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  • April 20, 2021, 02:48:56 AM
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Author Topic: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD  (Read 7861 times)

Offline shadowman

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Re: BB's to Sousa Maybe FOD
« on: January 03, 2016, 12:29:06 PM »
The current rate for casa cayena is $65 for IFTC/ISOC members and includes breakfast and dinner (but not drinks). Other popular reasonable priced hotels include New Garden (can be noisy but with some girls on site) Casa Valeria (one chica only), Plaza Europa, Rocky's and Sosua suites (both noisy). Other hotel used but less popular include the Terra Linda (more expensive), Mary Rose and D'Pietro's (further out), Victoria House and the Sea Breeze. New Garden has the most party atmosphere but that's both good and bad.  Plaza Europa is probably the best bang for the buck but I prefer Casa Cayena. Casa Cayena, Terra Linda, Casa Valeria, Sea Breeze, Rocky's and Sosua suites are all central to the action.  Other hotels which are central but which I know nothing about are the Tropix (which is supposed to be quite nice) and the Orchidee (which is very central but I don't know anyone who has stayed there). Don Andres is just a bit out of the center of the action and is supposed to be very nice as well.

IMHO gifts are almost always a bad idea. There is no benefit whatsoever to you as a monger. It's like pissing yourself in a dark suit. It gives you a warm sensation for a moment but nobody else notices. If you make lasting connections or friendships then fine, but don't bring gives to impress the girls (it doesn't) and it's just extra cost and space in your bag. Barter items, on the other hand, are a great idea if you can figure out what to bring. Items that you can trade for favors are great because they are items the chicas very much want and place a value on. These kinds of items need to be cheap but something that the girls like and want, and usually something that they can show off in front of the other girls. This changes all the time and you need to have a good eye for trends. I have used cheap MP3's (when they were coming out), Aeropostale shirts (when they first became popular, a clothing exception as usually clothing isn't good for barter) and lately have used cheap e-cigarettes. If you go to Cuba then any kind of smart phone will do it. Girls will trade their favors for nothing for items like these. If you figure out what the next great thing is (and the economics make sense) then bring that. Girls don't care about clothes or perfume generally. They like it, but it's commonplace. Bring something that attracts their interest in novelties. Chicas sit around bored all day and nothing in the world gives them greater pleasure than having something new to show off, especially if none of the other girls have it.

For facebook the process is fairly simple. Get a referral from a monger or two for a couple of girl names. Look at their friends. Now, forget their friends (who are sometimes not hookers) and instead look for the obvious middle-aged white guy who is almost certainly a customer. Look at HIS friends instead. Chances are he's using his monger profile on Facebook and his friends will be hookers. Repeat process, go deep and wide. Within the space of a day you can have 100 contacts.

Have fun!
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