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  • November 24, 2020, 03:42:55 AM
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 on: November 11, 2020, 05:01:29 AM 
Started by Mongoslade - Last post by Mongoslade
Vets I recognized - Valeria, Endy, China, Naomi, Michelle, Flo. Their is another old Vet that had gone for a while and has return but I cannot remember her name. I was told that Ana was still their but I did not see her while I was there.

 on: November 10, 2020, 05:47:20 PM 
Started by Mongoslade - Last post by Jethro Gibbs
Good to see things are getting back to the "New Normal"!

 on: November 10, 2020, 05:08:44 PM 
Started by Mongoslade - Last post by huskerdude
Thanks for your report. What vets did you notice?

 on: November 10, 2020, 07:49:04 AM 
Started by Mongoslade - Last post by Mongoslade
I took a trip to DR from Oct. 25th to Nov. 7. I wanted to move around the Island a bit so I spent most of my time in Samana and
Cabarete. The remainder of my trip was spent in Costambar. I booked 2 days at the Costambar apartments and tried to make reservations for my last three days at blackbeards. To my surprise they were completely booked. Although I did not stay there,
I visited the place daily for lunch an occasional breakfast and nightly drinks at the bar. I recognized maybe 6 remaining Vets.
All the other girls were new and very young. I was informed that many of the girls fall within the 18 to 19 range. what I did notice
was that their was a little more of a variety. I saw some very thick girls in the mix. I don"t mean fat. That is not the norm at BB.
I did not see anyone wearing their mask consistently but the staff working the bar and waiting on tables. The girls almost never
have them on so you can still see their faces. The crows nest is on lock down. No activities are held there. Everything is downstairs
and around the pool area. When I was there, I saw guys using the pool table again but not playing against the girls like in the past.
from what I can see, BB is on a come back and is doing ok during this pandemic. For those out there who are unsure about
visiting at this time, I would say come on down. It is functioning well enough to still have a good time.

 on: November 08, 2020, 12:01:05 PM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Well, I find that I am unable to publish any photos - sorry Fellow Mongers. I keep getting a message that Adobe Flash Player will not be supported after December, 2020, and it appears that they may have taken it down a bit early. Which means that anyone wanting to post photos on this website are (as we used to say) "screwed, blued, and tattooed".

I will attach this one more installment, and then (if I am able to get my computer to somehow magically download a non-supported, non-available program) I will try to figure out how to get Adobe Flash Player one more time and post some last tantalizing photos of Southeast Asian Hotties from this trip. Meanwhile, one more installment on this Thread of Distinction:

FL DAY 7 - Going Home


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Sorry for the brief respite, but I took a short, quick-trip to Dominican Republic for a few days !!  More on that below.

My night with Lady Vie was great !! After our sex (or her blowjob for me -- I guess that one of our past Presidents would define that as "not sex' - "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lady Vie ..." - but she did give me an incredible blow job with a cum inside her mouth and a little cum dribbling down her chin - but no blue dress on ...), we both slept. I had a flight the next morning from Manila to Hong Kong to Dallas-Forth Worth.  After several hours of sleep, I woke up, and Lady Vie was sleeping soundly.  Hmmm ... should I ... or shouldn't I???  Oh, what the Hell. One more good shag would be good for me. She was soundly sleeping, and I began to kiss her neck. Not a move. And then I played with her big, firm breasts and that nice pussy. And she awoke a little, rolled over to me, and I reached for the lubricant. I put a very small amount on the now erect Boss, and then licked her pussy for a few seconds (lots of saliva on it). I brought the head of The Boss to her pussy lips, rubbed him on her pussy, and slowly entered her. She moaned slightly, and adjusted herself (and brought her legs up and bent her knees). I pushed The Boss all the way inside, and she felt soooooo HOT (very, very HOT - probably from being in a warm bed with her legs firmly closed - her pussy was literally hot).  I knew that it would not take long, and it did not. I came several large waves of cum inside her little spice box. As I pulled out, I could see a little bit of gooey creampie. I kissed her gently, and she rolled over, and I showered, finished packing, and kissed her as I left (she was asleep in the bed there at the Marriott Manila).  The hotel van took me to the entrance to the walkover to Terminal 3 (it is a 2-minute ride, but it was dark and they wanted to drive me). My flights from MNL to HKG (on Cathay Pacific) and HKG to DFW (on American) were all on time and uneventful. My flight from MNL to HKG on Cathay Pacific is always Business Class (the flight time is about 2 hours), and from HKG to DFW is always First Class (it is about a 15 hour flight coming home, and a 16 hour flight going over because the plane battles headwinds).

 So Fellow Mongers, this was my longest trip to Southeast Asia ever (by a day or two).

I had enjoyed my first more than 2 weeks in Cebu in my condo. My little sweetheart college student Carolyn had met me at the Cebu Mactan International Airport (photo, when I can get the damned Adobe Flash Player to work, if I can get it to work ...). We enjoyed 10 blissful nights together. We had shopped together, swam together, dined out together, hosted her sister (and her sister's boyfriend) for dinner and for New Years Eve (and attended a great New Year's Eve party at the condo that was hosted by one of the couples there - an older Japanese couple, and one of the gentlemen there - an Australian chap), traveled in a day trip to Toledo City and stopped to see her family near Cebu City, taken a day trip to Bohol, and simply enjoyed the gift of time together. We had some very, very hot sex !!  She had given me countless blowjobs, and anal sex three times.  You know, it doesn't get much better than that !! What an absolute sweetheart. An intelligent, young (20), beautiful, sexy and sexual, and nice lady !! No kids, tight body, beautiful face and eyes and skin, just about perfect all the way around !! And after Carolyn, I enjoyed 3 nights with another college student: Angel. What a hot hot hot and sexy young woman. Our relationship is newer, but off to a GREAT start.  And lastly, two nights with Irene - who I met quite accidentally at the grocery store on my September, 2017 trip. Another beautiful, sweet, kind, sexy, hot young woman. I am not sure how long she will be on "the free market". But I am enjoying time with her while she is available. I will attach one photo of each below (you have already seen these photos - they are just reminders).  Oh, in the photo with Irene, those are not her children (she does not have any babies - they are her nieces).

And then over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 3 nights. I was supposed to be there for 5 nights, but my friend who was going to show me around came down with the flu, so I reduced it to 3 nights (in case I didn't like it or feel comfortable there). Well, I should have stayed all 5 nights !!  I had a great time there !! Lots and lots of bars (I only went to Streets 130 and 136 -- saw just a small part of what was available). Lots of beautiful Khmer, Laotian, Vietnamese, and other girls. I really enjoyed my time there !! I stayed at the Hotel Bougainvillier there -- I would recommend it for anyone going to PP. And after PP, I went for 2 nights to Bangkok and Pattaya, and stayed in the Sukhumvit/Nana area at the Majestic Suites hotel (been there many times) my first night and Sunshine Hotel (on Soi 5 in Pattaya) my second night. I enjoyed two nights of girls from Nana Plaza (Bangkok) and Walking Street (Pattaya). My second night was kind of uncharacteristic for me: (1) I had two girls (usually these days, I keep it to one girl) and (2) one had quite a few piercings and tattoos (not at all like me to take someone like her ...).  That second night was purely HOT HOT HOT sex as one girl guided The Boss into the other girl's ass. Smoking HOT !!

And lastly, I went to Angeles City. My plan was 100% Freelancers !!  Now, I was not able to be 100% FLs (one flaked out on me, so I went to the bar of a long-time friend, Rose, and took her out for the night). And I did spend my last night with one of my college students (or ex-college students, Lady Vie - one last photo of her below).  But I had many, many FLs, and you know what Mongers: I recommend that you give it a try sometime !!

So Fellow Mongers, it was one incredible trip. My best so far.  And I will go back to Philippines (to AC) in April (another Monger on this Forum will be there, too -- he and I will stay at ABC Hotel and enjoy some time meeting beautiful Filipinas ....). And then I go back in May again (both AC and Cebu).

Thanks for your comments on this thread. And in a moment, an update on my quick trip (her in mid-March) to Dominican Republic ...

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


Oh, and some photos when I can get the Adobe Flash Player to work. So hang on - one more installment to come.


 on: November 06, 2020, 02:15:51 PM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Well, some Mongers are beginning to "stir about", with a few intrepid Mongers heading down to DR or to Colombia. I went in August, and enjoyed my time there. But, the virus has come "roaring back" in the U.S. and in Europe, and I hear that DR may be starting to lock some things down again. Sigh. Seems like no way to win. And for me, a trip to Philippines is still not possible: they still have their borders closed to anyone with a foreign passport (and even returning Filipinos musts quarantine for 2 weeks).

So let's continue the last bits of this Thread of Distinction !!

FL DAY 6 - Part 3


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

After some HOT sex with Lady Vie (what one gets from an 22-year old, with no baby, who near as I can tell is celibate in between my visits with her), and resting, we both showered and dressed up just a bit. And we went downstairs (we were staying at the Marriott Hotel in Manila, which is very close to Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport - NAIA - in Manila) for dinner. Because I am Platinum Elite with Marriott, I always stay in the West Tower there at their hotel, and get upgraded to the Concierge Floor. We had a nice golf course view, and a suite ... Very nice !!

We went to one of the restaurants there in the hotel. We both wanted some fish, or shrimp, and so we selected some of each and split the items. I think that we were both hungry (and I realized that I had not had lunch). We enjoyed a glass of red wine each (Lady Vie now will drink a little with me), and talked for about 2 hours. Very nice evening with her. And we walked around the hotel a bit, and went outside, and walked part way over toward the airport (there is a walkway from the Marriott to Terminal 3 of NAIA - the "Skybridge" crosses over a very busy highway and ends directly inside Terminal 3 at NAIA). And we came back, went up to our room, and I suggested that because I have an early flight that we shower. Lady Vie joined me in the shower (hmmmm .... she usually does not do that), and washed me. And she washed The Boss extra well, and massaged him with her soapy hand until he was hard and erect. Wow. She never does this. I told her how much I like a blowjob in the shower, so she went down on me, and started a very nice blowjob.  I played with those large, firm breasts as she was sucking and deep throating me (God, she is so good at this ...), and then said "Lady Vie I wanna cum in your mouth, you swallow for me?". She stopped for a second, took me out of her mouth, continued to massage and gently pull on The Boss, and then put me back in her mouth. I asked her to play with The Boys, and then I informed her "baby I'm gonna cum inside your mouth". And I gave her a BIG load of warm gooey man milk freshly prepared by The Boys. She coughed twice, but never took me out of her mouth. I could see some cum running down her chin !!  So hot. And then she stood up, rinsed her mouth with shower water (but did not spit), and I turned the water off. WOW !!  Very different for her !!  In bed -- no problem, she gives me a GREAT BJ. But here in the shower? Never. Hmmm ...

We both put on robes, and I climbed into the bed, and she hugged me as she climbed into bed, too.  We talked for a bit, and I sensed that she is now beginning to think of her future with me.  She asked several questions about me wanting any more children, and would I ever marry a Filipina and bring her to America. I honestly answered that I really love children, and yes, I can make babies, and someday it would be nice to have a Filipina wife. But I tried to not encourage her. I guess that now that she has reached another milestone in her life, she is beginning to look ahead.

I reached down and touched her little pussy (nicely shaved smooth), and she was wet !! Very very wet. And I asked her "are you horny", and she said "es", and she climbed onto me. We kissed for a few moments, and she moved herself to where The Boss was touching her little slit. And she leaned back a little bit, and then slowly inserted The Boss into her wet and very, very warm little Filipina meat gash. Her vagina is always SOOOOOO tight !! And she began to slowly, and then more rapidly, pump herself up and down on The Boss as he fully impaled her. And I could feel her rubbing her clitoris against me, and in a few minutes she began to cum, and cum, and cum. And then she collapsed on me. I had not cum (and was not sure after our afternoon fuckfest and her just completed blowjob in the shower that I could cum again even if we took more time).

As she laid there, I slowly withdrew The Boss, and we hugged as we laid in bed, naked together.

We fell asleep, and slept for a relatively short time of a few hours. I needed to get up to catch my flight back to DFW (via Hong Kong).

So Mongers, tomorrow would be my travel back home. What an incredible incredible trip it had been.

My next message will summarize some of my highlights, some of my learnings, some of my really nice experiences that were unexpected, and what is coming up ahead. There may be a delay of a few days in posting as I "drop offline" for a few days (have a brief Mongering trip down to Dominican Republic for a few days beginning today), so if you don't hear from me for a few days, I have just gone temporarily offline. But I will be back !!  With some final photos, and tips/tricks.

Meanwhile, Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


 on: November 05, 2020, 07:57:51 PM 
Started by huskerdude - Last post by huskerdude
PCR Covid test no longer required to Colombia if arriving by airplane.

 on: November 03, 2020, 06:01:35 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
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Your TR’s, and  particularly your affinity for ‘rear end collisions’, pushed me to ‘probe’ this topic during my most recent DR trip.  I also took along an anal vibrator  :motion:

Three of the chicas I was with received some deep exploration with my finger!  One of them got vibe treatment as well!  All three seemed to enjoy it and want repeat visits!

Honestly, anal was not in my repertoire but it will become so now as a new way to spice up chica time!

Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Sir Jethro Gibbs !!

Thanks for your message, and I am happy that you have added something useful to your repertoire !! It sounds like enjoying one of their most private parts with your finger or the anal vibrator provided both you and them with a positive experience !! I am happy for you, Sir.

I find that many girls have exactly ZERO interest in anything anal: whether licking, or touching, or gently massaging around their little asshole with my finger, or inserting my finger, or anything else. But there are a few who are more sexually willing, and who allow me to touch, to play, to use my finger, or even to insert The Boss.

I find that cleanliness is VERY important. So when I go to Philippines, I always have (1) a pretty good idea of which girl will be willing, and (2) a Fleet Enema (I buy the generic Walmart brand of Phosphate Sodium Enema for about $1 each) for each encounter. I will gently give the girl the enema, and then suggest that we brush teeth. Usually sometime during brushing her teeth, she is overcome by the urge to empty her bowels. Sometimes it will require two or three trips to the bathroom (or to the CR as they call it in Philippines). And after she is finished with that, then we will shower, and play in the shower, including anal play.

By the time that we get to bed, she is clean, horny, and very much aware of the impending perforation of her anal opening by a very hard and big Boss. And, of course, lubrication is ESSENTIAL in the process. And patience is a good virtue for the man, too.

Mostly, these experiences have ended well. And mostly, the girls say that they will give me their asses again.

Thanks, again, Sir Jethro Gibb for your message. And I look forward to your TR and photos from your very recent trip to DR.

Be safe and stay healthy, Sir !! And soon, on with the next installment of this Thread of Distinction.


 on: November 02, 2020, 09:01:25 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this Thread !! So let us not dilly dally too much. As they say, "the show must go on". So here we go !!

FL DAY 6 - Parts 1 and 2


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Well, Lenie is always simply a real treat to be with. I think that when God made her, he  took the bottle of sweetness and just kept pouring until it overflowed. She is so kind, so sweet, so good-hearted. And, she is highly sexual, and does anything and everything that I want with her. How she is able to take the fully erect and hard Boss deep inside her ass, I will never know. But she does moan deeply and loudly as I fuck her little pooper. And she loves receiving pleasure. I have learned to provide maximal pleasure for her first, by oiling my fingers and rubbing her nipples and clitoris (simultaneously) until she cums, over and over and over. And then she is thoroughly spent, and I may have my way with her. Positioning her exactly the way that I want, to maximize my own pleasure, and depth of my penetration. She also gives a pretty damned good blowjob, too !! This I had to teach her. She used to lick and play, and suck. And then start all over. But as I was getting closer and closer, she would start over. So I taught her to "read my heat", and as I was getting closer to cumming to then keep The Boss in her mouth, gently pumping her hand up and down the shaft as she sucked and licked with The Boss fully in her mouth. And she has learned to deep throat at the end, so that the man milk that The Boys have labored to produce is delivered to the back of her mouth, or even splashed onto her uvula, and promptly goes down the back of her throat. What a real pleasure sex is with Lenie !!

This was now my last morning in AC, and really my last morning in Phils. So I drank a cup of coffee, and put on my running shoes and went out for a good run (probably ran about 4 miles). And when I came back, I ordered some juice, sliced mango plate, and breads from Room Service, and began to clean up. Lenie was still sleeping soundly. I ate some of the mango and breads, and cleaned up. I showered, and then woke up Lenie. She smiled, and hugged me, and got up to clean up. And she came back to bed, and I promptly delivered one more "Class A Fucking" to her, penetrating her little Filipina pussy fully and deeply, and flooding her tiny little vagina with one last load of warm man milk for the day ahead !! And we sat and talked, and decided to go downstairs at ABC for breakfast.

Later, we came back up and packed up, and sat out front of our room and I read the newspapers as she worked on her phone. Real peace and happiness. At about 11:00 am, we checked out of ABC, and the driver took us to Manila. The official reason was "I drop off the lady first, Sir, and then drop you off at the airport". Of course, the Driver (who is a dear friend) and I had already worked out in advance that he was going to actually take me to the Marriott Manila (by the airport).  Lenie and I sat together in the back seat of the car and talked, and she eventually fell asleep and rested her head on my shoulder. What a true little Sweetheart !!

We dropped Lenie off (she takes a taxi to where she lives) and I had put some money into her purse for her. And then the driver took me to the Manila Marriott. And there, waiting in the Lobby for me, was my little Leyte Lady -- the college student who I had helped with her 4 years of college. She still comes to see me (NICE !!). She is a bit of a dichotomous dilemma: she is deeply religious now. Very proper. Would never be promiscuous. And yet, with me, she is a total total whore in my bed. Does sex anytime, anywhere, as many times as I want with me. Guessing that she considers me to be her boyfriend, or something similar? As a reminder, I first met Lady Vie when she was 18 (first photo) below and she worked for about 3 weeks in a bar (called Candy Bar) up on Perimeter Road in Angeles City. She only lasted there about 3 weeks, and then went back home to Leyte. I was, apparently, her first barfine. I barfined her and one other girl (see second photo below). The other girl was more experienced, and gave me a full blowjob, to completion, with a CIM. When this happened, Lady Vie (who was watching) had the biggest eyes (I don't think that she had ever seen a man cum in a lady's mouth).

She is always loves pandas, so when we got to our room (upgraded golf-course view suite, with a large living room and large bedroom that overlooks the golf course), I gave her a gift box that contained a panda tee-shirt, panda sheets and pillowcase for her bed, and panda helmet (she now has a motorbike).  She was in heaven !!  A photo of her in the panda shirt is below. And my reward was a very big hug, and my hands exploring her body. As we kissed and hug, my hands were all over her ass, her breasts, and her pussy, and I eventually held both sides of her head so that we could kiss deeply. Meanwhile, her hands unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, and she pushed my pants down around my knees. She slid her hand into my shorts, and began to massage The Boss. Oh yes, it would be a HOT afternoon.  We showered, and then in bed we kissed, and I tasted all of her sexy sexy body. She is 22, has no children, and has these big firm rock-hard breasts with small nipples, no stretch marks, a flat tummy, and a delicious shaved pussy. We spent the afternoon sucking (each of us tasting the other, but I did not cum inside her mouth) and fucking. I came twice inside her, and she came multiple times. We rested, too. Finally, at about 6:30 pm, we both got up, cleaned up, dressed, and went downstairs for dinner.

What a nice day, Mongers: finishing up with Lenie, and my last night in Philippines with Lady Vie (one of my two college student successes !!).

Please see photos of Lady Vie. And she is NOT a FL, or anything. Just a young woman who is very classy, and very HOT.


Looks: a 9

Blowjob: Always an 8 or 9

Boom Boom: 9.5

Repeat: YES YES YES (and always do)

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


Photos below ...

 on: November 02, 2020, 07:49:35 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by Jethro Gibbs
Your TR’s, and  particularly your affinity for ‘rear end collisions’, pushed me to ‘probe’ this topic during my most recent DR trip.  I also took along an anal vibrator  :motion:

Three of the chicas I was with received some deep exploration with my finger!  One of them got vibe treatment as well!  All three seemed to enjoy it and want repeat visits!

Honestly, anal was not in my repertoire but it will become so now as a new way to spice up chica time!

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