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  • April 23, 2021, 10:25:06 AM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11737 times)

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« on: April 24, 2013, 08:03:04 PM »
Hey  Guys!

 One of the biggest challenges we have all experienced when new to having fun in the DOMREP is connectivity,wether by phone,computer or carrier pigeon.

 I thought that this week I would throw out a few of the phone options available.

Pre trip planning wise you need to ask yourself whom do you need to have comms with during your trip. Do you need to be accessible to work or family? Are you looking at being able to call chicas or fellow mongers?
  One of the fortunate options is you can pick up  "throwaway prepaid phone" very easily in the DOMREP thereby allowing you to eliminate any risk of strange numbers or chicas calling you on your normal cell number.

Here are some options to get you started,keep in mind that in depth experiences are in the boards in numerous trip reports.

1. Adding International calling to your existing cell
        For me, I have to have my normal cell while away for several reasons. To that end, (I have an iPhone), I give my provider (AT&T) a call 14 days before I leave. I set up international calling and text beginning the day before I leave and ending the day after I am scheduled to return. Last trip I used it quite a bit for both calling others in POP as well as a few calls stateside. My bill was about $80 more that month and no problems. The phone automatically switched over when I turned it on coming down the jetway.

  With AT&T it is better to set up the international calling plan than simply roaming due to surcharges from both AT&T and the in country service provider.

AT&T Rest of World Travel Minutes*,**   For making and receiving calls in the "Rest of World" Region.
Monthly Charge   Included Minutes   Per-Minute        Overage
$30                        15              ($2.00/min.)           $2.00
$60                        40              ($1.50/min.)     $2.00
$120                       100              ($1.20/min.)           $2.00

Package/Pay-Per-Use Rates   Details
Global Messaging Packages   Send text, picture or video messages while traveling in over 150 countries*
Packages:   Monthly   Message                  Allowance (Messages Sent)         Per-Message Overage
Global Messaging                50       $10              50 ($.20/msg.)                                  $0.40
Global Messaging              200    $30              200($.15/msg.)                                  $0.35
Global Messaging              600    $60              600($.10/msg.)                            $0.25
I STRONGLY reccomend, regardless of your provider,  that you do NOT simply add the service by on line means-CALL your provider if you are considering this route. You might be able to simply prorate instead of paying for full month (I do) as well as ensure no hidden charges etc.

2.Picking up a prepaid throwaway phone in the DOMREP.

    CLARO and ORANGE are the two main providers. Very easy to obtain phones that are basically prepaid and throwaway. This is a really good option to keep chica drama from intruding onto your normal cell bill or call log, and it still allows you to receive calls from home on your regular cell without a prob.
Web sites:
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Utilizing SKYPE.

     For those of you not familiar with this service, it is a free download to your laptop which allows you to call free. The trick is to use it in an area (such as your resort) that has free wifi connectivity. There are several trip resorts that talk at length concerning availability of wifi at BB's for instance.
        Web site:
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4.Utilizing MAGIC JACK. CEO has used this quite a bit to great effect.

         Web site:
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Email. Again, you need to ensure you have connectivity in order to use, and of course you need the wifi connection.

Hope this gives you a starting point for your pre trip planning.



(PS: Dont forget GOOGLE can translate spanish web sites for free,just hit the TRANSLATE PAGE phrase!)

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