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  • June 12, 2021, 05:18:12 PM
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Author Topic: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019  (Read 3846 times)

Offline srblack

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Re: Trip report Blackbeards september 2019
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:00:34 AM »
last day:
my buds are leaving today, have to hit them up for next time. i ask for a ride to the pharmacy on their way out only to realize they are closed on sunday. the atm at yennys is also out of cash. i take a sweaty walk back to bbs for my appointment with flor. shes one of my go to gals and we have a good time too. i love playing with those tits as she rides me cowgirl. we switch to reverse and i really start bouncing her, which i realize is uncomfortable for her tig ol biddies so i have her do an improvised half doggy half cowgirl before switching to full doggy. i blow a fat load in her mouth and head back downstairs. i'm not exactly strapped for cash but on bit of a budget now. i take two girls sara and jeidy to the jacuzzi. jeidy is a cute spinner with braces and sara is a lobster tail ass freak. i make ana bring us drinks and sample the girls...talents. jeidy either cant or wont put more than the tip in her mouth so i leave her be. sara sucks the hell out of my dick. we have some fun. i make them each cum playing with the jets which was cool. then i send jeidy packing and take sara upstairs. she gives a decent massage and sucks me off happy ending style, im too tired to fuck but i finish in her mouth and she may have accidently swallowed. she doesnt complain or anything. but shes a cool new chick.
night falls and i check out the new chicks. britney is there but she looks unenthusiastic. she lives in santo domingo and i doubt she will work at bbs long.i see eva, buy her a drink. her mouth smiles but her eyes look sad. the ivet walks in sporting a freaking short haircut. i'm saddened by this but oh well she sucks dick like nobodies bidness so i take her upstairs. same deal as before, besos, bbj, cowgirl doggy cim. seriously perfect. good gfe this time too.

some final notes: saw mariposa coming off of a tln looking tired af but she lost the baby weight. idk if she is in the regular rotation anymore but she can still come around. Fresita no longer works at bbs, i heard that prior to the price hike there may have been a walk off or strike of some kind, idk how true it is or if she is banned but i am sad. didnt see estrella, she was supposedly coming in on my last day but no sign of her. didnt ask but i follow her on ig and saw she graduated beauty school or something. nico spoke to me about the sale of blackbeards and explained that it makes a million dollars us a year easily.
probably my best trip yet.
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