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  • June 12, 2021, 05:03:21 PM
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Author Topic: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019  (Read 3846 times)

Offline srblack

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Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
« on: September 11, 2019, 02:27:48 AM »
Me and a few of the guys head to the supermarket in town. dont remember the name but its on the malecon. pick up some water and get into a beeping match over a parking space. after this i head to the farmacia in costambar only to remember its closed between 1 and 3. walking back (me and another gent told the guy with the car to leave us so we could walk.) covered in sweat i go upstairs and shower before we head to carey bar. never been there before, but delvin? sets us up with some shots only to realize he has no mamajuana! he makes a call and a runner from yennys comes down with some jack as well. walking around costambar everything is "for sale." including carey bar. the owner insures us that he's not selling the place but a look at his depleted stock makes me think those empty seats on my plane (and every flight coming out of the states) are taking a toll despite the fact that bbs is doing well....back to fucking!
It's still early so i decide to take another newbie to the jacuzzi. her name is britney she is very pretty but maybe stuck up. good head but would not let me take a pic of her face. that ass tho. shes the blonde
night 2:i noticed a very shy newbie named divina the day before and was told shes a freak and a half. i took her to the jacuzzi for one of my....interviews and after verifying her skills take her upstairs. divina is 10 days on the job and 18 years old. she is also a nasty lil freak. she sucks me off like my dick is candy and gets a bit rough with me. she grabs my hand a brings it to her breast squeazing it tightly. divina is a spinner and i take her cowgirl,doggy ,reverse cowgirl, before i pull out and she unloads my leche and doesnt stop until i say so. great fuck.
after buying divina a well earned drink me and  a few of the guys head to sle mio, another first for me. we take veronica and her thick friend mia with us. its one of the pirates bday and mia bought him a cake since he wifed her up for his trip. the food took forever but was pretty damn good.
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