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Author Topic: Trip Report May 2019  (Read 1844 times)

Offline Howie Pheltersnatch

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Trip Report May 2019
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:09:35 PM »
I just completed a great trip to the beautiful BB's Resort & Spa. 

A little background for this trip:

I live in south Florida and am just about to turn 40.  On this trip I elected to take one of my friends down.  It was his first visit to the DR and my 7th overall (6 to Blackbeards) over the last three years. 

Day 1:  With living in South Florida we have the ability to take advantage of some real good flight options.  Jet Blue has been especially kind in providing flights for under $250 R/T and non stop between FLL and STI.  In this case it was a midnight flight to STI where we landed at 2am.  Immigration was a breeze and I had Had my driver waiting for me at STI (He only charges $60 each way) and we were on our way.  I was picking up my keys by 3:15am.  Upon arrival we had arranged for two shipmates to greet us.  In this case it was Miss Sirena and the beautiful Estrella.  Estrella is the most recent girl of the month and she is just awesome.  She is a must see when you visit.  My only regret was not having enough time to session with her again.  She spent the night and it was time to get some rest until morning.

Day 2:  Rolled out of bed around 9:45 because I had to get my traditional Blackbeards breakfast of steak, eggs, & potatoes.  It was on point as usual and I was settling in.  I think in the afternoon I took Chantel (an old vet) and in the evening I ended up with Winnie.  Winnie is new and one of the better looking girls there.  She is a total pleaser and really goes out of her way to make sure you are happy.  I tried to keep her for overnight but she has two kids and I sent her on her way.  I was two girls and done this day but my friend was starting to put down a serious body count. His favorite from the five he did was China.

Day 3:  Woke up early an was feeling energized.  Was ready to make it a good day and started off with my standard breakfast.  I took Winnie for another round in the morning.  Started off in the jacuzzi then up to the room and she delivered again.  At some point in the afternoon I finally got to meet Dr. Feelgood.  Fun guy and he made the trip that much more enjoyable.  Wednesday night I ended up partying with one of my favorites there Genesis.  Her and I have a pretty good understanding of each other and her effort on this trip was off the charts.  She looks great and if you can get in good with her you got a real good one on your hands.

This night was also the wet t-shirt contest and was won by a 19 year old named Suhey (sp?).  She might be one of the most prettiest girls there IMHO.  I wanted to session with her but it never lined up for us.  I have her whatsapp and I'm determined to get that again on my next visit.

At night we went out into town and hit up some local clubs.  Never seen Puerto Plata so dead before.  Granted it was off season and Wednesday but I have never seen the clubs so empty.

Day 4:  Its the final day.  We have our ride coming at 1:30AM and have about 16 hours to get it in and have some fun.  I was hurting a bit from the night before and the girls weren't too active so it took some time to get going.  Could barely muster the energy to take Ana to the jacuzzi but I found a way to do it.  From there I was in chill mode the rest of the day.  I had two girls that I needed to bag before I left and that was what I was going to hold out for.  I had one of them (Maria) and she was awesome.  The second who was Suhey was locked up and I found myself again with Genesis to close out  my trip.  It was a great way to go and has me looking forward to getting back.

Some items of note:

The new menu rolled out on my last day there.  Much of the same items with maybe an additional page of mainly Mexican items.  The prices on the menu increased generally by about 10% overall.  Not a big deal IMHO

The taxi mafia of Costambar and Puerto Plata is worse than ever.  I really wish something could be done to establish clear and consistent pricing

El Carey on the beach continues to be a home run for off site eating. 

Most importantly there is a significant amount of new talent there.  Some very sweet girls who are total pleasers and I enjoyed spending my time with.  These girls like Winnie & Estrella are week worth going online now and buying a plane ticket to go and see.

I'll drop some notes in the chica picture section as well but I can wait to get back.  Either late June or August is my target for now

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