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Post by: CAZ391 on March 24, 2013, 05:13:56 PM

 First off WELCOME to the site!!! Great folks,and no question is stoopiiid!!!!

TRUST me for I have asked many!!LOL!

In that regards allow me to pass on the following:
  When you see the little orange oval with the word NEW in the center...click on it and it will take you to the last post in that particular topic!

Hope this makes it easier!


Post by: CAZ391 on March 28, 2013, 08:01:11 PM

  Always remember that "Many have boldly gone before you!" and that there is a goldmine of info for those who are looking at taking their first trip.

The two main areas of info (at present) are dealing with the two Adult Resorts BLACKBEARDS/BARBRA NEGRA and FIELD OF DREAMS/aka FOD.
Additionally there is info concerning the area to the east of Puerto Plata called SOSUA.

Keep in mind that the board and associated info is expanding as membership increases and trip reports are coming in. To this end you can see information about other areas in the world such as Europe/Far East etc.

You may also see (depending on access privileges) information/detailed post trip reports concerning IFTC Parties and events.

At a minimum, when you have a question about something,wether it is a particular girl at one of the resorts, cab prices, menus for instance...give the boards a shot first-chances are the info is there.

  In the resort sections ROOM LINEUP, MISC QUESTIONS are really informative!

      ROOM LINEUP will have pics of specific rooms,prices and reviews on everything from how the AC works to the hot water flow!

      MISC QUESTIONS is a gold mine of everything (other than the girls) else concerning the resort. Don't forget to look down at the bottom and click on the ARCHIVE   
                              tab which will show "the next page" with even more topics!

     And finally you even have a search function in the top right of the screen toolbar to search the site internally.

Hope this helps you get started on your way!!

Post by: CAZ391 on April 04, 2013, 11:23:33 AM
Hey Guys!

Another tip for ya!

Many of you are seeing this site and going "_____!!" (insert word of absolute amazement)...." No way I can do that!" Or,"how the hell can I get down there?"

First off, a trip to the DOMREP is down right doable both financially and time wise when compared to other destinations. Check out FLIGHT AWARE, (great app) and see actual flight times from MIA or JFK. Then check the prices.

   The boards also have a tendency to put out fare cuts/increases but the airline sites are the best source of info. When to buy the ticket? See previous posts,lots of info ( which varies by time of year).

The main thing you need to know is that a trip is basically broken down into 4 stages:

PRE TRIP PLANNING is simply info,info and more info!

There is some fantastic info as well as checklists available on the site, check it out! Everything from how to get from the airport to your resort ( be it FOD or BB's), to where to exchange dollars for pesos you can find here!

As for the LINEUP, that is basically the decision you make to purchase airfare, send out room deposits, purchase incidentals etc just prior to heading down.

Now,as for ON THE GROUND..... Here is where all your planning really makes a difference and can in some cases make a trip awesome rather than just incredible!

  To give you an example.....

      When you check into BB's, pay in DOLLARS! But for all other transactions on site, pay in pesos after exchanging at a specific locale nearby. The difference quickly adds up and could be a short time!!

As for the RETURN, it does suck! My advice is after a day or two,put out your trip report.
 Just remembering the events and seeing some pics will put a smile on your face.

                                  Begin planning your next trip!!!
Post by: gustav klimpt on April 05, 2013, 10:48:57 PM
CAZ, I wish that someone helped me with your useful advice 12 years ago. All I got from another site was how much of a newbie asshole I was.

You are IFTC in a nutshell! Informative and helpful.

Post by: downtowner on April 07, 2013, 12:50:59 AM
Caz, look up I.F.T.C. Gold Member in the dictionary and your picture is there
Post by: CAZ391 on April 10, 2013, 04:47:36 AM
Hello Gentlemen!!

Another word or two to add to your fund of information as you find yourself halfway to Friday!

Do you know why a $10 US bill and a pen are probably THE most important pieces of your luggage (aside from a bulk pack of condoms from UNDERCOVER CONDOMS)?
 What can you expect when you land at Puerto Plata?? Well here we go, grab a cold Presidente and read on!!

First off: I ALWAYS use carry on only. I have a fantastic bag which was handmade for me by RED OXX out of Missoula Montana. The bag (PR5 model) is the biggest bag available and still within the airline carry on allowance. It is rugged as hell, and has a lifetime warranty- if it breaks,rips or tears, send it back and they fix or replace. They are on the web, check it out. Additionally I carry a MOLLE 50Liter Assault bag bag from my military days, holds a lot such as iPad,towel and incidentals as well as opens up in half for checkpoint scanning. Have never had to open it up,also rugged and has a pvc liner which serves as a barrier in event of rain. I added on a couple of TSA small combo locks from Home Depot and all secure! Both bags go on the X-ray, and then into the overhead. No need to await offloading or worry about loss or mishandled luggage which can really hose your vacation when you have to begin filling out forms or return to the airport at multiple days to check status or do without for your stay.

 Before leaving MIA for POP (those are the airport codes for Miami and Puerto Plata by the way- type when checking flights,its easier), I make sure I have a pen, and a $10 US bill. About 45 mins out from landing in POP, the cabin crew will begin handing out the Arrival/immigration form. Fill it out COMPLETELY! This is where the pen comes in handy! As for address, I have always used the Costa Dorado, never had a problem. i keep the address on my IPhone and refer to it when filling out the form.

Landing at POP is an experience! Usually a great view as you come in, and at the last minute it seems like you are landing in a cow pasture!!!

Anyways, as you get off the plane be prepared for a 5 minute walk to the terminal. You will go through a series of hallways until you come across a little mariachi band! Tip a buck if you desire, if not no prob. Shortly after you will enter a room with two counters directly ahead of you, and to your right a series of metal corrals leading to 5 or six immigration officers
GO TO THE DESKS  AHEAD OF YOU FIRST, This is where the $10 bill is needed. They will then give you a receipt. DO NOT GIVE A $20, they don't make change. Immediately next to them is a young lady serving shots of rum. Grab one! Hell its vacation!

Now you can que up for the customs officer. Enter the metal corral in front of one of the officers booth. Hand over the passport and the receipt you just paid $10 bucks for. A quick stamp and you now head to the adjacent baggage claim carousel area.
AVOID THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE BOOTH TO YOUR RIGHT, LOUSY RATES!!Here is where your carryon only policy works! Baggage takes forever to come out, for myself, I bypass the carousel and go right to the X-ray machine, and put my two bags on the belt.

IMPORTANT! As your bags go thru, a quick little dude will come out of the left side wearing shorts and a big white bowling shirt, THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMS BUT BAGGAGE PORTERS!!! You have to tell them NO when they reach for your bag otherwise they carry it 25 yards out the door to the cab stand and expect a tip.

Having successfully dodged the "bag grab" you go thru a set of doors into a short hallway with rental car desks on the right hand side. Ahead of you are  the final doors with the cab drivers outside.

TIP: if you are waiting for others on the same flight to clear immigration or baggage,wait here! Its air conditioned,you wont be hassled by cab drivers etc and its a safe spot. Keep in mind tho, once you go thru the doors its tough ( but not impossible to get back in).

When you finally exit, and you don't have transpo already arranged, look to your left and you will see a podium with the cab managers in uniform along with a big rate board. Just tell them where you want to go and they will get a driver for you. Me, I ignore the hordes of guys to the right yelling. Once you get paired up with a driver CONFIRM THE PRICE and you are set!

Hope this answers some Q's!!!

Have fun!!!
Post by: C.E.O. on April 10, 2013, 10:22:13 AM
I locked thread and will have a questions thread started for members to post any questions we will use this just for newbie tips by our gold member FAX
Post by: CAZ391 on April 13, 2013, 04:49:35 AM
Greetings Guys!

 My last post I discussed what to expect on your arrival to POP. I thought I would follow up with some info on getting around while you are there.

There is a variety of means to get around the area from your resort to the nightlife, to see some sights or to entertain/meet a chica.

First off a general breakdown. The available means of transport are:
Motoconchos, taxi, "private" taxi, public transportation, rental cars, and of course the old shoe leather express.

MOTOCONCHOS: Aka "conchos", "motos". These are little trail-bikes driven by a Dominican. The licensed ones are wearing a green reflective vest with a number on it. The unlicensed ones are just a guy on a bike. PROS: cheap, usually around $200pesos to get around when returning chica from aTLN for instance. Very easy to obtain one,they are everywhere. There is no place a moto cant go!Lol! CONS: not for the faint of heart! You will need to hang on as you dodge other vehicles that are bigger than you and have more metal! You need to CLEARLY establish a price BEFORE YOU GET ON. Some drivers are more skilled than others.

TAXI: common enough at airport,from your resort however the desk will need to call. There are many stories on the boards concerning the "taxi mafia". In a nutshell, the taxis are broken down into groups which have exclusive rights to a particular area such as Costambar where BB's is. When a guest asks Tim or Cliff for a cab to head for the airport for instance, the call goes to this group and a cab quickly responds. Basically the group ensures that the fares charged are fair (in their minds at least) and they don't take well to outside cabs coming in and undercutting their biz. The rates can be ridiculous depending on the destination. For the most part, fares to the airport are reasonable, no one wants to kill the cash cow. Its the trips to Sosua for instance that can be expensive/add up.

PRIVATE TAXI: mainly an individual who has a car,speaks some english and can be " on call" for your transportation needs. PROS: a dedicated car and driver for you. Really good for a longer trip such as a SDQ airport pickup. CONS: may have to wait a bit for him to arrive. Depending on the driver, he may try and steer you for shopping,eating and chicas. This is kind of the norm for these guys,usually a polite or firm NO is sufficient. Some really good trip reports talk about this type of service. Keep in mind, you are getting a personal car and dedicated driver, compensate accordingly.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Haven't used them myself, A few on the boards have, (SKYCHIEF I believe has as well as others going from Santo Domingo to POP). This is definitely an immersion into the local culture! You will be shoulder to shoulder with the locals. PROS: opportunity to meet chicas! Very cheap. CONS: try and figure out a schedule! Limited routes and times.

RENTAL CARS: Now this one is tricky fellas. Let me throw out a few thoughts on this. First off driving in DOMREP is unlike anything you have done, no bones about it a cautious driver will find the chaos difficult. Insurance is a MUST and damn expensive. Additionally, the rental agencies seem to rent the same models of cars thereby making it readily apparent to the locals that you are a gringo. As such, members of this board who get rental cars are routinely pulled over by Policia for "regalo". Stop lights at the main intersections are a pain in the ass, because the windshield cleaners EVEN THO YOU WAVE AND SAY NO will throw soap on your windows. I observed a kid set up to " get hit" by a rental car in Sosua last October as it was going to pull out of a parking spot, luckily a local called him on it.
   No question, rentals sure as hell convenient but for me...and this is strictly my opinion...not worth the hassle of potential probs. Now I do go in with a member who has been driving down there for some time on a rental, and whom I trust completely. But again, last two trips he has had probs. For myself, I am there to maximize my enjoyment of the ladies, one fender bender can ruin your trip for sure! Again, my opinion and not everyone has a problem with rentals, just pointing this situation out.

SHOE LEATHER EXPRESS: dependable,always running,no cost!!LOL! Seriously guys, simple common sense applies when walking about. Go down a dark alley and you are asking for trouble. Wander through the main areas with normal precautions and you should be fine. Again, best info as far as areas to avoid etc can be found in the trip reports.

Hopefully this gives you a starting point for ideas as you plan a trip. Again, don't forget the section on TAXIS, as well as using the archive and search features for more in depth and current info from fellow members.

 Good Luck!!

Post by: CAZ391 on April 18, 2013, 12:54:21 AM
Hey Guys!

Sorry for getting the Wednesday post out on Thursday but been busy at the one legged butt kicking contest (aka work! LOL!). Anywho I thought I would throw a tip out concerning rooms......

You may have heard or seen in some posts phrases such as "chica proofing the room","setting up the room", etc. For those of you who have yet to head to the DR you might be wondering what it means.

In the DR your options for lodging mainly fall between designated adult locations such as Black Beards,Field of Dreams or O2 resort (which is closing but possibly going to return under new ownership according to rumor control), OR at a villa,cabana or simply a hotel such as Rocky's,Mary Rose or New Garden that is "chica friendly".

   Both types of lodgings differ in many ways (that's a post for another time however).

One of the main differences is that in the first category you are interacting with chicas who are screened and "somewhat" under the control, or answerable to the resort management. In the second however you are pretty much on your own. This second group is the main setup in SOSUA. As you have no doubt seen thru trip reports, there are large numbers of chicas in "The Sou". Unfortunately, along with the good is also the bad especially since the hobby is so dynamic,short term, and involving lots of cash.

  It is not unusual to have a problem of some sort, (mainly minor-i.e. agreed pricing,tipping etc). Most of these problems are dealt with easily as evidenced in published trip reports concerning communications, agreeing before heading to room on price and so on.

  However, there is an occasional problem with chicas who decide to go "shopping" at your expense in your room. Is it premeditated? Probably not, but it is more than likely a result of opportunity, similar to putting a hungry man in charge of laying out a buffet- too easy to pass up a quick snack!

So with that in mind let me provide an easy fix.

 One of the things I ensure before making reservations somewhere is that they have safes in the room for the use of the guest. Simple I know but you will be surprised at how many places do not offer this amenity. You need a place that is secure,easily accessible and convenient to you for money/passport etc.

 Along with unpacking,  I put things like wallet/passport/money and camera into the safe before I think about heading downstairs or outside and lining up that arrival "meet and greet"!
Guys- you will be amazed at how you get tunnel vision on check in, its happened to me!!! I actually ( first trip) came back to the room for a ST and found I had left my frikin wallet out! I was lucky but it scared the hell out of me!! Could have been the end of the vacation right there!

 OK! All my stuff is unpacked,clothes stowed had a quick shower ready to play.
          A. Double check no high dollar items left out such as cameras,laptop etc.
          B. in my safe I put my wallet,passport etc in the back. On the left side I put all my money wether dollars or pesos in one orderly stack. On the right I put 1600  pesos for the   
              upcoming short time festivity, and in the middle I put 2/ $100 peso notes in the event I want to tip. Now if I was to be going off property I would stick a few pesos in my front
              pocket- just enough for drinks and a bite as well my passport card for ID and the safe gets closed up. On top of the safe I place my toothbrush,toothpaste and small bottle of
                                         I DO NOT LEAVE ANY HYGIENE ITEMS  IN BATHROOM AS CHICAS WILL USE!!

         C. I put a few condoms and lube on the nightstand next to the bed. I also make sure small change is not left in an ashtray or booze is left out.
         D.  I ensure all doors are secure, especially sliding doors to balconies and windows. Its amazing to see stuff left open! Remove the temptation! 

        I want to point out, I have a couple of small TSA combination locks on my luggage ($4 at home depot). I use the luggage,locked in closet for large items such as laptop.

At this point I feel comfortable heading out and consider my room "set up". When I return with a chica, I'll grab my hygiene items and shower, and when I come out will just open the closet real quick and toss on top of safe. Afterwards, when chica is showering I will open the safe, reach in to the right and center,withdraw the money and close the safe- no muss no fuss, money is already counted and will place where she can easily see it. At no time does she get  a chance to "size up my assets", nor is anything at risk if I should have to leave the bedroom for some reason.

Finally, I want to point out that I NEVER leave a chica in my room alone. That is a risk for sure.

Hope this helps with some info, don't forget there is lots more in the trip reports-lots of experience out there!

Till next week!

Post by: C.E.O. on April 18, 2013, 01:23:51 AM
One thing i might add is thing of a good hiding place for your key to your locks because while your asleep she may snoop around so if u have a nice hidden area ahead of time there will be no issues
Post by: Sam Shade on April 18, 2013, 05:49:58 PM
Great JOBA CAZ love this area. Every newbie should read this before jumping on the board.
Post by: CAZ391 on April 24, 2013, 08:03:04 PM
Hey  Guys!

 One of the biggest challenges we have all experienced when new to having fun in the DOMREP is connectivity,wether by phone,computer or carrier pigeon.

 I thought that this week I would throw out a few of the phone options available.

Pre trip planning wise you need to ask yourself whom do you need to have comms with during your trip. Do you need to be accessible to work or family? Are you looking at being able to call chicas or fellow mongers?
  One of the fortunate options is you can pick up  "throwaway prepaid phone" very easily in the DOMREP thereby allowing you to eliminate any risk of strange numbers or chicas calling you on your normal cell number.

Here are some options to get you started,keep in mind that in depth experiences are in the boards in numerous trip reports.

1. Adding International calling to your existing cell
        For me, I have to have my normal cell while away for several reasons. To that end, (I have an iPhone), I give my provider (AT&T) a call 14 days before I leave. I set up international calling and text beginning the day before I leave and ending the day after I am scheduled to return. Last trip I used it quite a bit for both calling others in POP as well as a few calls stateside. My bill was about $80 more that month and no problems. The phone automatically switched over when I turned it on coming down the jetway.

  With AT&T it is better to set up the international calling plan than simply roaming due to surcharges from both AT&T and the in country service provider.

AT&T Rest of World Travel Minutes*,**   For making and receiving calls in the "Rest of World" Region.
Monthly Charge   Included Minutes   Per-Minute        Overage
$30                        15              ($2.00/min.)           $2.00
$60                        40              ($1.50/min.)     $2.00
$120                       100              ($1.20/min.)           $2.00

Package/Pay-Per-Use Rates   Details
Global Messaging Packages   Send text, picture or video messages while traveling in over 150 countries*
Packages:   Monthly   Message                  Allowance (Messages Sent)         Per-Message Overage
Global Messaging                50       $10              50 ($.20/msg.)                                  $0.40
Global Messaging              200    $30              200($.15/msg.)                                  $0.35
Global Messaging              600    $60              600($.10/msg.)                            $0.25
I STRONGLY reccomend, regardless of your provider,  that you do NOT simply add the service by on line means-CALL your provider if you are considering this route. You might be able to simply prorate instead of paying for full month (I do) as well as ensure no hidden charges etc.

2.Picking up a prepaid throwaway phone in the DOMREP.

    CLARO and ORANGE are the two main providers. Very easy to obtain phones that are basically prepaid and throwaway. This is a really good option to keep chica drama from intruding onto your normal cell bill or call log, and it still allows you to receive calls from home on your regular cell without a prob.
Web sites:
     http://www.claro.com.do (http://www.claro.com.do)
http://www.orange.com.do/web/guest/oc (http://www.orange.com.do/web/guest/oc)

Utilizing SKYPE.

     For those of you not familiar with this service, it is a free download to your laptop which allows you to call free. The trick is to use it in an area (such as your resort) that has free wifi connectivity. There are several trip resorts that talk at length concerning availability of wifi at BB's for instance.
        Web site:
http://www.skype.com/en/ (http://www.skype.com/en/)

4.Utilizing MAGIC JACK. CEO has used this quite a bit to great effect.

         Web site:
http://www.magicjack.com/plus-v05/index.html (http://www.magicjack.com/plus-v05/index.html)


Email. Again, you need to ensure you have connectivity in order to use, and of course you need the wifi connection.

Hope this gives you a starting point for your pre trip planning.



(PS: Dont forget GOOGLE can translate spanish web sites for free,just hit the TRANSLATE PAGE phrase!)
Post by: CAZ391 on May 02, 2013, 12:42:03 AM
Hey folks!

  Its really easy to plan for a trip down to paradise, and many of you have probably already begun planning for that moment! You have maybe reviewed trip reports for places to stay, where to eat and I'll bet you even have a "chica wish list " complete with photos!!LOL!

  Its easy and fun to plan for the good stuff, but many of us overlook planning for the bad!

 What do you do when you lose your passport or plane ticket? What if you get your wallet lifted in Sosua? What if your flight is cancelled due to a blizzard or a hurricane??

 An afternoon of preparation can change  incidents such as these from trip enders to a minor inconvenience. So with that in mind I would like to throw out a few things to consider as well as some things that I do for my piece of mind. This is by no means complete but rather just a starting point for you.

Lets start by simply listing some things that could go wrong and take it from there.

  Consider before you go, doing the following. Head to your local CVS or Walmart and get two passport photos taken. Stick them in an envelope along with a color
copy of your passports' front page and the google info for the US Consulate hours/phone number in Puerto Plata.
  I also have a passport card ( like a credit card) that I keep in my wallet. This passport card is what I use for ID when out and about. The envelope I leave in my room safe.

  If you should lose the passport, you know where to go,when they are open and you already have the photos in hand for a temporary.

  Check your airlines policy. There will usually be a customer service number as well as information on the procedure to replace a missing unused ticket. Be prepared for some fees/expense. (I usually offset this by purchasing trip insureance at time of booking). Burn a copy of the info and carry with you.

   Make copies of both front and back of the cards you will be carrying and leave at home. Make a small list of the phone numbers to call for each card to report loss. I also make a point to notify my bank's fraud dept before leaving of my travel plans. Some cards will limit or in some cases freeze the card when used suddenly in another country.

  The simple answer to this one is to just use carry on!LOL! See my previous tip concerning advantages of traveling light. In the event you do check luggage,make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry on just in case. Also review your airlines   Lost luggage page and (just like ticket info) burn a copy to take with you. Hedge your bets by checking out travel insurance, which could help defray costs in event of having to replace items. Some airlines require filling out forms at arriving airport at time of loss, others simply a phone call to start a claim.
  If you are connecting thru multiple flights this might come into-play. Might be necessary to budget in pre trip planning for a night or two in an airport hotel along with a meal or two.

   This actually happened to some of the guys at last Februarys party. Again, budgeting for the emergency and staying in touch with your airline can ease this problem considerably. Also keep an eye on the weather, especially during hurricane season. This is yet another reason to consider a strong travel insurance policy. Sure you may never need and may cost some bucks, but worth its weight in gold in instances such as this.

   Make sure you have copies of your prescriptions for traveling. Bring your insurance cards- check with your plan for options (if any) when traveling internationally. This is where travel insurance is REALLY a plus. Some plans will repatriate you back home to a local hospital in the event of a serious incident.

Hope this is helpful, again just a starting point.
Good Luck!!
Post by: CAZ391 on May 08, 2013, 06:17:01 PM
Hey Guys!

 Hope this finds one and all doing well! Thought I would throw out a quick checklist for preparing for a trip. This list is by no means complete!  Tailor it to your needs and preferences and you should enjoy a trouble free trip! You can also print out several copies and "what if" using various hotels or length of stays etc for planning affordability. Additionally for some great posts about checklists,use the search function and check out the archives. Have fun!

   Dates of tavel__________
       Class ______________
       Cost. ______________
       Reservation locator number___________
       Passport current________
       Copy of passport front page on hand_____
       Travel insurance policy number_______________
                                     Contact number_____________
                                      Copy of policy on hand_______
                                                                                 TOTAL  AMOUNT_________
   Reservation made______
   Reservation deposit amount/made_________________
   Amount due on check in__________
                                                                                  TOTAL AMOUNT_________

   Number of meals
        Travel food_______
        Misc snacks______
                                                                                  TOTAL AMOUNT_________

   Number of days______
   Travel clothes_____________________________
    Day 1
    Day 2
Day 3

Day 4
Shower shoes_____

   POP pickup______
   POP dropoff______
   Taxi/car while on site___________
   Chica moto money_____________
                                                                                              TOTAL AMOUNT ________                                                                                     
                                                                                              TOTAL AMOUNT_________
                                                                                               TOTAL AMOUNT________
                                                                                               TOTAL AMOUNT________
    Airport food_________
    Duty free___________
    DOMREP Customs_________
    Airline club fee_______
                                                                                                TOTAL AMOUNT________

    Short time___________
      IFTC event costs________
                                                                                        TOTAL AMOUNT__________
  Hygiene items
  Condoms_________   **Dont forget Undercover Condoms banner on site, awesome service,great choice and fantastic prices. See comments by IFTC Members!**
  Camera with charger_______
  Spare memory stick for camera______
  Cell with charger________
  Mp3 player_________
Post by: CAZ391 on June 12, 2013, 01:06:23 PM
Hey Guys!

  Lets talk briefly about the airlines!!

I know, I know, love or hate ,em either way they have us by the shorthairs when it comes to getting to our happy place!!LOL!

I usually book about 4 months out. At this point the prices are usually pretty good. but there is a problem you have to be aware of and that is the dreaded SCHEDULE/EQUIPMENT CHANGE.

To give you an example. For a recent trip  I booked AMERICAN AIRLINES for a portion of my travel.

      AA DPT Atlanta 0835 ARR Miami 1040  seat 1A
      AA DPT Miami  1150  ARR Puerto Plata 1350 Seat 1A

      AA DPT Puerto Plata 1455  ARR Miami 1715  seat 3F
      AA DPT Miami 1940  ARR Atlanta 2135 seat 3F

Now here is where it gets goofy. I recieved an email notification from American about 2 1/2 weeks after ticket purchase announcing a skid/equipment change and I now am holding tickets for :

      AA DPT Atlanta 0655  ARR Miami 0845  seat 3A
      AA DPT Miami  1150  ARR Puerto Plata 1345 Seat 1A

      AA DPT Puerto Plata 1455  ARR Miami 1705  seat 1A
      AA DPT Miami 2230  ARR Atlanta 0005 seat 3F

Note the following:
    1. Change to EARLIER departure (this impacted my connection to point I cant connect)
    2. Arbitrary seat assignment (Row 1 became row 3 on this aircraft)
    3. Incurring 5 hour layover in Miami on return plus an arrival time after midnight in Atlanta (again prohibiting booked connecting flight)

When you recieve the email notification,you HAVE to review LINE BY LINE!! Once you notice a problem call the airline. Since the change is due to them,they will fix seat assignments,resked to another flight or refund without penalty however it all has to be done on the one phone call (as in the case of seat assignments and resked of legs).
 Make it a point to check your reservation every 7-10 days until the 2 week mark and then every other day. I have had a second change occur in which for some reason I did not recieve an email notification (last Feb party). Good Idea when 30 days out to also sign up for text notification for a particular flight as well.

Hope this helps!

Post by: CAZ391 on April 21, 2014, 08:39:07 PM

 If staying at FOD, strongly suggest a brief detour to LA SIRENA on the Malecon in Puerto Plata when arriving. Very similar to a Super Walmart store stateside. Has a place to exchange dollars (Western Union), a pharmacy, as well as an Orange outlet where you can pick up service/sim cards or time for your cellphone.

 This trip I also picked up a 12 of Presidente,bottle of Brugal rum (359 P), 2 two liter bottles of soda,sunscreen and snacks for the room. was great to have on hand! only took a few mins and was on my way to the resort with all "chores" handled.

 In my case I was using Miguel as a driver and only took about 30 extra mins.

Just one of those little things that makes the trip even better!!