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  • November 24, 2020, 03:48:44 AM
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 on: November 01, 2020, 11:03:45 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

We are coming closer and closer to the end of this "Thread of Distinction". As a reminder, it was first told on a Forum called "Philippine-Addicts". I believe that a few of you Mongers may also be members there. In order to become an Advanced Member there (where you can read most of the Threads written), you must complete a number of posts that are judged by the Moderators/Administrators to be meaningful and impactful (not just simple "thanks" and "like your story" and etc.).

This Thread covered the period of time from December 27, 2017 (I left home on Christmas Day in the afternoon, and flew from Dallas-Fort Worth to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Philippines, and ended up in Cebu, Philippines where I owned a condo). I stayed for 15 days in Cebu, and enjoyed time with my Cebu Sweetie, Miss Carolyn (10 nights), with a college student named Angel (3 nights), and with a lady who always has a big smile, Irene. NONE of these are P4P girls (never worked in a bar, never Freelanced, etc.). And from there I went on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 3 nights and then Thaliand (Bangkok and Pattaya) for 2 nights. And lastly on to Angeles City, Philippines for my last 6 days, and all of my time was with Freelancers. So I had a "varied diet" of non-P4P  normal, sweet girls, and then bargirls, and lastly Freelancers.

Before I go n writing, I thought that I would just copy a FEW (there were MANY) comments from Fellow Mongers on the Philippine-Addicts Forum. Some of these Mongers are very established wordly Mongers, others are newer in the Mongering process. Anyway, here are just a few of the many:

From a Monger named Albarb (I have grown to know him well - he lived in Vietnam for a period of time, and also in Thailand - he now has a long-time Filipina girlfriend):

WOW MarsMan, Your daily dose of exciting PI cavorting will be greatly missed - once your Trip is over....... However, there is still time for a few more Installments!!!

From a Monger named Pinagpala Kano (he is a Hawaiian man who goes often to Southeast Asia):

Great TR MM...what a great ride & thanks for letting us tag along.

Congrats on the well deserved Tread of Distinction.

From a Monger named LSP (it used to be Lone Star Proud, but he shortened it to LSP):

Marsman - what a great TR. After this TR, I have been involuntarily smiling if they say 'Boss' or 'Boys'. Your girls in Cebu are top class and so are a few FL in AC.

Tip my hat for you, my fellow Texan.

From a Monger named Binro (he is an Australian Monger):

Got to say a big 'thank you' MarsMan for an exceptonal thread. A really entertaining read, can't work out how you manage to juggle so many 'nubiles' without disaster LOL.I would be so exhausted after the second 'tryst' I'd be bound to make a huge mistake with the diary!

And one more From a Monger named Tantalizeme (he is a LEGEND of the Forum for his famed "backwoods Mongering" out in parts of Philippines where few westerners go, and where the girls are truly non-P4P - he ends up with some incredible prizes and tales to tell):

Absolutely stellar reporting, MarsMan—which I find immensely worth reading. The writing is literate and entertaining, the plot full of quirky twists, and your mongering finesse a model for me to follow.

And the photos of superb female specimens greatly help in visualizing your adventures. They're impressive proof, your approach yields the creme de la creme. You also have a doctor's knack for scheduling. :)

In spite of your revolving bedroom door, you show each of your companions the kind of caring and passion and generosity that keeps them coming back. Doesn't hurt, of course, that your classy condo and the upscale hotels you use introduce them to a world of affluence few are accustomed to.

If you haven't broken hearts on this trip, I'm sure you left an aching void in some of these girls that makes them yearn for sharing their lives with a quality guy like you. Without a vasectomy, I'd frankly be worried about how conscientious some girls really are about the birth control they claim to be on—but you definitely aren't the worrying type. And your "Plan B" contraceptive method seems to be working out great.

MarsMan, thanks again for taking us along on an exciting ride—and good to hear, you'll be in Angeles and Cebu again VERY soon.
Edited March 18, 2018 by tantalizeme

OK, Fellow Mongers, up next is my final morning, afternoon, and night in Philippines. Still lots of HOT photos and HOTTER action to come. So stick with it just a little while longer !!

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


 on: November 01, 2020, 05:56:38 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
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Truly splendid Marsman!

Mabuhay/Hola Sir Jethro Gibbs !!

Thank you, Sir, for your kind comments. Yes, Lenie is really one of a kind. So totally sweet and kind and nice. And with a sexy little spinner body. But she is also one of the most sexual women who I have ever known. She loves sex. I have learned to make her cum again, and again, and again as a first step in the process. Her nipples protruding. Her clitoris hyper-sensitive to my touching and licking. And with The Boss buried deep in her pussy. She will sometimes cum 3 or 4 or 5 times. And then be totally exhausted. And then, I will fuck her until I am all spent. Usually cumming at least once inside her little, tight Filipina vagina. And then ramming The Boss deeply into her ass, and fucking her one final time until I cum, deep in her ass. She seems to love this routine. And so do I.

She is simply a splendid Lady to be with: zero drama. Zero problems. Completely kind and sweet and soft and cuddly and nice to be with. And a total little spinner sex machine. Just about everything that anyone would ever want or expect in a woman.

Thanks, again, Sir. Next up: on down to Manila for my last night in this Thread of Distinction.


 on: October 31, 2020, 04:57:58 PM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by Jethro Gibbs
Truly splendid Marsman!

 on: October 31, 2020, 03:08:50 PM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Time to continue on with this almost finished Thread of Distrinction:

FL DAY 5 - Part 4 (subpart 2)


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers,

After dinner, Lenie and I came back to Angeles Beach Club (ABC) Hotel, and went up to Aqua (which is a bar/club on the top floor of the fourth, and newst, tower of ABC Hotel, and which has a swimming pool that goes around all 4 sides of the club) for one drink. We sat up there for about an hour and enjoyed the music and also watching all of the people (and many Freelancers) and I took her hand and said "let's go baby", and I whispered into her ear "I'm horny, and I want your ass". Lenie first gave me her tight little Filipina ass about a year ago, and each time that we have been together I have enjoyed a time of hot anal sex with her. And tonight would be no exception.

We went back to the room, and I said "shower". But first I gave her a Fleet Enema (I buy the generic Buffered Phosphate Enema at Walmart - a 2-pack costs about $2). She brushed her teeth, and then she quickly went to the CR (clean herself???), and then we both showered. We kissed and fondled in the shower. And I gave her a special black bra and panty outfit (God, nothing like T-back panties on a girl ...). She put them on. And I positioned her in various positions and snapped some photos of her (see below). At one point she put her butt up in the air (she knew what was coming ...). Then I positioned her on the bed, lying partly on her stomach/partly on her side, with her right leg straight and left knee flexed. She had on those T-back panties, and the striptease was gonna be great. Lenie knew EXACTLY what to do, and slowly began to lower the panties. First just slightly, and took off the bra so that the nipples and then eventually her pussy and her tight little asshole were visible. And then she began to twist herself a little. Her butt crack first became visible, and then a little of her asshole, and then her pussy. And then the panties were down around her knees. And then the panties were off. I asked her to "spread your ass a little baby" and she pulled her ass cheeks gently apart. GOD WAS SHE FUCKING HOT !! I will include a photo from my last meeting with her (you can admire what I was seeing, or at least similar). I got the K-Y, and gently began to lubricate her asshole. First gently around it, and then inside it. And I covered my finger at least 4 or 5 times, and lubricated her pussy, and her asshole. I lubed the ass especially deeply, and then used two fingers to lubricate it inside (she moaned with this). And then I lubricated The Boss, and gently began to fuck her pussy. She was really really turned on, and I played with her clitoris. I knew that this girl deserved at least one cum before I did her dirt box, so I fucked her pussy and played with her clitoris until she came. She came hard with "uhhhh, ooooohhhhh, uuuuuuhhhhh, unnnnnhhhh, ohhhhh". And then I lubricated her asshole one more time, and brought The Boss to the rim of her asshole. And I pushed him inside. Initially against some resistance. And once he was inside (with a loud "oooohhhhh"), I pushed him very deeply. She made an unearthly sound, and I realized that I was balls deep. So I began to pump her tight sphincter. And Mongers, this was not going to last long. The sight of her striptease in those white panties, and fucking her pussy, and now inside her tight hole. My God. I was going to cum with a gusher. And a gusher it was. I came and came and came, delivering loads of man seed deep into her anus.  And then we both relaxed, and I slowly pulled The Boss out. There was a little creampie, but I think that most would come out in the morning with her poop.

We both showered, and then came to bed. She hugged me very very tight, and we literally fell asleep like that.

Mongers, it just don't get no better than this (or spoken with the proper Queen's English: "a splendid time").

See one attached photo from the last time, and Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


 on: October 28, 2020, 10:12:20 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers,

We are truly, truly on the "home stretch" of this Thread of Distinction. I will also copy and paste a few comments that came as this Thread was ending. Remember, it all began when I left my home on the afternoon of December 25, 2017 and flew to Cebu, Philippines. I was there with one girl (my Cebu Sweetie, Miss Carolyn) for 11 days (which included New Years). And then with the young college student Angel for 3 nights. And lastly with the ever-smiling Irene for my last two nights). And then I flew on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 3 nights, where I enjoyed a nice selection of bargirls from bars on Street 130 and Street 136. And from there I went to Thailand, and enjoyed about 24 hours in Bangkok (and some hot bargirls and freelancers) and 24 hours in Pattaya (with some true pornstar experiences - the famed "PSE"). And lastly, I have ended up in Angeles City, Philippines, where I have enjoyed a "steady diet" of Freelancers.

And the best is still to come !!

So let's get on with my last 2 nights in Southeast Asia !!

FL DAY 5 - Part 4 (subpart 1)

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Well, Mongers, this was turning out to be a GREAT day !!  A delightful "wake up" with Rosalyn, followed by the new FL Shakira (gotta try her AND her sister in April), followed by a "reunion" with Sherlyn (after more than 2 years without seeing her). I decided to have an afternoon swim, and after the swim it was almost time for my long-tiime Sweetie, and "kind of Freelancer": Lenie. You all may remember that Lenie worked in Showtime (a bar that was just beside the Angeles Beach Club [ABC] Hotel, just out the front door, turn right, go about 50 steps, and there it was), and I helped her get out of the bar, and down to Manila where she now lives and works in a factory.  She once told me "you saved my life by getting me out of the bar". Not sure I was quite that noble, but she really did want to get out of the bar, and just needed a bit of a "hand up" (not so much a "handout").  We always chat and laugh that she went from "Bargirl" to "Freelancer", and I always ask her "how much for short time and how much for overnight", and she always quotes some crazy number. Last time she told me "because your Boss is too Bossy and wants me to give all, short time is 50,000 psesos (about $1000 USD) and overnight is 200,000 pesos (about $4000 USD)". And then we laugh.

I told her that we would have a quiet evening. When she came, she had a HUGE smile, and we hugged and hugged, and I could feel a few tears. So I held her close (did not want to let her know that I saw the tears). And we went up to the room. We sat and talked, and Lenie is so simple, so easy, so pleasant to be with. It always feels like coming home to an old friend.  And after awhile, I said "let's shower first, I want to boom boom, and then we get something to drink at the ABC Pool Bar, and go out for dinner, and come back for my last night here in Philippines" (wasn't truly my last night, but it was my last night in AC ...).  And based on my past trends of wrapping up my last night in Manila (and having a certain college girl from Leyte come up to see me, you already pretty much know my plan ahead for my true last night in Philippines ...).

Lenie and I showered, and I repeated my trend of a blowjob in the shower. As we were showering and she was washing me, I said "Lenie, can you give me a blowjob". So she got down on her knees, and proceeded to take me in her mouth. She always gives a good blowjob, although on my past trip I had helped her learn to "stay latched on once I am getting close to cumming" (she used to lick and play and then suck, and then repeat - which is OK at the start, "but once I start to get hot, then just stay latched out, use your hands, and keep me non-stop in your mouth until I cum"). As she latched on, I could feel myself getting closer, but I wanted to fuck her. So I turned off the shower, and we dried off and got into the bed. And she was nude, and her little pussy was sooooo fresh and clean, and I wanted to taste her. So I licked and played with her little pussy until she began to cum. And with one hand, I played with her very nice breasts as the other played with her asshole. I knew that later that night I would again enjoy anal sex with her (as I had at least 3 other times before). She came at least 2 or 3 times. And then I brought the very hard Boss to her pussy lips, and said "my bossy Boss wants to be in your pussy now", and we both laughed. And I speared her HARD. And she moaned and rolled her eyes back as I penetrated fully. And she moaned, and said "oh shit" multiple times. And I wetted my right index finger and stuck it up her ass fully, which made her moan even louder. And I came, and came hard, deep in her little vagina. It was so wet, so tight, so lubricated with her juices from her cumming.

We laid there for about 15 minutes, with my erection still hard inside her. And then I withdrew, and my cum dribbled out. We both showered, and then dressed (she wore a cute dress - she likes to wear dresses, and I wore jeans and a polo shirt) and went down to the pool bar for a drink (her - a San Miguel Apple, and me - a glass of red wine like every evening). And after, we walked over to Al Bacio (we both like it - it is a small Italian restaurant just about 100 yards away from ABC Hotel - the owner is Italian and he married a Filipina). And we talked for a long time. It was so nice to see Lenie again ...

OK, Fellow Mongers, later I will give you a recap of my last night in AC, my night with Lenie. HOT HOT HOT. And then we would both go tomorrow to Manila (drop her off, and the driver would tell me "I take you to the airport next" as he knew that the real instruction was to drop me off at the Marriott Manila to meet the lady who has met me there for my last couple of trips for my last night in Philippines).

Enjoy Fellow Mongers (and a few photo reminders of Lenie, in case any of you have forgotten, and for new Mongers who need an introduction ...). And next up: a VERY HOT night with Lenie with some VERY SEXY photos !!


 on: October 26, 2020, 09:13:49 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Well, more to go, although the end is in sight for this Thread. So let's continue on, because there is some real HEAT coming up !!

FL DAY 5 - Part 3

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

It had been a very nice day !!  My day began by waking up with Rosalyn in my bed, and a nice run while she slept. And when I returned, we showered together and had a very hot session in the shower. We enjoyed breakfast together, and then she left. She will be back !!  And then, a bit later, a Freelancer in every sense of the word, Shakira, came to see me. She is on (I think) nearly all of the websites (and one Monger has already contacted me about contacting her). We had a nice, but not spectacular, time. Still, very worth my time. And she showed me photos of her sister (they look very very alike), and indicated that the next time with both of them together could be even more fun !!  So we shall see !!

I enjoyed lunch at Margarita Station and sat at the manager's table in the back corner and the Manager (who I have known for a long time) and I talked. Things were good.  And next up: Sherlyn !!  Now, as a little background about Sherlyn, I first met her about 4 years ago. She was a webcam girl (that was not how I first met her), and she had a page on Filipino Cupid (FC). We chatted on FC, and then on Facebook Messenger. And eventually, I did look up her show on the webcam. Nice !! She had a totally 100% tight body, with BIG HARD BREASTS !!  How any woman can have such skinny legs, skinny arms, skinny waist, and BIG HARD FIRM TITS I will never know !! She said that she was 18 or 19 (???), and did produce an ID that the Front Desk Ladies at the time said looked legitimate. So she spent one short time and one overnight with me. We also did anal on our overnight.  And then she "dropped off the face of the earth". I heard nothing from her for more than a year. She eventually wrote to me on FB, and said that she had gone back home to Leyte, and had gotten pregnant from a "Filipino boy". She now as a 2-year old baby.  Seems the Filipino guy abandoned her (surprise, surprise) at about 3 months into her pregnancy. Anyway, she put an ad up in Date In Asia (DIA, another dating website with many Freelancers), and told me on FB that she was going to come back to AC to work a little (didn't say what, but it was pretty clear that she was freelancing). She and I kept in touch throughout most of 2017, and in November, when I knew for sure that I was coming, we began to pin down a date and time to meet. We agreed that initially it would be for a short-time only. Her photos still looked REALLY HOT, so I was excited about seeing her again. Oh, she really minded her manners (did not ask for money, even when she was not working), but around Christmas she did ask for a small amount for a Christmas gift for her son and some medicine for him. So I sent her 2000 PHP, and she promised "I do everything for you" when we meet in January.

She came to ABC just about on time (maybe 5-10 minutes late). And, WOW, she looked fucking HOT !!  HOT HOT HOT. She still had her big breasts (were they even larger???), skinny legs, and skinny waist. Her hair looked beautiful, although she had gotten a little wet (it was raining outside).  We went up to my room, and she wanted a juice to drink, so I ordered from Room Service (at Angeles Beach Club Hotel, Room Service is excellent and VERY fast).  We sat and talked and caught up for about 30 minutes, and then I said "Sherlyn, I want you in bed very much". She leaned over and kissed me, and said "shower". As she undressed, I really could not see evidence of the baby (pooching of her tummy, stretch marks), although in bed there was just a little looseness of the skin on her tummy (but for heaven's sake, she had had a baby about 2 years earlier ...). In the shower, she played with The Boss and The Boys, and asked her to take him in her mouth. And she began a very very nice slow, wet blow job. She would lick and play with The Boys, and lick the shaft, and then deep throat it, and then repeat all over. God her little mouth felt so fucking nice !! Realizing that I would cum in her mouth soon, I suggested that we dry off, but she wanted me to finish. She grabbed behind my back with one hand, and held firmly onto The Boss with the other. And so I asked her "Sherlyn can I cum in your mouth". She looked up and me (my dick still in her mouth) and said "mmmm hmmmm" (I think that that was a "yes"). So I unloaded a huge load of male seed (from the very enlarged Boys, who were busy making man milk for the day) into her mouth, and she stayed latched on and took it all. And then, she opened her mouth to show me my cum, and smiled, and swallowed it all !!  I said "brush teeth", which she did, and she also used some of my Listerine.

I lit the candle, and pulled down the sheets, and she joined me in the bed. We kissed for about 15 minutes, and she rubbed The Boss (he got hard QUICKLY). And my hands explored ALL of her body. God, she was still totally tight. She said that she did not eat very much (may not have much money to eat). I licked her breasts, and her nipples protruded quickly. And she moaned and rubbed the back of my head as I licked and kissed and fondled her breasts. And she moaned, too, and begged me to kiss them and lick them. We spent about 15-20 minutes on her breasts !! And then I went down to her little pussy (nicely shaved !!), and she was totally wet. Very very wet. As my tongue touched her clitoris, she almost instantly had an orgasm. She bucked and squirmed, squeezing my head between her legs. I thought for a second there that I was a goner, and then she let up the pressure a little. I licked and played with her pussy and clitoris for about 20 minutes, and I really have no idea how many orgasms she had. And eventually, she was worn out, so I brought The Boss to her pussy lips, rubbed him on her pussy to get the head wet, and entered her. She let out a cry as I went all the way inside her still very tight pussy. I had to push her down with my body, and hold her in position as she was squirming all around. And I fucked her hard for about 15 minutes, and then came inside her little tight warm wet Filipina pussy over and over. As I pulled out, I could see my creampie dripping down between her butt cheeks. She asked me "you cum inside me?". I replied "yes" and asked if she was on birth control. No, she is not ...  So after we cleaned up, I gave her a Plan B One Step and explained to her that if she is going to freelance that she needs to take birth control.  And then a new learning: I was the first man (she said) to have sex with her since she became pregnant. So about 2.5 years ago. And she does not know if she wants to freelance, and had a new job at a restaurant starting the next day. So she said that she may not "take pills". I told her that that was alright, and if she is with me, we can give her a Plan B One Step.

So Mongers, my reunion with Sherlyn was very, very nice. She really had not changed much since I last saw her. Fortunately, and surprisingly, the pregnancy and motherhood had not hardened her. She was still a sweet and nice lady, a very sexual lady, and a lady with a killer body.  Here are my ratings for Sherlyn (and a few photos below -- one of these was one of her original webcam photos, but she is pretty much unchanged):

Looks: She is at least an 8 or a 9 (and those boobs - how the Hell can they be so big and firm when the rest of her is so little and skinny ???)

Blowjob: Off the chart, a 9 or 10

Boom Boom: One horny little thing ... a 9

Repeat: We are already scheduled for April (sorry Mongers .... she said that "I be with you only" ... I will let you know of any changes)

And coming up, my Overnight ...


 on: October 26, 2020, 08:58:48 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
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That is wonderful.  You obviously can afford it, but each of us can do similar things within our means.  It just takes a change in attitude.  My second wife who died from ovarian cancer always used to say, when referring to money, "You can't take it  with you".

Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Sir Big Boy,

Salamat/Gracis/Happoon Ka for your kind and thoughtful remarks, Sir. And I agree: "each of us can do similar things within our means". It may be something very small. But still significant and important to someone. It may mean the difference between hunger, or some food. Or no birthday or Christmas for a child, or something that brings light to them.

You are a very good man, Sir. And I am sorry to hear about your wife and her ovarian cancer. Each of you are right: "you can't take it with you".

Thanks, again, Sir Big Boy. Enjoy this Thread, Sir !!


 on: October 25, 2020, 10:05:31 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

We are getting closer and closer to the end. But we still have MUCH HOT HOT HOT action to go ... so don't fall asleep yet !!

Continuing on with this Thread of Distinction, where we are in Angeles City, Philippines, and it was January, 2018, and my plans for my time in AC (after time in Cebu, Philippines, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand) was Freelancers, Freelancers, Freelancers !!

FL DAY 5 - Parts 1 and 2


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Nearing the home stretch of my longest trip yet in Southeast Asia !!  I woke up the next morning, with Rosalyn sleeping soundly (pretty far across the bed). I was quiet so that I would not wake her.  I made some coffee (I like that ABC always has the small packets that contain coffee, creamer, and sugar - this is like most hotels in Asia, and I like it !!). And I worked on my computer some (trying to respond to messages from "the real world" -- you know, those places across the water ...) and answered some texts and FB Messenger messages from the Freelancers, girls in Cebu, and others). I decided to run, so slipped on my running clothes, and went out to run about 3 miles. When I came back, Rosalyn was in the shower, and I made us each a cup of coffee, shaved, and joined her in the shower. She has a nice, tight, sexy body (nice breasts !!), and we began to fool around a little in the shower. I turned her around, and pulled her butt toward me, and played with her little pussy as she leaned against the shower glass with both hands. And I spit into my hand, and wet her little pussy and The Boss with my saliva, and gently inserted into her little hot love channel.  God her tight and wet little Filipina pussy felt good. One of the Mongers earlier commented that the tight pussies that I am in helps me maintain my desire to cum several times a day. He is right !!  And as I pumped away on her (and fingered her little butthole as I pumped her), I knew that an orgasm was coming. But I wanted my finger in her ass when I came, so I wetted my index finger, and in a single push it went nearly all the way into her butthole.  She withdrew a little, but with my other hand I pulled her back toward me, and pumped furiously in her little tight wet vagina as my index finger was fully up her ass. And then I began to cum. What a great feeling: cumming inside a tight little Filipina first thing in the morning !! I eventually withdrew my finger and The Boss, and she bent down in the shower to wash her pussy (and I could see my cum dribbling out in globs), and I washed up, and we both got out. We enjoyed breakfast together, and talked about time together when I return in April.  So Mongers, two short times and one overnight with this Freelancer. Pretty damned nice !!

After she left, I ran some errands, and prepared for my next FL: Shakira (photos attached below).  Shakira is on (I think) pretty much all of the dating websites (I continue to see her on them). And she has a sister, too, who can be included (if you request). I decided that for a short time, and first meeting, that just meeting Shakira was enough. She is pretty enough (not a raving beauty, but pretty enough), and her best features are that she is tall for a Filipina girl (no, she is definitely not a ladyboy) and thin. Her breasts are smallish to medium, but are firm, with nice nipples that protrude a bit.  She has one baby, but her pussy is still nicely tight.

She arrived about 10:15 am (traffic ...), and we had agreed in advance on a short-time only. She pretty immediately got down to business, and began to undress, and I suggested "shower", which she reinforced. We showered together, and she played with The Boss and The Boys, and we talked about what we both wanted (she likes to be on top, at least part of the time, and I like to begin with a nice blow job and finish up inside her). She said that she usually requests a condom for straight sex, but because I was a doctor and requested no condom, she would do that for me (and I agreed to give her a Plan B One Step tablet before she left).

In the bed, she began with a nice blowjob. Probably not the best ever, but it was "passable". She kept going until I told her "baby I want to be inside you". She did ask "you have oil?", and I got out the lubricant and she lubricated her pussy (a little) and The Boss.  I entered her almost fully in one stroke (she closed her eyes and gasped and pushed her arms back against me). She relaxed in a few moments, and I began to furiously pump her little Filipina vagina. Several times as we were fucking, she said "oh shit, you are big, oh shit, slowly, oh shit, you are so big", and repeated this several times. I pushed her legs up and out, and her toes touched the head of the bed as I fucked her wildly. And then I could feel another cum building, and I said "I'm gonna fill your Filipina pussy with my cum baby" and came and came and came about 4 or 5 good spurts into her.  I eventually let her legs relax, and we stayed joined together for several minutes as we talked.  I moved The Boss several times inside her, and she said "you fuck me again?". I said "maybe, would you like that?"  And her reply was "sure, why not".  But I knew that I could not cum again, so I gently withdrew The Boss, and handed her the tissue box so that she could wipe my cum off her pussy.

We got up and showered again, and talked about meeting in April. I asked her to send me photos of her sister (who looks very very similar), and she said that if I have both, and they stay overnight, that "we do everything". I asked her about a lesbian show, and she said "yes, we like each other", and I asked her about one of them doing anal, and she thought for a second and asked "you pay extra". I said "sure, why not" and she laughed, and said "then, sure, why not".  Will I see her in April, well, not sure (as the air traffic controllers would say "The Patter is Full".  So, we will see.  But, sure, why not?

OK, Ratings for Shakira:

Looks: Probably a 6-7, but not exactly my usual type. Gotta think about this one.

Blowjob: a 6

Boom Boom: certainly at least a 7, maybe an 8

Repeat: Maybe ...

And photos of Shakira are below.

And it was now lunch time, so I headed down to Margarita Station for lunch. To gather my strength. Because there was a busy afternoon and night ahead.

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


 on: October 24, 2020, 09:15:00 PM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by Big boy
That is wonderful.  You obviously can afford it, but each of us can do similar things within our means.  It just takes a change in attitude.  My second wife who died from ovarian cancer always used to say, when referring to money, "You can't take it  with you".

 on: October 24, 2020, 06:00:30 AM 
Started by MarsMan - Last post by MarsMan
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Marsman, that is such a fantastic gesture to these single moms.   :fuckbanana: Thanks for all you do!  I can only imagine how happy they all are. ;D

Salamat/Hola/Sawasdee Sir Huskerdude,

Thank you for your very, very kind comments, Sir. And as you no doubt realize, I am rewarded far, far more than I give. I am rewarded by so many, many smiles from the Moms who come (last year, in December, 2019, I hosted 10 Moms). And from the many giggles, and smiles, and so much laughter, and so many, many hugs from the little people with them (last year, there were 11 children there - one Mom has 2 children). And seeing my "Holiday Helpers" (the four girls who helped me) enjoy themselves, and feel responsible for helping the Moms and children out.

Truly I say, I got back far more than I contributed. For the costs of gifts for 11 children, and lunch, and the games, and the envelopes with some money at the end for each Mom (so that they could buy some food at Christmas), I had more enjoyment that afternoon that any one person should be permitted to receive.

And, of course, afterward, my four Holiday Helpers enjoyed themselves at ABC Aqua, swimming, talking, laughing, eating, enjoying. And once in the middle of the afternoon, one went with me to my room for about 30 minutes of pure fun. And later in the afternoon, another one went to my room so that The Boss could enjoying himself, too. And we showered together, and all four stayed for the night.

So a good time was had by all !! But most importantly, 11 children and their 10 Moms had Christmas. And that was a reward for all.

OK, on with this Thread in just a bit more. Coming up, some REALLY HOT times !!

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


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