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  • March 18, 2019, 12:07:25 PM
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Author Topic: Live from costambar! Barba negra trip report 2018  (Read 2302 times)

Offline srblack

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Re: Live from costambar! Barba negra trip report 2018
« on: May 01, 2018, 04:22:05 PM »
Day two! finally!
day two was pretty awesome. I made lasting monger friends and will definitely take the trip with these guys next year. the previous day i had met a venezuelan woman named susanah, and made an appointment. she's a thick girl with some pretty big fake knockers. good face and cute braces. She shows up a little late as she was doing schoolwork downstairs whatever. she gets in washes up and proceeds to give me....covered bj. as that is a source of unending erection killing sadness for me, i proceed to place her upon mt. shaft and have her ride me.after a while she gets tired and asks for thinking "oh no she's gonna starfish" but i was pleasantly surprised to find she LIKES getting absolutely railed from behind. she's givving it to me as hard as i am to her but after a while i ask for cim which she refuses so i pull out and tity bang those fake tatas until unloading on her face. she did not appear to enjoy the surprise facial but did not protest. overall susana was good, not great. also her boob job was not great.
Hot tub!
 between appointments i tried the hot tub for the first time. what useful tool. sample bj omg. went with yokaira and julia with her big ass. mmm. also got a maede massage for the first time. half hour of pleasure and pain. very relaxing. worth the 500 pesos.
Session 2: 6pm china
Next we have china. she came so highly recommended by you guys that i felt obligated to give her a try. i would have on day one, if not for the fact that china was being worked like a dog all day. seriosly nobody was interested in anybody except china that day. they all just waited their turn. I'm smart methinks. i made an appointment for 6 when she would begin her shift. methinks me right. China is a four foot 8 stallion of a fuckdoll. she came in, relaxed me with besos all over and then rode me hard from multiple angles and pulsated her inside muscles. her whole body is solid and im enjoying it immensely. she refused cim but that didn't matter as i was ripping off a massive nut inside her within 13 minutes. her fake boobs are also much nicer than susana. i would recommend. and i WILL repeat.
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