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  • June 21, 2021, 09:09:49 PM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11754 times)

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« on: April 13, 2013, 04:49:35 AM »
Greetings Guys!

 My last post I discussed what to expect on your arrival to POP. I thought I would follow up with some info on getting around while you are there.

There is a variety of means to get around the area from your resort to the nightlife, to see some sights or to entertain/meet a chica.

First off a general breakdown. The available means of transport are:
Motoconchos, taxi, "private" taxi, public transportation, rental cars, and of course the old shoe leather express.

MOTOCONCHOS: Aka "conchos", "motos". These are little trail-bikes driven by a Dominican. The licensed ones are wearing a green reflective vest with a number on it. The unlicensed ones are just a guy on a bike. PROS: cheap, usually around $200pesos to get around when returning chica from aTLN for instance. Very easy to obtain one,they are everywhere. There is no place a moto cant go!Lol! CONS: not for the faint of heart! You will need to hang on as you dodge other vehicles that are bigger than you and have more metal! You need to CLEARLY establish a price BEFORE YOU GET ON. Some drivers are more skilled than others.

TAXI: common enough at airport,from your resort however the desk will need to call. There are many stories on the boards concerning the "taxi mafia". In a nutshell, the taxis are broken down into groups which have exclusive rights to a particular area such as Costambar where BB's is. When a guest asks Tim or Cliff for a cab to head for the airport for instance, the call goes to this group and a cab quickly responds. Basically the group ensures that the fares charged are fair (in their minds at least) and they don't take well to outside cabs coming in and undercutting their biz. The rates can be ridiculous depending on the destination. For the most part, fares to the airport are reasonable, no one wants to kill the cash cow. Its the trips to Sosua for instance that can be expensive/add up.

PRIVATE TAXI: mainly an individual who has a car,speaks some english and can be " on call" for your transportation needs. PROS: a dedicated car and driver for you. Really good for a longer trip such as a SDQ airport pickup. CONS: may have to wait a bit for him to arrive. Depending on the driver, he may try and steer you for shopping,eating and chicas. This is kind of the norm for these guys,usually a polite or firm NO is sufficient. Some really good trip reports talk about this type of service. Keep in mind, you are getting a personal car and dedicated driver, compensate accordingly.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Haven't used them myself, A few on the boards have, (SKYCHIEF I believe has as well as others going from Santo Domingo to POP). This is definitely an immersion into the local culture! You will be shoulder to shoulder with the locals. PROS: opportunity to meet chicas! Very cheap. CONS: try and figure out a schedule! Limited routes and times.

RENTAL CARS: Now this one is tricky fellas. Let me throw out a few thoughts on this. First off driving in DOMREP is unlike anything you have done, no bones about it a cautious driver will find the chaos difficult. Insurance is a MUST and damn expensive. Additionally, the rental agencies seem to rent the same models of cars thereby making it readily apparent to the locals that you are a gringo. As such, members of this board who get rental cars are routinely pulled over by Policia for "regalo". Stop lights at the main intersections are a pain in the ass, because the windshield cleaners EVEN THO YOU WAVE AND SAY NO will throw soap on your windows. I observed a kid set up to " get hit" by a rental car in Sosua last October as it was going to pull out of a parking spot, luckily a local called him on it.
   No question, rentals sure as hell convenient but for me...and this is strictly my opinion...not worth the hassle of potential probs. Now I do go in with a member who has been driving down there for some time on a rental, and whom I trust completely. But again, last two trips he has had probs. For myself, I am there to maximize my enjoyment of the ladies, one fender bender can ruin your trip for sure! Again, my opinion and not everyone has a problem with rentals, just pointing this situation out.

SHOE LEATHER EXPRESS: dependable,always running,no cost!!LOL! Seriously guys, simple common sense applies when walking about. Go down a dark alley and you are asking for trouble. Wander through the main areas with normal precautions and you should be fine. Again, best info as far as areas to avoid etc can be found in the trip reports.

Hopefully this gives you a starting point for ideas as you plan a trip. Again, don't forget the section on TAXIS, as well as using the archive and search features for more in depth and current info from fellow members.

 Good Luck!!


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