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Title: Fast Pass - How to get it and what is it
Post by: C.E.O. on November 12, 2019, 04:21:17 PM
Good Evening my fellow mongers

This site is designed to help you on your journey to have fun throughout the world. We are known as the friendly site because we are not like any other board out there. Most boards are nasty and rude when you ask a question that may have been asked once before. At IFTC no matter how many times the same question is asked we are more than happy to answer it. Right now since you’re fairly new to the site you can only see a limited amount of material. This site contains a lot more material and features that can assist you in valuable information for your trip, information that at this current moment is not available to you based on your current account status. Once you become an active member by joining in on the fun of posting we will open the site up to you with all the other features. However let’s say that you are too busy to post regularly but you still want to gain access to the other areas on the board. We have a feature that will allow you access all the areas that regular members have access to with the benefit of not having to wait for an account upgrade and it’s called FAST PASS

What is "Fast Pass"? It's a way that you can obtain all the access that our regular members have.  We do have several packages available, We even have a LifeTime membership that will give you 100% access to everything on the site for as long as you live and never have to pay again.  Send me a pm for more information

For more information send me a Private message or reach out to one of our Moderators and we will be sure to get it hooked up for you