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Author Topic: Trip report Blackbeards -throwback apr 2017  (Read 2061 times)

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Re: Trip report Blackbeards -throwback apr 2017
« on: April 24, 2018, 03:35:23 PM »
thanks for the report, srblack.   a person can never get enough intel on the gals. 

years back, i used to fly into santiago when pop was prohibitively expensive.  since then, pop has come down some in price and sti has gotten a bit more expensive.

when flying into sti, i always had a wingman to split cab fare with but even at that, a variety of things negated that savings.  mostly time.

every cabbie will only put the amount of gas in his car he needs for his shift, so when he gets a fare that far (to bb's) you have to stop for gas.   then you have a myriad of things that can happen on the mountain.  (it sounds like you took the old way, not the 4 lane)  also, every driver said he knew where bb's was, but most , mostly didnt.  their driving around looking and asking was a pain.

it seemed to take forever , hours, to get from sti to bb's.  by the time we got there it was always dark , time for a shower, time for dinner and it was tired out.   it kind of ruined the first day

now, flying into pop, we make bb's during the bikini contest, in the daylight, and that is even stopping and shopping at la serrena , getting pesos, dick meds, etc...

i suppose i could net $100 bucks u.s.  flying into sti.  it just isnt worth it when you figure i  get a partial days vacation by flying  into pop as i am not worn out, get there before dark and can relax some and enjoy.  on the return trip, flying out of pop  i can get up late, hit a chick if i want, do a late check out and get to the pop airport with plenty of time to spare

no more sti for me.  i will pay the price

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