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  • September 23, 2020, 06:27:42 AM
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Author Topic: MarsMan's Personal History of Mongering: Part 4: Thread of Distinction  (Read 1374 times)

Online MarsMan

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Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Feloow Mongers !!

Whew !! Well, half of my load has been lifted off: the "Dominican Republic half" of this Thread (on my time there from August 12-17, 2020) has wrapped up. So now, let's go back to concentrating on the original purpose of this Thread: a "Thread of Distinction" from a Forum called Philippine-Addicts that reprised my time in southeast Asia from December 27, 2017 - mid-January, 2018. It earned recognition from the Board and Administrators as a "Thread of Distinction". During that time, I started in Cebu, Philippines (and we are almost finished with that !!) where I had time with 3 of my regular non-P4P ladies, and then went on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where my time was with bargirls, and then to Bangkok, Thailand where my time was with bargirls, to wrap up in Angeles City, Philippines where my time was with Freelancers.

So let's get started with my very, very last bits of my time in Cebu:

DAY Fourteen - Part 2

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

When Irene and I got back to the condo, it was beginning to have a feeling of "shutting down" to it: the refrigerator was nearly empty, my rollaboard and backpack were mostly packed, etc. Irene and I decided that we would go out for dinner, and wanted to get some seafood (so back up to our usual place). We had a slow dinner, and talked much. And I continued to learn what a truly sweet lady she really is. I suppose that this was the real beauty of my time in Cebu: no "wham, bam, thank you mam". Yes, there was plenty of sex (some hot, many positions, great blow jobs, wonderful pussy eating, lots of use of the Lite Feel vibrator, anal encounters with Carolyn and Angel, and much more). But there was also much time to talk, to learn each other, for fun, for simple human-to-human interaction. I attributed part of this to simply having time to do this. And part of this to being in our own place (not in some hotel somewhere).

After dinner, we went back to the condo and finished up the last of the bottle of wine.  And because we were getting up early, I asked Irene to text our taxi driver (her brother's best friend) to remind him of picking me up in the morning. He immediately texted back saying that he would not forget (and he did not forget !!).  We agreed to shower together, and then go to bed. In the shower, Irene was playful, and she washed me everywhere. She especially washed The Boss, which made him quite hard as she washed and soaped and gently massaged him.  I also washed her, with her back toward me, and played with her breasts and then washed her little pussy and ass.  We got out of the shower, and I went to the bedroom for the "usual routine" (light the candle, get out the Lite Feel vibrator, get out the lubricant).  And even though last night I had played for quite a long time with Irene's little asshole (finger in and out many times), I was not sure about anal tonight. And thought it better to let it go for this trip.  She came in to bed, and we stood beside the bed and kissed for a long time, and then I gently lowered her back onto the bed. I kissed my way down her body (she LOVES having me lick and gently nibble on her hard nipples). When I got to her pussy, she fully relaxed, legs spread (knees bent with her feet flat on the bedsheet), and I began to lick and suck on her clitoris.  She began to almost immediately moan, and quickly my face was trapped against her pussy as her legs tightened around my head. And then she came. Very quickly !!  And she kept spasming over and over again. With my right index finger I felt her butthole, and it was dilated quite wide as she was cumming.  I kept my finger in her butt, and slowly edged over to get the lubricant. I poured it down her pussy so that it ran onto my index finger in her butthole. And I moved my finger slowly and gently in and out to push the lubricant into her ass. I poured lubricant four or five times, and it was clear that she was very oily. She laid there quietly. With my left hand, I lubed The Boss very well. As my right index finger was all the way inside her ass, I moved it around and she moaned very deeply. And I slid my index finger out of her tight hole, and brought The Boss to the rim of her ass. God she was tight. And I whispered "relax, Irene, I want your ass tonight. We go slowly". But no progress. He little ass was just too tight.  So after a few minutes, I got up, wiped The Boss off with a towel, and slid him into her tight little pussy. And she reached around me with her arms to pull me close, and I fucked her pussy hard, faster and faster, harder and harder, until I graced her little meat gash with a large creampie deep into her vagina.

We eventually got up, and agreed that we both needed a shower. In the shower, it was quiet until she said "when I see you in May, I give you my ass". I hugged her, and said that I would like that. She was willing, but I am thinking that she just was not ready. And I still had some of the nicest, hottest sex of all with Irene.

I will include one last photo of Irene for everyone to remember her by. A really really sweet and kind and happy and friendly 22-year old Lady.

Tomorrow, get up early and go to the airport. Getting to Phnom Penh from Cebu is not very easy: Cebu to Manila, a couple of hours on the ground there, then Manila to Ho Chi Minh City (and about 90 minutes on the ground there), and then a very short hop to Phnom Penh (on Vietnam Airlines - never flew them before, but they turned out to be OK).  And arrive before dinner time !!  At least, all in theory, if the travel goes OK ....

We did not take very long to go to sleep. And sleeping with a delightful little creature like Irene is so sweet, as we cuddled together.

Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


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