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Author Topic: MarsMan's Personal History of Mongering: Part 4: Thread of Distinction  (Read 1371 times)

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Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Well, let me begin to wrap up one part of this Thread (the August 12-17, 2020 visit to a private villa in the Puerto Plata area - between Sosua and Cabaretee) and to continue on with another part of this Thread (my December 27, 2017 - mid-January, 2018 visit to Cebu, Philippines, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Bangkok, Thailand, and Angeles City, Philippines).

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - August 12-17, 2020

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

It was now August 17, the final day of my six day/five night visit to a private villa/resort between Sosua and Cabarete. I had previously (a couple of years ago) visited a different private resort called Blue Paradise, located pretty close to this one. They offer full packages (resort, all food and drinks, plus either Latina companions or European companions), but they are VERY expensive. So I know a different owner of a different resort, and requested a quote for a room + meals + drinks (but no companions included). He actually put together a VERY ATTRACTIVE offer (not nearly the usual cost). I am guessing that his business is still slow (although when I arrived, there were two other men there the first night, and one stayed for the second night of my visit), and he is looking for revenue of any sort. His one caveat was that if I "imbibed" of any of his girls, I had to pay the list price (and I did have time with a couple of them ...).

After breakfast, and after I had settled up my remaining charges with the Owner, I had several hours remaining. And Yeira still needed a little "morning attention". And who better than to give her proper care and feeding and attention than The Boss and The Boys !! She really is a sweet heart, and at 31 or 32 she is still a very desirable young woman (see first photo below).

And her thoughts these days seem to be turning more and more to finding a suitable man, a good man, a man for a long-term relationship. I guess that I am quite different than Axl Rose (of Guns 'n Roses - one of my most favorite bands - they are close up there to my most favorite The Rolling Stones) who just made a tour with the band, and the tour was called "Not in this lifetime" (because when he was asked a number of years ago after he left the band "when will you get back with the band", his reply was "not in this lifetime"). Anyway, for Yeira, I guess that my thoughts to anything beyond where we are today would be "Yeira, maybe in another lifetime". She is a very worthwhile woman (interesting, kind, funny, sweet, and really knows men very well). But, "maybe in another lifetime".

Of course, that did not prevent The Boss from "rising to the occasion for another short-time with her. We had each just showered, and when we were in my room packing, I realized that The Boys still had one thing to unload. And each of our clothes were off quickly, and Yeira was on her knees in front of me, dutifully sucking on The Boss. And I pushed her back on the bed, and proceeded to absolutely ravage her Domincan pussy (always so sweet, so wet, SO TIGHT). We went at it for about 30 minutes, me pounding away as if I was possessed, and her making moaning and squealing sounds as The Boss fully penetrated her vagina, bumping against her cervix with each stroke, and with my right index finger fully inside her ass, feeling around, and stroking in and out. And then The Boys gave her a proper reward of a large, gooey creampie. And as I slowly withdrew from her as she laid on the bed, legs fully spread, there was a sticky mess that ran out of her.

We cleaned up, and I finished packing, and dressed. And I went downstairs, and at about 11:15, left the resort for the airport.

Attached below are a couple of simple reminders of DRG1 (with that HUGE smile), Yeira, and Eliana and Yoholis. They were just part of the collection of Dominican and Venezuelan women who made this trip MOST enjoyable !!

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!

THREAD of DISTINCTION - December 27, 2017 - mid-January, 2018

As a reminder, Fellow Mongers, we are still in the first part of this (still in Cebu, Philippines). It is now the 13th day of my visit, and it is just about time to close up my condo, and move on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

DAY Thirteen - Part 3 (Wrapping Up)


Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

What a sexy afternoon I had with Irene. And what a little sweetie she is. And to think that all of this is because of a purely chance encounter back in September !!

We came back from dinner, and sat outside and talked for about 2 hours (see last photo, below). And I began to understand this very simple, and yet very complex young woman a bit more. Her background was pretty simple (large family, mostly sisters but two brothers, mother and father still together and father works as a fish monger, very simple home which I hope to visit when I return in May, one sister is in university but she will probably be the only one, Irene's real hope is to find a decent job and support herself and live either alone or with one of her sisters). She really does want a boyfriend. When I asked her why she was with me, she responded that she did not want a Filipino boyfriend (she really did not like that idea at all), and I am always a very nice man to her. She likes that I am responsible (which is, I think, different from many younger Filipino guys), respectful, I am a doctor who has worked hard for the things that I have, I love children (and she wants children soon), and she called me "sweet".  So, I guess that "good guys finish last" isn't always true ...  Lots for me to digest in our discussion, and I never want to lead her on. Because most of all, she really is a very very nice lady. So I need to be very careful to let her know that I enjoy time with her, but that our relationship probably will not go much further.

At about 10:30 pm, we decided to call it a night, and went upstairs to my unit. I could tell that she was tired, but satisfied, from our first day. But as she began to undress in our bedroom to get ready to shower, and she got down to her bra and panties, I walked slowly over to her, and hugged her. God, what soft skin. What a perfect little body. And we began to kiss, and I unsnapped her bra, and took it off.  And then I slid my hand down the front of her panties, and pushed them down, and she stepped out of them.  We went in and showered, and when I came out, I lit the candle, got out the Lite Feel vibrator (need to remember to change the batteries soon), and took the cap off the lubricant bottle. She got into bed (without her towel - she is very comfortable being nude around me, and she took my towel off). I gently pushed her back so that her butt was near the edge of the bed, and on my knees, I raised her legs and spread them, and started to lick her pussy as my hands played with her nipples. Her nipples became hard very quickly, so I know that she was turned on. I licked and played with her pussy, and turned the Lite Feel onto a low-medium setting. As my tongue and the vibrator competed for space on her clitoris, my fingers played with her pussy and the other hand played with her asshole.  I got the lube onto my fingers, and lightly lubed her labia and then her asshole. And I kept the Lite Feel on her little clit, as I also licked it and licked her pussy. She was in heaven !!  I could hear very soft whimpering moans, that gradually became more pronounced, and could see her chest and stomach breathing deeply.  I inserted one finger in her pussy and I held the Lite Feel (and turned it up to closer to full vibration power) on her clitoris. And then she came. And she tensed her legs around my head (had me in a vise-lock with her legs !!), and I licked her clitoris as she squirmed. And I slowly inserted my oily finger all the way inside her asshole. She gradually relaxed, and then I began to play with her little asshole. She did not protest, or move my hand, or move. So I played with her little asshole for several minutes, with my finger all the way inside. I reached for my iPhone and snapped a few photos of this delightful exercise ...  I decided that for tonight, we would not do anal sex. She had experienced my finger in her ass, and it was "not off limits". But for tonight, that was enough.

I pushed her into the center of the bed, and then laid down, and pulled her on top of me. And she inserted me into her hot and very tight little pussy, and began to ride me, cowgirl style. As she was riding, she was grinding her pelvis into me, and I knew that she was going to come again soon, and I was about to explode. I also spread her butt cheeks, and put my oily finger all the way inside her asshole (causing her to moan out "oh shit, oh sit, not all the way in baby" as I repeatedly pushed my finger all the way, and out, of her oily, tight, forbidden hole). We both came at about the same time, and then She slowly moved off of me. As she was pulling off,  watched my creampie drip out of her, and onto me. I had filled her with a lot of man milk.

We showered, and then came back to bed. And she wrapped herself tightly around me, with her arms around my neck. She was asleep in about 2 minutes, and I layed there awake for awhile I thought of what an unbelievably lucky man I was ....

Enjoy Fellow Mongers.  Tomorrow, my last full day and night with Irene. And my last full day and night in Cebu. And then on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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