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  • November 20, 2019, 06:40:28 AM
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Author Topic: **April/May 2018 Blackbeards/Sosua Trip Report**  (Read 4787 times)

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**April/May 2018 Blackbeards/Sosua Trip Report**
« on: May 05, 2018, 12:26:11 PM »
I am back from my first trip to the Dominican Republic in a few years and thought I'd offer a quick update from the perspective of someone who has been away for too long.

First stop, Blackbeards:

I stayed in B7 which SUCKS when it comes to Internet WiFi access. To get any sort of signal to my phone I had to open the door and step outside (as if the door were made of lead or something...I couldn't figure that one out).

The water pressure has been upgraded (at least in that room) but it is still not up to Western standards. Neither is the water temperature (mostly cool to room temperature).

Not much has changed at Blackbeards from three years ago except for new girls (or course) and some of the old ones who all have gained a bit of weight but nothing too extreme.

The guys seem a bit less clique-y than a lot of the guys I've met on previous trips. So that was cool. In my honest opinion, one of the ways the Mansion in Medellin is better than Blackbeards is that the like-minded men there are a little more willing to be social with guys they haven't traveled down with. But that is my generalization and YMMV.

I saw the place that used to be at the end of Playa Costambar is now located just outside of the Costambar guard post at the entrance. It didn't look great and a previous TR suggested that eating there is a bit like Russian Roulette due to sanitation issues so that was a skip for me.

Sole Mio was great as always and I tried Rick's Cafe for the first time. Super friendly waitress there...was a pleasure to take time to have a drink at Rick's.

Jenny's had a rate of 49.20 when had the rate at 49.65 so that was REALLY good. (The dollar got as high as 50.45 while I was there!)

Back at Blackbeards, I noticed that the Crow's Nest was closed outside of Thursday through Saturday. I could have sworn it was open on other weekday evenings but I suppose not.

The Bikini Contest started a little late on Saturday...a bit before 5pm.

I forgot who won but "Shorry" came in 2nd (more on her later...)

Sunday was La Dia de la Familia at the beach and Monday was Labor Day so it was a rare opportunity to see two family days in a row at the beach. I think the recent flooding has placed even more rocks on the beach but Costambar isn't really a great beach anyway but it was fun to people watch while the beach was packed for two days. up...THE CHICAS!!

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