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  • June 12, 2021, 04:57:40 PM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11751 times)

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« on: May 02, 2013, 12:42:03 AM »
Hey folks!

  Its really easy to plan for a trip down to paradise, and many of you have probably already begun planning for that moment! You have maybe reviewed trip reports for places to stay, where to eat and I'll bet you even have a "chica wish list " complete with photos!!LOL!

  Its easy and fun to plan for the good stuff, but many of us overlook planning for the bad!

 What do you do when you lose your passport or plane ticket? What if you get your wallet lifted in Sosua? What if your flight is cancelled due to a blizzard or a hurricane??

 An afternoon of preparation can change  incidents such as these from trip enders to a minor inconvenience. So with that in mind I would like to throw out a few things to consider as well as some things that I do for my piece of mind. This is by no means complete but rather just a starting point for you.

Lets start by simply listing some things that could go wrong and take it from there.

  Consider before you go, doing the following. Head to your local CVS or Walmart and get two passport photos taken. Stick them in an envelope along with a color
copy of your passports' front page and the google info for the US Consulate hours/phone number in Puerto Plata.
  I also have a passport card ( like a credit card) that I keep in my wallet. This passport card is what I use for ID when out and about. The envelope I leave in my room safe.

  If you should lose the passport, you know where to go,when they are open and you already have the photos in hand for a temporary.

  Check your airlines policy. There will usually be a customer service number as well as information on the procedure to replace a missing unused ticket. Be prepared for some fees/expense. (I usually offset this by purchasing trip insureance at time of booking). Burn a copy of the info and carry with you.

   Make copies of both front and back of the cards you will be carrying and leave at home. Make a small list of the phone numbers to call for each card to report loss. I also make a point to notify my bank's fraud dept before leaving of my travel plans. Some cards will limit or in some cases freeze the card when used suddenly in another country.

  The simple answer to this one is to just use carry on!LOL! See my previous tip concerning advantages of traveling light. In the event you do check luggage,make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry on just in case. Also review your airlines   Lost luggage page and (just like ticket info) burn a copy to take with you. Hedge your bets by checking out travel insurance, which could help defray costs in event of having to replace items. Some airlines require filling out forms at arriving airport at time of loss, others simply a phone call to start a claim.
  If you are connecting thru multiple flights this might come into-play. Might be necessary to budget in pre trip planning for a night or two in an airport hotel along with a meal or two.

   This actually happened to some of the guys at last Februarys party. Again, budgeting for the emergency and staying in touch with your airline can ease this problem considerably. Also keep an eye on the weather, especially during hurricane season. This is yet another reason to consider a strong travel insurance policy. Sure you may never need and may cost some bucks, but worth its weight in gold in instances such as this.

   Make sure you have copies of your prescriptions for traveling. Bring your insurance cards- check with your plan for options (if any) when traveling internationally. This is where travel insurance is REALLY a plus. Some plans will repatriate you back home to a local hospital in the event of a serious incident.

Hope this is helpful, again just a starting point.
Good Luck!!

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