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  • June 12, 2021, 04:10:23 PM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11751 times)

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« on: April 10, 2013, 04:47:36 AM »
Hello Gentlemen!!

Another word or two to add to your fund of information as you find yourself halfway to Friday!

Do you know why a $10 US bill and a pen are probably THE most important pieces of your luggage (aside from a bulk pack of condoms from UNDERCOVER CONDOMS)?
 What can you expect when you land at Puerto Plata?? Well here we go, grab a cold Presidente and read on!!

First off: I ALWAYS use carry on only. I have a fantastic bag which was handmade for me by RED OXX out of Missoula Montana. The bag (PR5 model) is the biggest bag available and still within the airline carry on allowance. It is rugged as hell, and has a lifetime warranty- if it breaks,rips or tears, send it back and they fix or replace. They are on the web, check it out. Additionally I carry a MOLLE 50Liter Assault bag bag from my military days, holds a lot such as iPad,towel and incidentals as well as opens up in half for checkpoint scanning. Have never had to open it up,also rugged and has a pvc liner which serves as a barrier in event of rain. I added on a couple of TSA small combo locks from Home Depot and all secure! Both bags go on the X-ray, and then into the overhead. No need to await offloading or worry about loss or mishandled luggage which can really hose your vacation when you have to begin filling out forms or return to the airport at multiple days to check status or do without for your stay.

 Before leaving MIA for POP (those are the airport codes for Miami and Puerto Plata by the way- type when checking flights,its easier), I make sure I have a pen, and a $10 US bill. About 45 mins out from landing in POP, the cabin crew will begin handing out the Arrival/immigration form. Fill it out COMPLETELY! This is where the pen comes in handy! As for address, I have always used the Costa Dorado, never had a problem. i keep the address on my IPhone and refer to it when filling out the form.

Landing at POP is an experience! Usually a great view as you come in, and at the last minute it seems like you are landing in a cow pasture!!!

Anyways, as you get off the plane be prepared for a 5 minute walk to the terminal. You will go through a series of hallways until you come across a little mariachi band! Tip a buck if you desire, if not no prob. Shortly after you will enter a room with two counters directly ahead of you, and to your right a series of metal corrals leading to 5 or six immigration officers
GO TO THE DESKS  AHEAD OF YOU FIRST, This is where the $10 bill is needed. They will then give you a receipt. DO NOT GIVE A $20, they don't make change. Immediately next to them is a young lady serving shots of rum. Grab one! Hell its vacation!

Now you can que up for the customs officer. Enter the metal corral in front of one of the officers booth. Hand over the passport and the receipt you just paid $10 bucks for. A quick stamp and you now head to the adjacent baggage claim carousel area.
AVOID THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE BOOTH TO YOUR RIGHT, LOUSY RATES!!Here is where your carryon only policy works! Baggage takes forever to come out, for myself, I bypass the carousel and go right to the X-ray machine, and put my two bags on the belt.

IMPORTANT! As your bags go thru, a quick little dude will come out of the left side wearing shorts and a big white bowling shirt, THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMS BUT BAGGAGE PORTERS!!! You have to tell them NO when they reach for your bag otherwise they carry it 25 yards out the door to the cab stand and expect a tip.

Having successfully dodged the "bag grab" you go thru a set of doors into a short hallway with rental car desks on the right hand side. Ahead of you are  the final doors with the cab drivers outside.

TIP: if you are waiting for others on the same flight to clear immigration or baggage,wait here! Its air conditioned,you wont be hassled by cab drivers etc and its a safe spot. Keep in mind tho, once you go thru the doors its tough ( but not impossible to get back in).

When you finally exit, and you don't have transpo already arranged, look to your left and you will see a podium with the cab managers in uniform along with a big rate board. Just tell them where you want to go and they will get a driver for you. Me, I ignore the hordes of guys to the right yelling. Once you get paired up with a driver CONFIRM THE PRICE and you are set!

Hope this answers some Q's!!!

Have fun!!!

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