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Title: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: Ludacris832 on January 02, 2016, 01:19:12 AM
Ok let me first say this board is awesome. A lot of information and the fast pass is worth it.

Secondly thanks to Husker he directed me to this board from another board when I seen his reviews from the DR.

So now that I said my thanks. I have a question I am going to BB's in Feb I know I am going to BB's and Sousa. But FOD is up in the air I seen a few bad reviews of them here lately. Would you vets recommend I stay clear of them until they clean up their act or give them a try. Seems like to me BB's is the safer and better choice over FOD. And I will have my hands full at BB's.

Also in Sousa where is the best place to stay. I am leaning towards Rocky's since they took over Mary Rose.

Also any more advice in general? I been lurking the board for about 2-3 weeks now and taking it all it. There is a shit ton of information so I might have missed something in my lurking. This is my first time to the DR but not my first time international travel. Seen and experienced the Beach Club in KL to the 4 Floors or Whores in Singapore and other places which shall remain nameless that put those 2 places to shame...

So I am experienced this is why I am trying Sousa on my initial trip too. Like I said any tid bids of info would be welcomed.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: Ludacris832 on January 02, 2016, 01:26:52 AM
One more thing I seen the guys giving gifts. What is the purpose of this? I lurker the board but miss exactly why we are giving them gifts.

I am a partner in an adult toy store so getting cheap sex toy gifts will be up my alley. But I just don't know why I should give a gift AFTER I paid.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: johnnyc3d on January 02, 2016, 02:15:52 AM
I use to bring gifts. However on my 3rd trip I wasnt greeted with a hug or hello but 2 chicas with their hands out asking for a gift. From then I only bring things I benefit from during a session. I usually load up on cheap bullet vibes and some lingerie.

FOD seems to be going downhill. I'd go as a group, but be hesitant going by myself. I'd recommend going for a day trip and going from there.

If this is your first trip, spend a few days at BBs, than check out Sosua. Rocky's is awesome. Right in the center of the action. Loud till early morning. Mary Rose is a quick ride from the action. Nice quiet area.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: DrinksOnMe on January 02, 2016, 03:29:31 AM
Johnny nailed it with the gift giving (by the way, Ludacris, Johnny and Huskerdude won't steer you wrong so pay close attention to their advice. Same for many other guys on this board...its a great community as you've seen).

I used to pass out little gifts too but (especially at FOD) the chicas get REAL spoiled and they have their hands out too quick if you're known to give a gift or two. If you make a few trips down and you have one or two "special" ladies that you really connect with then they are the ones who should get something extra in my opinion.

As far as FOD, I haven't been in nearly a year but 95% of what I've read and the pictures I've seen of the new chicas suggests that skipping FOD wouldn't be the end of the world. A quick trip for a Presidente and a look around can't hurt but WATCH YOUR BAR BILL CAREFULLY.

I can't comment on Rocky's since I've never stayed there but the place has a lot of fans so that is certainly worth something. From my experience Casa Cayena is a top spot to stay with the New Garden hotel a close second if you like a party atmosphere and chopping it up with other like minded gentlemen from North America.

I'd love to hear more about Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and any other of your Asian adventures and travel advice if you'd wish to share them!

Happy New Year!!
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: ralphie1 on January 02, 2016, 08:37:59 AM
I have always been of the opinion that nothing says "newbie" or "sucker" more than a monger that comes handing out gifts.  at the end of the day, all it does is run up the per shot cost.  why not just pay them 2500 pesos instead of 1500-2000 per session?    keep in mind, that is just my opinion and we know how those work..

johnny has it right.  if the gift, a bullet vibe, makes his time with her a better time, then mission accomplished.  just tossing money at them in one form or another accomplishes nothing but setting you up to be fleeced by others.

drinks hit it on the head, bb's is a definite stop for a newbie, fod if there is a group there otherwise you well could be the only guest there which we hear all to often. 

in the su, i too like staying at casa cayena.  cant beat the rate, i think 60 bucks, which includes a great breakfast and dinner too as well.  those two meals being included really lowers the room cost substantially.  casa cayena is also a laid back quiet atmosphere two minutes off the beach.  you could throw a baseball from the front gate and land it on the beach.  also just a short walk to all the action.

a word of caution when staying too close to the action, you will hear the music into the wee hours and worse yet than that is the moto noise and smell that you will hear all night long, and smell as well.   casa cayena is on a dead end road to the beach.  u fly by there at 30mph, u gonna take a swim. lol
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: Big boy on January 02, 2016, 05:24:14 PM
For what it is worth I prefer BBs to FOD because the chicas are better, and if there is a problem (very rare) there is a mamasan on site to sort it out.  Furthermore I have never, ever received a padded bill at the bar at BBs, whereas it happens at FOD.

As to gift giving I say wait until you have been a few times and get to know your chicas.  I find the best gifts are the tiniest thongs you can find, because they will model them for you, picture taking included.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: huskerdude on January 02, 2016, 09:08:11 PM
Welcome to the site Ludicris! You can bring cheap gifts if you want.  Each to his own.  I recommend the place Ralphie recommend in Sosua- Casa Cayena.  I've heard nothing but good things about this place.  I would stick to BB for now.  The best day to visit FOD is Wednesday afternoon around 5PM for their bikini contest.  It is a lot wilder than the BB bikini contest, and often times anything goes at the FOD one, as the girls can go full nude or whatever.  Keep on researching. We have a small group going late Jan. first week in Feb and we will report back with the latest updates.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: Ludacris832 on January 03, 2016, 08:52:13 AM
Thanks guys this has been very helpful.

I do have one last question how are you all finding the Chicas (pun intended) on FB and the other social media sites. Haven't reached that too much on here yet so any 411 would be helpful for this too.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: shadowman on January 03, 2016, 12:29:06 PM
The current rate for casa cayena is $65 for IFTC/ISOC members and includes breakfast and dinner (but not drinks). Other popular reasonable priced hotels include New Garden (can be noisy but with some girls on site) Casa Valeria (one chica only), Plaza Europa, Rocky's and Sosua suites (both noisy). Other hotel used but less popular include the Terra Linda (more expensive), Mary Rose and D'Pietro's (further out), Victoria House and the Sea Breeze. New Garden has the most party atmosphere but that's both good and bad.  Plaza Europa is probably the best bang for the buck but I prefer Casa Cayena. Casa Cayena, Terra Linda, Casa Valeria, Sea Breeze, Rocky's and Sosua suites are all central to the action.  Other hotels which are central but which I know nothing about are the Tropix (which is supposed to be quite nice) and the Orchidee (which is very central but I don't know anyone who has stayed there). Don Andres is just a bit out of the center of the action and is supposed to be very nice as well.

IMHO gifts are almost always a bad idea. There is no benefit whatsoever to you as a monger. It's like pissing yourself in a dark suit. It gives you a warm sensation for a moment but nobody else notices. If you make lasting connections or friendships then fine, but don't bring gives to impress the girls (it doesn't) and it's just extra cost and space in your bag. Barter items, on the other hand, are a great idea if you can figure out what to bring. Items that you can trade for favors are great because they are items the chicas very much want and place a value on. These kinds of items need to be cheap but something that the girls like and want, and usually something that they can show off in front of the other girls. This changes all the time and you need to have a good eye for trends. I have used cheap MP3's (when they were coming out), Aeropostale shirts (when they first became popular, a clothing exception as usually clothing isn't good for barter) and lately have used cheap e-cigarettes. If you go to Cuba then any kind of smart phone will do it. Girls will trade their favors for nothing for items like these. If you figure out what the next great thing is (and the economics make sense) then bring that. Girls don't care about clothes or perfume generally. They like it, but it's commonplace. Bring something that attracts their interest in novelties. Chicas sit around bored all day and nothing in the world gives them greater pleasure than having something new to show off, especially if none of the other girls have it.

For facebook the process is fairly simple. Get a referral from a monger or two for a couple of girl names. Look at their friends. Now, forget their friends (who are sometimes not hookers) and instead look for the obvious middle-aged white guy who is almost certainly a customer. Look at HIS friends instead. Chances are he's using his monger profile on Facebook and his friends will be hookers. Repeat process, go deep and wide. Within the space of a day you can have 100 contacts.

Have fun!
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: Marko on January 06, 2016, 02:11:25 PM
Was in DR in early Nov.  Spent 2 days in Sosua, 2 Days at BB (4th time at BB) and one night at  FOD.  I had planned on doing a trip report but my back went out, ended up  taking  more Vicadin then Viagra.  Stayed at Sosua Suites.  Good location, recommend it, but the pool was pathetic.  Can't recommend FOD.  Only 2 chicas 5's at best.  Jaccuzi not working.  Was warned at checkin to not charge at Bar or Restaurant!  Only good  looking women there was the bartender and she was  talking with a local young stud.  Could hardly get her to breakaway to get me a beer.

Will be in Costambar for all of Feb.  Retiring Jan 31st be on a flight out at 11:59  pm that night.
Title: Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
Post by: johnnyc3d on January 06, 2016, 02:35:10 PM
Thanks for the Intel.

Congrats on the retirement.

I'm still at least 20 years away.......