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  • March 18, 2019, 12:09:24 PM
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Author Topic: Live from costambar! Barba negra trip report 2018  (Read 2302 times)

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Live from costambar! Barba negra trip report 2018
« on: April 22, 2018, 10:45:19 PM »
Black beards is packed! Usually things are slow this time of year, which is why i come here in april.
Day one: we begin with check in. I got here at 12pm but my room was not ready. A large group of fellas basically took over the second floor and did not check out till after 1. Got some food. Waited. Got molested by everyones favorite clinger, Yokaira! Got talked into a session with her but she was good company while i waited plus there weren't many chicas despite the crowd..... Around 2 i started to rush the lady at the desk. We got upstairs and finally i got my nuisance nut off. Yokaira puts in the work. Bent over the sink for me did some one legged doggy like that then took things to the bed. She rides me for a while semi-side saddle..which was new and winds it down for a somewhat toothy bbj...i now remembered why i dont take yokaira upstairs anymore. Followed by my obligatory cim. Overall b+ for yokaira. Now that ive had my nuisance nut with a nutty nuisance i start asking the fellas about the chicas. Lots of new faces, and i mean LOTS. Second shift rolls in while im eating dinner i dont recognize most of them.  Lots of stunners i mean real dime pieces. But i dont want to get pulled by any starfishes so i wait it out. I park by the stairs but only valeria comes to see me. She offers massage with cim( she already knows) so i take valeria upstairs for my evening session. No massage took place but..i mean butt, valeria gives me some tlc covering me with besos and banging my brains out playing horsey on my junk followed by cim. Good fun. Went back down for a drink learned from mamsan rosa that kaira and angela no longer work here. Sadness. I also believe that barba negra has blocked access to this site so i may hold off on writing this report until friday night as i am forced to write this on my shitty phone. Might be roaming. Cant post pics for some reason so we'll see friday

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