it took him a bit of time to get back, but when he did, he asked if he could call.  today, he finally made that call.

first off , he wanted to thank all of you that have been guests at his hotel and apologized for tims bs behavior.   he shared that he had been having problems with tim for quite some time , tried working with him, offered counselling, etc... and when he made the decision to pull the plug it was some time before he could do that as he needed somebody to fill those shoes.  in steps cliff, goodbye tim.

john shared that time went downhill after he had to go stateside for his medical treatment and tim never really got better , attitude wise.  anyways, as suspected, tim was given the boot for all of the stuff that had been bothering many of us for some time now.

i had often wondered how john could not know what was going on as he really does run a tight ship.  well, he noticed, he just kept trying to prop tim back up and deal with the issues until he just could no longer tolerate tims behaviors.

we chatted about his health issues.  he has problems, problems his doctors cannot figure out.

 we chatted about his return to the DR.  i had mentioned that he could arrive by ship if flying was out.  he said that he has no strength to walk but 75' then has to rest so either way he would arrive, it would be in a wheelchair.  the problem being, medications he needs are not available, or readily available to him in the DR.  as much as he would love to come back, at this point it wont happen.

i had mentioned to him in my email a pet peeve with shower heads plugging up and how to resolve it.  john went out and bought 20 shower heads to get the right kind that did not have all the water saver bs in and sent along a drill bit to drill out the water saver on the model he purchased.   he said they would do like suggested and soak them in a bucket of vinegar.  he said they have found out it only takes two days in the bucket before it dissolves the buildup.   hopefully that will help some of the volume problems.  sadly, some rooms seem to have more problems than that.

via email he asked for any ideas to kick things along, add some excitement to bb's.  i told him to work on making the girls more gfe.  he said that is something they are working on, and have cristol and hilda taking over the training of the new girls.  john understands the gfe thing and wants his girls being that

i had also mentioned possibly a christmas in july type thing, go thru all the christmas bs  and jazz the place up and have some christmas /new years type celebrations in july .   he liked that idea, thought they would try it.  he asked for all of you to come up with some fun ideas on different things to do for a week or ten days to make it fun for all no matter what point a monger arrived.

sooooo, if you all have any ideas, put them out there, here, in an email to john, however.

john is still very active in the running of blackbeards, from the states of course.  he calls daily and chats with his management team.  it would shock you up to date he is with who the guests are.  he also has a great memory from years back of different people that were frequent guests.

so much so,  this past trip nikko came up to our group down in the bar and said he just got off the phone chatting with john and they got to talking about our group.   he said for nikko to tell us how much he appreciated our patronage and had nikko give us all a drink on the house.  that was kind of a shocker.

anyways, different ideas that have been bantered around here that we would like to see at bb's, put them out here, john is all ears.

i mentioned the menu to him.  he said he has been trying to find a true "chef" and not a dominican chef (think fod) and said he has been on the lookout for some time now to find somebody that cooks creative, on the fly, ala carte.  he is more than willing to expand the menu, within the limits the size of the kitchen would allow.

i mentioned possibly pizza.  no room for a pizza oven.  so much for that idea.  entree ideas woud have to be something that could be made with the equipment and room they have in the kitchen

i will be chatting with john again here soon so put it out here

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