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  • November 20, 2019, 12:29:45 PM
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Author Topic: **April/May 2018 Blackbeards/Sosua Trip Report**  (Read 4792 times)

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Re: **April/May 2018 Blackbeards/Sosua Trip Report**
« on: May 05, 2018, 01:08:42 PM »
***Chica with the Sexiest Ass: Shorry

She goes by Shorry now but at Field of Dreams years ago she was "Megualina" although my spelling may be off there.

At FOD she seemed a bit unapproachable IMHO and didn't really hang with the other chicas. But OMG that fucking walk she had!!! No one and I mean NO ONE rocked a babydoll outfit like Megualina. I wanted her but was so sure she'd be a dud based on her out of the room attitude that I didn't want to waste my income on her.

That was clearly a mistake.

Here at Blackbeards "Shorry" seemed much friendlier and self-assured. And she hasn't lost one ounce of sexiness. She approached me but didn't remember me and I set up a meet with her to finally see what was doing with her in the room.

When she is naked her ass is simply a sight to behold and she is just a sweet little doll.

What surprised me most about Shorry is her oral skills. You can never gauge how expert these chicas will be at oral until they are tasting your groin but, once again, I was more than impressed. She has a routine like the dearly departed Angela and she aims to entertain as well as to please.

She may look a bit like a cute, tepid librarian with those huge glasses and her underbite but man is she a spark plug!

And when you are going to town while looking down on her back with her perfect ass in your hands...well, it doesn't get any better than that. This chica can really roll with it in bed. Fun girl.

And out of bed...super, super nice with pretty good English. I guess you can't judge a personality by its cover!

Highly recommended.
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