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Post by: theoneandonlytonyfly on May 18, 2013, 03:43:52 PM
I have been thinking and planning my first trip to Sosua for a better part of a year.   In my planning I have read literally every post and archived post on ISOC, ISOG, DR1,FTC and of course CUBADAVE.  Out of all the boards I decided I  would make IFTC my home in sharing my planning and vacation reports reason being on this site members gave you advice but did not put you down if you disagreed with them.   I am a meticulous planner by nature so this report will be a perfect guide to first timers. 

I am flying out of Montreal Canada on May 22nd and chose Sunwing Airlines.   The roundtrip ticket cost me a total of $665.00 which included travellers insurance and an upgrade to ELITE class.  If I did not buy travellers insurance and upgrade my ticket would have been $495.00  I felt that insurance was important as if my bag was lost or delayed I would have been compensated.  God forbid if I had a medical emergency that would be covered.  Regular seats in Sunwing are only 29 inches.  With ELITE PLUS the seats are 35 inches.  I booked my seat in advance  in ROW 16F which is the emergency exit row and my seats would be a whopping 40 inches!  Also with the ELITE program I benefit from Increased baggage allowance to 30kg,  Priority Check in and Priority Boarding.  My comfort is very important to me!  Plus I get a $50 voucher on my next trip so I felt the expense was well worth the benefits.   

I also spent an extra $25 dollars for my arrival at POP airport with COCO TOURS to get some VIP TREATMENT on arrival.  According to their website the $25 will get me.

   •   being met off the plane by uniformed lounge staff
   •   personal service in the lounge (they'll even help you fill out your landing-cards and customs declaration      forms
   •   assistance through immigration and customs
   •   your luggage will be collected off the belt for you, and carried/wheeled to your waiting Cocotours (or other) vehicle. If you have not booked your transportation with Cocotours, there are taxis available
   •   light snacks (potato chips and small canapés) in the lounge
   •   a wide selection of local and imported beverages and alcoholic drinks in the lounge
   •   wifi in the VIP lounge
   •   satellite television (if working)

I said why not as my comfort is very important to me and why not spoil myself.  I will let you guys know in my day 1 report if the $25 was worth it once I arrive and experience the VIP TREATMENT.  You will see that my comfort will be a reoccurring theme in all my days in Sosua.

After reading thousands of post I compiled a list of things I would or might need to keep my comfort level at maximum.  Hopefully this list will assist others in planning their trip.

   •   Pepito bosom  (start talking this 2 days before my trip to coat my stomach as I will be drinking like a fish
   •   Imodium (in case I eat some crap food)
   •   benadryl (good for allergies)
   •   mucinex pills
   •   tylenol (to take in the morning after my binge drinking
   •   bug spray
   •   sun screen
   •   mosquito bite cream
   •   ear plugs
   •   pill cutter (to cut V pills in half)
   •   anti bacterial soap the one where no water is needed
   •   can of Lysol spray (I spray the door handles, bathroom, air conditioning intake and outlet openings
   •   q-tips
   •   razor
   •   shaving cream
   •   wash towels (some hotels don't provide them)
   •   toothbrush
   •   toothpaste
   •   body wash
   •   shampoo
   •   massage oil
   •   sunglasses
   •   camera

After reading all the posts about pick pockets I became paranoid.  To minimize the risk I purchased 2 products on eBay.
1. PACSAFE COVERSAFE 125 ANTI THEFT SECRET TRAVEL BELT WALLET which cost me $24.77 plus shipping
2. PACSAFE CASHSAFE ANTI THEFT MONEY BELT which cost me $19.77 plus shipping
I will use the money belt to hide my safe key so it is impossible for me to lose while out hunting.
I have attached pictures for you all to see. 

My hotel I chose for my week stay is Terra Linda.  Please do not book this hotel thru Expedia or other similar site or you will pay more.  Email the hotel directly.  Person to address is Willy Padilla.  The rate I got was $49 a night no breakfast for a queen size bed.  Reason I chose this hotel as it is one of the newer ones and it has huge pool which I plan to swim laps every morning if I am not too hungover.  Chica friendly but they allow only 1 at a time and cedula is required.  Contact info for Terra Linda is 809-571-2220.   After you book they will give you a 4 digit reservation number.  Ask them to confirm your dates and rate by sending you an email.  Print out and bring this email at time of check in so there are no misunderstandings. 

I would like to thank C.E.O. for welcoming me in the community and my trip reports will be precise, thorough and very visual.  If any members will be in Sosua from May 22nd to May 29 feel free to message me!!!  To be continued….
Post by: C.E.O. on May 18, 2013, 07:41:29 PM
Holy shit what a GREAT start and what a way to jump right in,  The only suggestion i have is i hope ur bringing all those items on check on because they will take them and bug spray is not a good idea to bring on a hot plane and may explode not good.

I will say u can find a lot of those items down there as well without having to worry about lugging them around and stuff.

Now u say u like luxury,  So do i but its hard to find that in the DR but from what i have heard Terra Linda is a very nice hotel and does provide luxury.

One last thing is try not to over plan because then it doesn't become fun.  Once u land all ur plans will be out the window lol and that is the truth.

I love the belt and wallet things that maybe something i have to get especially to hide a key so a chica cant find it.

Well done on ur 1st post and like i mentioned ur going to be a perfect fit with our fellow mongers here and ur now part of a elite family
Post by: Pentire on May 19, 2013, 06:40:10 PM
I'm hanging on every word you write Tony.
My maiden adventure to Sosua begins a few days after yours concludes and although I'm no stranger to mongering holidays, it shall be very interesting to see how you get on.
Good luck man and thank you for the time and effort involved.
Post by: theoneandonlytonyfly on May 21, 2013, 10:16:42 PM
Went shopping today bought some nice gear to look, fresh, dressed like a million bucks.  Bought me a fedora hat!  Bags are packed, already called to reserve a taxi to pick me up at 6:00 a.m.  Leaving tomorrow for the man's paradise and the feeling I have in my stomach is indescribable.  ;D I can't believe this is actually coming to fruition.   Majority of the members of this board are experienced mongers so you guys probably forget that first time feeling and this is my first escapade ever.   I guess you can say I will pop my cherry in So-Town.   

After doing all my research and reading all the posts at one time I was like "Nah, I ain't going"  On the other boards I was reading before I found IFTC all these veteran mongers are talking like Sosua is at the end of it's civilization.  They always be talking about the good old days and calling the place SOSEWER, BROSEWER, etc….   At one point I was like f@#k it,  I'll do my first trip to the Phillipines.  But I have to be honest with my new IFTC brothers.  I have a weakness for chocolate.  Round and brown.  ((( (__|__) )))    :-*     

C.E.O. replied to my first post and told me  "try not to over plan because it doesn't become fun"   >:(  Well guys I have something to tell you.  I am literally counting the hours down till my boots are on the ground in SO-TOWN.  So I went against C.E.O.'s advice and did some massive over planning.  I went on the Passions website and was looking at all tasty treats in the gallery section.  I spotted this one sugar dumpling that I was really feeling and I said to myself I'm going to sample this chocolate on my first day.   :fuckbanana:  I decided I wanted her for $5000 DP.  So that means she is mines from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.  The things I could do in all that time….  Now before you guys start sending me replies like "Tony… are  you mad… you can get cheaper on the strip!!!"   Let me explain myself to my fellow board members.   6:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. is 16 hours.  5000 pesos divided by 16 hours is 312 pesos an hour.  That is $7.80 U.S. an hour!!!!  I pay my gardener more than that to mow my lawn.  So in my head that is an amazing deal to clean my pipes.  So back to my plan of action to over plan as C.E.O. will probably tell me.  On Passions website on the guest photo's page there is an email address so guests can send pictures they took of the girls.  Supertaifun at hotmail dot com.  So as I am anxious and antsy about my trip I send an email and attach the picture of the girl I want to reserve and write "I would like to reserve this girl for May 22nd from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 am.  Thanks so much."  Bloody hell… today I get an email back  saying   "Dear Sirs, would you like to wire the US$ 1000,-  to Western Union or directly to my bank account?"  I'm like bloody hell!!! So I write back $1000 how about I send you $3000?  I haven't received any reply after that.  Now I have never been to Passions or met Peter but I am pretty sure after reading all the posts about him and his club that he is not behind this email.  I am wondering when go there if I should bring it up.   He seems to take his business pretty seriously and I don't think he would be pleased with as CUBA DAVE would say… the RFM.  (request for money)  I wanted to share this story with my fellow board members as I thought it was quite amusing and to inform you of the situation.  I hope no one would fall for this scam.   Also I have attached a picture of the girl in question that I wanted to reserve so you guys can first hand see why I wanted to reserver her. 

Well I was told I cannot access this site from SO-TOWN so this will be my last post until I get back.  I wish all my brothers peace and love.  Thanks for reading!
Post by: theoneandonlytonyfly on May 21, 2013, 10:19:33 PM
Oh yeah I forgot to attach the pic of the girl in question I wanted to reserve. 
Post by: C.E.O. on May 21, 2013, 10:26:17 PM
Have a great time and when u walk into passions u will most likelly want to take ur bed and move onto the dance floor.  But keep in mind as you stated passions is great but the strip is better and cheaper and the ratio is like 100 girls to every guy lol

Have a great time!!!  - Spread the word of the site to all the mongers down there   ;D
Post by: Pentire on May 28, 2013, 03:46:30 AM
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Oh yeah I forgot to attach the pic of the girl in question I wanted to reserve.

Yes I can thoroughly relate to why you made a reservation.......may I enquire as to whether the anticipation was bettered by reality ?