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  • August 09, 2020, 02:00:05 PM
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Author Topic: Travelers to DR will require negative Covid test effective 7/30/20  (Read 240 times)

Online MarsMan

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Yes, starting July 30th, anyone entering the country must show a negative test or take the rapid test at the entry airport.

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Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Sir Jethro Gibbs,

From a discussion yesterday that I had with a person who works at the airport, as you near the Immigration area, there are "health stations" set up. They collect the form that you have filled out, and (in my case), they will collect a copy of test that I will bring along from LabCorp/Pixel that will show a negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 from two days before (in our medical group, all doctors and staff are tested each Monday with results back by Tuesday, plus we do temperature checks twice a day and also have screening questions). So I will bring my own PCR test results. I will then pass through and go to the Immigration Officer.

If I didn't have the test, then I will be re-directed to an area where they run the "quick test" (takes about 5 minutes), and then re-directed to the Immigration Officer.

You know, some countries, like Philippines and Australia, have their borders CLOSED TIGHT - NO ENTRY except to their own citizens, who then must do a mandatory 14-day quarantine at their own expense. Some countries, especially in Europe, have their borders closed tight to citizens of certain countries (like the U.S.) while freely admitting other countries. And some countries (like Brazil and Mexico) have open open borders to anyone/everyone.

I think that DR has gotten this right. And the process should add 5-10 minutes to the process. If you bring your own PCR test in which the sample was taken within the previous 5 days and shows a negative result, then it is just one more simple step. Again, PCR tests are readily available in the U.S. (our medical group has 80 doctors, and about 500 clinic staff, so we are all tested each Monday, and again if needed based on appearance of signs/symptoms of Covid-19).

Don't panic guys. DR is keeping its borders open. They seem to have chosen a pretty smart path forward (I see the "hand" of the new government in this in bringing some reasoned solutions to it): "keep our borders open while taking prudent steps to protect ourselves from infected people coming".

I don't see the situation of "it will also slow things down terribly.  i cannot see them doing anything like this in a timely manner." Adding 5-10 minutes (probably less if you bring your own PCR lab test results)? Sure. Causing a crisis where we should just lock ourselves in our closets and not ever venture outside? Not for me. I will be going down in less than 2 weeks and will give an update. Also, i am talking later today with two hotel/restaurant owners down there. Both have new guests arriving today. They have promised me an update from what their guests report about the process. Somehow, I think that this is all GOOD news (a pretty straightforward process that should help everyone out).


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