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  • November 20, 2019, 11:29:45 AM
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Author Topic: Trip report  (Read 2918 times)

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Trip report
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:26:56 AM »
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  • Well I've been back 10 days from my recent 15 day fod trip ,and finally recovered enough to make a trip report ,trip was from oct 6 / 21 and I'll begin by saying ,I love fod ,this I was my 2 nd trip  within I month ,had the master suite the whole time on 1 st trip and this time had a small room to save money ,love the staff and the management and of course the chicas ,I like the way at 2 or 3 in the morning I can have chicas get out of bed for me ,and we did that many many times , blackbeards has its place ,been around 10 years and they run a extremely tight ship ,and fod is trying to establish themselves as a more relaxed atmosphere ,and I like that very much ,I shook up blackbeards when I was overheard talking about sessions with other gringos ,and was told that was bad for business ,and I can understand where they are coming from ,the chicas all look out for each other ,and they feel if you say you had a bad session ,that there friend now is going to lose business ,I now under stand that ,but ,I challenged that topic with the management and the owner ,,what I did not realize was the chicas got upset with me and  the last thing I wanted was that ,so I became blackballed at blackbeards ,by the chicas ,so I said I'm not coming back for six months ,anyway everything that I shared with the management is now being implemented ,they seem to have listened to me ,and have made many changes ,which I give them credit for ,I said to management ,if you can't stop us from telling the truth then embrace what we are saying and learn from us so you can make improvements in the way things are done ,and they seemed to have been listening ,example it was my idea to put a box in the room where we can honestly tell the truth about the chicas ,now they have done that ,and now have embraced the IFTC website and are even advertising it ,I tip my hat to bbs for making these changes ,and improving there customer service policy ,since then I've been back to bbs twice ,on this last trip and was greeted warmly by all .and was the only gringo invited to Krystal's birthday party ,,the chicas love me again ,so  maybe it's time to come back and stay a couple of days ,so I took a bullet for all of us out there ,for our right to speak out ,but because of the change in attitude of bbs now it was worth it ,having said  that field of dreams is my new home ,and going back the first 2 weeks of December ,afterthat  that I'm renting a villa in sosua ,for a new experience , over and out 4 now .


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    Re: Trip report
    « Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 10:37:42 AM »
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  • We put up a rating board to talk about how the girls preform, you are right about the need for us to talk about the girls, if they don't give a care and are not worth the money the customers (And Black Beard's ) need to know about it.

    Dudley, you were just ahead of your time

    We all just got back and you basters are booking your next trip...LOL

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    Re: Trip report
    « Reply #2 on: November 04, 2012, 05:54:20 PM »
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  • Dudley i remember seeing u come to Crystals party at bb and it seemed to me the girls still liked u and had no problems with you.  As far as BB opening their arms to IFTC I have to say Tim has known about it for some time now since i told him about it and we dicussed a lot of things about the site and he feels that this site is by far one of the best ones out there so that has been something that has been worked on for about 6 months now if not more

    Do u have any pics to go along with ur trip report!!!

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