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  • May 18, 2021, 04:33:50 AM
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Author Topic: NEW GUY TIPS  (Read 11737 times)

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« on: June 12, 2013, 01:06:23 PM »
Hey Guys!

  Lets talk briefly about the airlines!!

I know, I know, love or hate ,em either way they have us by the shorthairs when it comes to getting to our happy place!!LOL!

I usually book about 4 months out. At this point the prices are usually pretty good. but there is a problem you have to be aware of and that is the dreaded SCHEDULE/EQUIPMENT CHANGE.

To give you an example. For a recent trip  I booked AMERICAN AIRLINES for a portion of my travel.

      AA DPT Atlanta 0835 ARR Miami 1040  seat 1A
      AA DPT Miami  1150  ARR Puerto Plata 1350 Seat 1A

      AA DPT Puerto Plata 1455  ARR Miami 1715  seat 3F
      AA DPT Miami 1940  ARR Atlanta 2135 seat 3F

Now here is where it gets goofy. I recieved an email notification from American about 2 1/2 weeks after ticket purchase announcing a skid/equipment change and I now am holding tickets for :

      AA DPT Atlanta 0655  ARR Miami 0845  seat 3A
      AA DPT Miami  1150  ARR Puerto Plata 1345 Seat 1A

      AA DPT Puerto Plata 1455  ARR Miami 1705  seat 1A
      AA DPT Miami 2230  ARR Atlanta 0005 seat 3F

Note the following:
    1. Change to EARLIER departure (this impacted my connection to point I cant connect)
    2. Arbitrary seat assignment (Row 1 became row 3 on this aircraft)
    3. Incurring 5 hour layover in Miami on return plus an arrival time after midnight in Atlanta (again prohibiting booked connecting flight)

When you recieve the email notification,you HAVE to review LINE BY LINE!! Once you notice a problem call the airline. Since the change is due to them,they will fix seat assignments,resked to another flight or refund without penalty however it all has to be done on the one phone call (as in the case of seat assignments and resked of legs).
 Make it a point to check your reservation every 7-10 days until the 2 week mark and then every other day. I have had a second change occur in which for some reason I did not recieve an email notification (last Feb party). Good Idea when 30 days out to also sign up for text notification for a particular flight as well.

Hope this helps!


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