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Author Topic: Tips to posting a good trip report  (Read 5070 times)

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Tips to posting a good trip report
« on: November 06, 2012, 10:58:17 PM »
First thing to do is if your planning on going on a trip then you go to the calender roll call section and post when your going away. 

For example:  "Ceo Goes to Blackbeards Feb 6th till the 11th"  this would be your heading (where your going and dates)
Then when you come back or even leading up to your trip you can post different things ur doing to get ready for ur trip and stuff like that.  (We will add you to the calender section at the top of the tabs so that your in there as well) If your uneasy about doing this then just send Myself CEO - Rango - Ralphie1 - downtowner or Huskerdude a pm with the info and we will surely help you out.

So once you return from your trip what you do is tell us all about your trip Day by day - Let me explain.

Do one day at a time and by that i mean that you post your first day of trip and then wait a day so that members can respond to your day 1 of your report.

As your doing your trip report please try and not to post one longgggggggg post all jumbled up becuase it gets hard to read.  Try and break it up into paragraphs.  If you need to do more then one reply that is fine and encourage just do not do a new topic for each day then it gets crazy.

Lastly is click the attachment button at the bottom of the post and post your photos.

That should cover it and i am going to include some trip reports here from the Admin Team so u can see examples.

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