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Author Topic: MarsMan's Personal History of Mongering: Part 4: Thread of Distinction  (Read 1374 times)

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Mabuhay/Hola/Sawasdee Fellow Mongers !!

Ahhh, time to move on ... going from "Point A" to "Point B".  As a reminder, this Thread is extracted from a report that I contributed to a Forum called "Philippine-Addicts" (on that site, you have to earn becoming an Advanced Member - must contribute a certain number of "meaningful" contributions, and then the Board and Administrators decide if you can become an Advanced Member, and then read Threads such as this one). The Thread was named "Pussy Heaven: Cebu Regulars, Phnom Penh Bargirls, And Angeles Freelancers". It covers from when I left home (Dallas) on the afternoon of December 25, 2017 (my two children had come to my home for a few days for Christmas, and we all left together on the afternoon of December 25). I flew from Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) to Hong Kong (HKG) to Cebu (CEB). I spent the first 11 days/10 nights with my Cebu Sweetie, Miss Carolyn. And then 3 days with Angel (she is also a student), and then 2 days with Irene ("the Lady of Eternal Smiles"). So Cebu, Philippines was time with non-P4P girls. NONE of them have ever worked in a bar, or as an escort, or Freelancer, or massage girl. They are all regular girls, with two of them in college. And now, it is time to move on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I had been to Cambodia one other time when I went to see the temples in Siem Riep. Quite quite beautiful. That was when I owned a condo in Pattaya, Thailand, and I went over to Cambodia for a few days to see the temples. I have a very girl friend who lives in Cambodia, and he knows Phnom Penh very well. So he invited me to stay 5 nights in a hotel in downtown Phnom Penh, and he would "show me the town" (lots of bargirls ...). But a few days before I went there, he informed me that he had caught influenza, so I was "on my own".

OK, let's get on with Part B (Phnom Penh) of this trip. Remember, after that, we have "Part C" (Bangkok, Thailand), and "Part D" (Angeles City, Philippines). So there is still MUCH ahead for us, and LOTS of HOT photos!!

DAY Fifteen - Part 1

Mabuhay Fellow Mongers !!

Well, after more than two full weeks in Cebu, Philippines, it was my morning to leave.  I had enjoyed 10 nights with Carolyn, 3 nights with Angel, and 2 nights with Irene. Three ladies who had never worked in a bar (literally) in Cebu. Two of whom were college students who I help through school. And three sweet, kind, nice, sexy, beautiful, and very special ladies.  And I had really enjoyed my condo. Yes, I still have work to do on (I want to do some painting inside when I come back in May, and still need furniture, kitchen items, and much more). But for now, it was a very satisfying stay. Plus, I had gotten to know some of my neighbors. I had gained a level of comfort (if that is the right word ...) in driving around Mactan and Cebu.  The ladies and I had enjoyed simple things (dinners, swimming, shopping, cooking) and a few special things (a trip to the other side of Cebu island, a trip to Bohol). And I had had virtually unlimited hot sex with three beautiful ladies (Carolyn, 20; Angel, 20; Irene, 22).  So as my plane took off from Cebu Mactan International Airport (I was in business class), I thought of what a nice time these last two plus weeks had been, and I felt a sense of sadness in leaving it all behind (at least temporarily).

The day would included travel from CEB to MNL (Philippine Airlines), and MNL to SGN (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat International Airport). Both flights were pleasant and on time !!  I arrived into SGN about 5 minutes late, but had about 90 minutes between flights, so it was no problem. And then I flew on Vietnam Airlines (first flight with them - it was a good experience !!) on to PNH (Phnom Penh International Airport). That is a short flight of only about an hour.  I had gone through the e-visa process in the U.S. so that I already had my visa for Cambodia. I was happy that I had done that because the visa on arrival line looked a little long (although others had told me that the process is very simple.  I had originally scheduled 5 nights at the Hotel Bougainvillier in Phnom Penh, but I had amended my Expedia reservation on-line to three nights.  My friend who was going to meet me in Phnom Penh (PP) had come down with the flu a few days earlier, so I decided to stay 3 nights in PP, and to then spend two nights in Bangkok before going on to Angeles City.  I had contact the Hotel Bougainvillier, and they had arranged a driver to pick me up (yes, yes, I know that there are many taxi drivers, but I always just feel a little more secure knowing that someone who meets me should be a little more "trustworthy").  I always do the same thing in Manila: have Angeles Beach Club Hotel arrange a driver to meet me and take me to AC.  Just feels a little more secure this way.

I arrived at the hotel at about 6:00 pm.  Wow !!  What a pretty place. And right on the Mekong River !!  Wow !!  While it was certainly not a new hotel, it seemed very clean and updated. And at check in, there were some beautiful Cambodian ladies to greet me, and the bellman took me to my room (only had a rollabord, briefcase, and backpack -- I had left my two large boxes in Cebu -- they had been packed with kitchen items, towels, sheets, extra shirts and shorts, soaps/liquids/shampoos, etc.). The bellman spoke some English, and I inquired about how to get to Street 130 and Street 136.  He immediately knew what I was talking about (hostess bars, etc.), and we spoke for about 15 minutes about the bar scene, hostess bars, massage places, freelancers, and much more.  Really quite a helpful young chap.  And although I had been fed throughout the day on the planes, I wanted to sample some Cambodian cuisine, and he recommended several restaurants that were very near to the bar scene.

I unpacked, and rested for about 30 minutes (and also enjoyed my view overlooking the Mekong River - I had gotten a Junior Suite River View room -- a little more expensive than their standard room, but I HIGHLY recommend it if you visit PP. I showered and cleaned up, and then at about 8:00 pm, headed downstairs to get a tuk tuk to take me over to Street 130 (my target for the night).

So Mongers, Cebu was now in the "rearview mirror". Memories of very fine times with Carolyn, Angel, and Irene would have to be "filed away in the memory cells for now. And a night of much fun was awaiting me in Phnom Penh, Cambodia !!

Tomorrow, my first night in PP (including some pictures of my first Khmer bar girl !!).  Enjoy Fellow Mongers !!


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