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  • June 21, 2021, 09:32:52 PM
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we are all members here for various reasons and all wont share the same view on a topic.   with that in mind, we are here to have a good time and the golden rule applys.  respect and civility is expected from all.  also, posting personal info is forbidden.   you dont want your name out there, the girls dont either.  first names are ok.  last names and/or where they live, NOT

failure to respect others could result in ones ability to post, to view or even to participate on the board so lets keep it light, keep it fun and get the word out on who is fun and where to go to have fun in the DR.  

also, pictures say a thousand words.  please post your pictures.  if you have worries that a picture should be private, contact a moderator and we will help you post that in a private area, gold access

admittance to the private area (gold access) can be attained in a variety of ways, some being active on the board posting quality intel, posting pictures, posting trip reports and just generally being an active member of IFTC and participating.  

lastly, this board may not be for everyone.  caustic or combative attitudes need not apply.  we are here for info and fun.  we hope that you are as well

also, the mod team has an open door policy.  we are here to help you.  if you have a question or concern about anything, contact  ceo, rango or ralphie1.  we will be more than happy to help you

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