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  • June 12, 2021, 04:14:36 PM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11751 times)

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« on: April 18, 2013, 12:54:21 AM »
Hey Guys!

Sorry for getting the Wednesday post out on Thursday but been busy at the one legged butt kicking contest (aka work! LOL!). Anywho I thought I would throw a tip out concerning rooms......

You may have heard or seen in some posts phrases such as "chica proofing the room","setting up the room", etc. For those of you who have yet to head to the DR you might be wondering what it means.

In the DR your options for lodging mainly fall between designated adult locations such as Black Beards,Field of Dreams or O2 resort (which is closing but possibly going to return under new ownership according to rumor control), OR at a villa,cabana or simply a hotel such as Rocky's,Mary Rose or New Garden that is "chica friendly".

   Both types of lodgings differ in many ways (that's a post for another time however).

One of the main differences is that in the first category you are interacting with chicas who are screened and "somewhat" under the control, or answerable to the resort management. In the second however you are pretty much on your own. This second group is the main setup in SOSUA. As you have no doubt seen thru trip reports, there are large numbers of chicas in "The Sou". Unfortunately, along with the good is also the bad especially since the hobby is so dynamic,short term, and involving lots of cash.

  It is not unusual to have a problem of some sort, (mainly minor-i.e. agreed pricing,tipping etc). Most of these problems are dealt with easily as evidenced in published trip reports concerning communications, agreeing before heading to room on price and so on.

  However, there is an occasional problem with chicas who decide to go "shopping" at your expense in your room. Is it premeditated? Probably not, but it is more than likely a result of opportunity, similar to putting a hungry man in charge of laying out a buffet- too easy to pass up a quick snack!

So with that in mind let me provide an easy fix.

 One of the things I ensure before making reservations somewhere is that they have safes in the room for the use of the guest. Simple I know but you will be surprised at how many places do not offer this amenity. You need a place that is secure,easily accessible and convenient to you for money/passport etc.

 Along with unpacking,  I put things like wallet/passport/money and camera into the safe before I think about heading downstairs or outside and lining up that arrival "meet and greet"!
Guys- you will be amazed at how you get tunnel vision on check in, its happened to me!!! I actually ( first trip) came back to the room for a ST and found I had left my frikin wallet out! I was lucky but it scared the hell out of me!! Could have been the end of the vacation right there!

 OK! All my stuff is unpacked,clothes stowed had a quick shower ready to play.
          A. Double check no high dollar items left out such as cameras,laptop etc.
          B. in my safe I put my wallet,passport etc in the back. On the left side I put all my money wether dollars or pesos in one orderly stack. On the right I put 1600  pesos for the   
              upcoming short time festivity, and in the middle I put 2/ $100 peso notes in the event I want to tip. Now if I was to be going off property I would stick a few pesos in my front
              pocket- just enough for drinks and a bite as well my passport card for ID and the safe gets closed up. On top of the safe I place my toothbrush,toothpaste and small bottle of
                                         I DO NOT LEAVE ANY HYGIENE ITEMS  IN BATHROOM AS CHICAS WILL USE!!

         C. I put a few condoms and lube on the nightstand next to the bed. I also make sure small change is not left in an ashtray or booze is left out.
         D.  I ensure all doors are secure, especially sliding doors to balconies and windows. Its amazing to see stuff left open! Remove the temptation! 

        I want to point out, I have a couple of small TSA combination locks on my luggage ($4 at home depot). I use the luggage,locked in closet for large items such as laptop.

At this point I feel comfortable heading out and consider my room "set up". When I return with a chica, I'll grab my hygiene items and shower, and when I come out will just open the closet real quick and toss on top of safe. Afterwards, when chica is showering I will open the safe, reach in to the right and center,withdraw the money and close the safe- no muss no fuss, money is already counted and will place where she can easily see it. At no time does she get  a chance to "size up my assets", nor is anything at risk if I should have to leave the bedroom for some reason.

Finally, I want to point out that I NEVER leave a chica in my room alone. That is a risk for sure.

Hope this helps with some info, don't forget there is lots more in the trip reports-lots of experience out there!

Till next week!


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