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  • September 23, 2020, 04:37:25 AM
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Author Topic: MarsMan's Personal History of Mongering: Part 4: Thread of Distinction  (Read 1370 times)

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Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Sorry for the delay in wrapping up the FIRST PART OF THIS THREAD (on my recent trip to Dominican Republic), and for continuing the second part of this Thread (on my wandering in Southeast Asia). It has been an incredibly busy several days. All is well: my "day job" (patient care in oncology, including doing procedures two mornings a week, and working in the clinic all-day M-W-F and afternoons on T-Th) is going very well (almost too busy), and my "part-time job" (owning my own medical services company that now has 41 employees who are split between the U.S. and my Clark Office in Angeles City, Philippines) is also doing well. We were projected to grow about 36-38% this year, but with the Covid-19 situation, we will likely grow about 6-8%, but that isn't bad, and we are still quite profitable. So all is good, but busy.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - August 12-17, 2020

I really needed this 6 day/5 night escape to Dominican Republic. My last steps outside of the U.S. had been in Philippines in March, 2020. And right now, I remain uncertain when I will return there. Philippines still has a lockdown that is (maybe) partly effective (not so sure that that is even true) but that is unquestionably horrible for business people (hotels and restaurants are rapidly going out of business, millions are unemployed, even more millions are hungry/starving, and the girls are getting hungrier and hungrier - and hornier). When will we have vaccines? Well, I have misplaced my "crystal ball", so my predictions aren't of much value. But nevertheless, I feel it likely that the day after the presidential election in the U.S. that there will be one (not that politics will be used to delay a vaccine, you understand ...). And I believe that we will also have effective therapies (at least for sick patients) before the year is out.

When will I go back to Dominican Republic? Well, I have a ticket for mid-October, but we shall see. Not sure that I will make the trip - I may save my vacation for late this year for PI (when I believe that PI will HAVE to open to relieve the economic misery that abounds there). But we shall see. Plus, they have now done away with the requirement to bring your own Covid-19 test.  Hmmmm .... OK. And instead, now they randomly sample people coming off the planes. Hmmmm .... Knowing how well anything works (or doesn't work) at the airports leaves me a little bit worried. NO, make that a LOT worried. For example, each time on my last 3 trips, at the Immigration booth, when I put my thumbprints on the little reader, I get sent to the "timeout box" (marched down a hall to a little room. The first time an Immigration officer looked at my passport, and his computer screen for about 5 minutes. And then he said "who are you?". And I gave him my name. And he asked "no, who are you really? Your passport name does not match your thumbprints. We need to know who you really are." And I asked him "would you like to see my driver's license. Or credit cards. Or medical license?" And he said "look we know that you are trying to sneak into our country. What country are you really from. Who are you?" So he persisted with this stupid line of questioning for about 5 minutes, and then said that I could go. The second time, they pulled THREE of us out of line. This most recent time (August 12, 2020), they had FIVE of us out of line. The resort owner (where I stayed on this trip) had arranged VIP service for us, and the VIP service man told me "there is something wrong with their system, last week when I picked up a passenger, they had over 10 people pulled out of line." So, their Immigration system is quite, quite suspect. Which, of course, makes me wonder how good they will be at testing for corona virus ...

So my visit on August 12-17, 2020 to DR was really, really nice. The place that I stayed was perfect: certainly more expensive than BB, but way less expensive than a place like Blue Paradise. And I have a "very thick little black book" these days, and was able to line up some very pretty ladies to enjoy nice times and good food/drinks with. And it allowed me to escape from this Covid Prison that we are all living in. The R&R break was very welcome, especially coming about 5 months after "lockdown".

And on a personal note, all continues to develop very well with my Cebu Sweetie, Miss Carolyn (pronounced "car - oh - LEEN" - emphasis on the last syllable). She is from a town in the province south of Cebu City. She is the youngest of 5 daughters (no sons) in the family. Her Father and Mother are still together, and have a stable, loving relationship which creates a wonderful, loving, stable family relationship. They are not unduly poor, but they also are not rich. But they love and care for each other very much.

I first met her when she was only 18. She was not a virgin (she later told me that at 16 or 17, I cannot remember which) she went to a party, got a little drunk, and a Filipino boy who was 17 or 18 took her virginity. Her oldest sister was always highly, highly protective of her, as was her Mother. So in the beginning, we courted each other for 3 visits (went out on about 5 or 6 or 7 dates), and had nothing but simple kisses. And then, one evening after dinner, as we were simply talking and sharing a drink each, I asked her "what is your plan, what would you like to do?" (and I was thinking along the lines or going to a movie, or something similar). And her reply was "I stay you tonight". Meaning "I wills stay with you tonight".

The photos below are not new. But I will include a few as reminders for you Fellow Mongers. The first photo is when she and I first met (we met on a dating website). She was 18, and this was when I met her oldest sister, too. Her oldest sister (and also their Mother) was very protective of Carolyn. But over time, they have accepted me as a "member of the family", and her oldest sister is now a very dear friend. In the first photo below, Carolyn is on the left.

We have had many, many, MANY good times together.  Her sister has gradually relinquished control (her oldest sister now have two children of her own). Three of Carolyn's sisters are now married, and maybe Carolyn will be next ...

The pandemic has thrown us a "curve ball", but we are working through that. And maybe one day very soon, my Little Bit of Asia, my Cebu Sweetie Miss Carolyn, will be here in the U.S. to stay.

I have included some more photos of her (they are in approximate chronological order as you look down through them). You can see that she has matured very nicely as a young woman.

So, for now, this wraps up this "Escape from Covid Prison" part of this Thread (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - August 12-17, 2020). I sure hope to escape over to Philippines as soon as possible, or maybe back to Dominican Republic in October.

You Mongers be careful: there's still some bad stuff out there. I know, I've seen patients with it.

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!

THREAD OF DISTINCTION - December 27, 2017 - mid-January, 2018

DAY Fourteen - Part 1

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

This was to be my last full day in Cebu, on Mactan., in my condo (in Mactan Newtown). And I was with the "Lady of Eternal Smiles", my sweet little Irene. The night before brought some very very hot sex, and I wanted our last day to be the same. And then there was also the reality of needing to do a lot of things to "shut down" my condo.  Remember, when I am gone, no one is in it. And I am gone for 2, 3, 4 months at a time. So I anticipated a full and busy day, but a most pleasant day ahead.

I awoke at about 6:30 am, and Irene was basically passed out (arms sprawled one way, legs halfway across the bed the other way) and covered to the top of her head in the sheets and duvet. I have learned that the Filipina girls love to sleep under the duvet - probably pretty much unlike anything that they have in their homes. So I got up quietly made some coffee (always like to drink a cup of black coffee before I go out to run), and went out to run. It was sprinkling lightly, but I didn't wear anything other than my running shorts, tee-shirt, socks, and running shoes. I have also learned to leave my watch at home, and only run with what I need to get back into my condo.  Because I knew that I would not have time to run the next morning, I decided to push my run to over 4 miles.  It felt great !!  And I came back and cut up some mango and bananas, got out pastries for Irene and me, and made another pot of coffee and drank a full glass of tomato juice (some salt back into me).  Afterward, I cleaned up, and then went to the bed to kiss Irene. She slowly woke up, and almost instantly had that wonderful sweet smile back on her face.  She gave me a hesitating "good morning" (still half asleep). I said "brush your teeth", and she got up to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She came back and crawled into bed, and I stood beside the bed and dropped my towel. She needed very little encouragement, and began to rub The Boys (which would be the source of the man milk that would be her first nourishment of the day) and lick and suck on The Boss.  He responded in no time !!  I told her "baby I wanna cum in your mouth" And she proceeded to give me a superb blow job (she has very nice lips, and can easily wrap her mouth around The Boss). It did not take very long, and soon she could tell that I was ready to cum.  With both hands, I lightly pressed behind her head and she about halfway deep throated The Boss. I came into her mouth with several large splooges, and she took all into her mouth. She looked at me and smiled as she swallowed everything (and said "I drink your milk").  She got up to shower, and I brought her some juice, two pastries, and a plate of fresh mango into the bathroom. And I went out to the living room and sat down and worked on my computer (getting all of the dates/times finalized with all of the Angeles City Freelancers, and checking on my flights for the next day).

Irene came out into the living room nicely dressed, and sat down beside me. We both ate some more mango, drank some coffee, and talked more. Irene clearly is looking for a boyfriend (does not seem very interested in going back to school), and really really wants to find a job (almost any job). And, no, working in a bar is NOT something she would ever think about.  Her words when I asked about that were "NEVER".

We had much to do today, so began the process of "shutting down" (getting rid of anything that we did not need for the remainder of the day, or for tomorrow morning). I also wanted to return the rental car, but needed to find a reliable taxi driver to pick us up in the morning. Irene called her one brother who has a taxi driver best friend. The taxi driver agreed to meet me at the airport this afternoon to take us back (after we turned the rental car in), and to also pick me up early in the morning.  I wanted to meet him first to make sure that he seemed reliable ....  The maids came at the pre-arranged time of 10:00 am to clean everything, to wash sheets, and to ready the condo to be shut down.

We agreed to do some "tourist things" in Cebu City (if the weather cooperated, which it sort of did ...). And I wanted to go to the Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu City (I always find it to be such a moving experience to go to Mass there, and to see the lines of people who believe that the Santo Nino will answer their prayers).  Late in the morning we headed over there, and ate at SM Mall in one of the small restaurants.  Pretty decent lunch. Then over to the Basilica, and the old fort.  Finally, we headed back to drop the car off and meet our taxi driver at 4:00 pm.  Surprisingly, he was there exactly on time. He brought us back to Mactan Newtown, and I not only paid the fare, but gave him a tip of 300 pesos plus the promise of his fare plus another tip in the morning.  He said "don't worry, I be there on time".  Somehow, I actually believed that he would be there to pick me up in the morning on time (he seemed very sincere).

So Fellow Mongers, the condo was ready to be shut down, the rental car was returned, Irene and I had a fun "wake up" (God she gives a great blowjob) and nice day in Cebu City, and we were looking forward to a nice, simple evening ahead.

Tomorrow, wrapping up my last day in Cebu, and onward to Phnom Penh !!

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!



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